Wait,What week are we on? TTOT 77


Um. It some how got to be Wednesday before I even thought of starting this post. Oh well.

I didn’t even publish anything Wednesday either. Maybe Friday I will get my Starbucks time and really crank some stuff out. I do have a few people waiting on stuff.

This was the first week of working part time as Squish’s Nanny. For such a little guy and for as much as I came over to adjust. He is kicking my butt. Its a good thing he is so gosh darn cute.

Monday was not quite as chaotic as I expected.  Weekly lunch date with friend was super timely. We also splurged and had chocolate cake. Sometimes Mondays need a little pick me up. This thing is super decadent and we split it!


Tuesday brought the first day of working. I am super thankful to have a job to go to, even a part time job, even if it is for a friend. We got a great walk in. We kept our pace pretty close to what it is when I am not carrying a baby. We even went .7 miles further than we normally do. It really was a fantastic walk. I managed to have enough energy to make dinner and get the kid to bed. Of course doing so much more my pain levels were much higher. It made it both harder and better for sleep. When I did finally get to sleep, I slept good.



Wednesday as much as I really did not want to, I got up and got going. We even went on a walk. I was more interested in just moving and not pace. Never know what you will see on the inter-coastal. It was so interesting to see a coast guard boat. I looked it up and learned this is a bouy tender.  I watched them repairing one of the buoys but didn’t know there was a specific boat for it or that it was also a specific job. Grateful that I can learn something new everyday.

1505208_811515798896259_5145272104375664734_n 1960117_811515762229596_4136760457630616779_n

The good news is we both survived the walk. I hate how walking both helps and doesn’t. Once I was warmed up the walk was fine. Afterwards the recovery was a bit rough. Squish actually cooperated and took a two hour nap. I took some ultracur and relaxed. Definitely pushing my limits but you know, I am not giving up.


Then there was this sunset Thursday night.

Friday I took an impromptu hike because I saw the bald eagles that are nesting flying over, so I parked.  Even though the walks I take are outside, there is just something restoring about hiking in the woods.  I can’t even tell you how renewed I felt after. It is like a part of me is off and I didn’t even know it until it was back. Taking time to notice the small things, the way the light falls in the woods. It is just magical. I can not wait until the winter solstice ritual celebration!

1507142_812593605455145_4124789939895444539_n 10446502_812592988788540_950370648236474546_n 10635754_812593562121816_6272172010382576713_n

10806281_812593808788458_6999116201289767687_n10672344_812593818788457_4578037466370175657_n 10847935_812593658788473_5524876039164649643_n

Trust me that middle picture is a bald eagle.  I must have been wearing Eagle Repellent because as soon as I parked they disappeared. Anyways afterwards I had a second shot of ginger. The first one happened before leaving the house Friday morning because muscles refused to work.  Ginger and Ultracur are the only reasons I survived this week.

There must be Ten things in there. I didn’t count. I don’t feel like going back and counting. It was a good week even if it was busy and my body told me how much it hates me. There must be something in the BoSR/SBOR (secret book of rules)about this. I am sure I read it. I am thinking I am probably the only one who has read to rule 729, that was where it was.  Rule 729 subsection b2 line three.


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  1. Your pictures are lovely. Getting outdoors sometimes is such a balm, even if it’s reason to be sore later. I’ve been trying to get myself in a routine of walking the dogs but I’ve been shirking a lot this week. Maybe next week.


  2. Oh, that Squish! Just want to eat him up!
    I love watching boats, as long as I don’t have to be on one.
    I believe you when you say that’s a bald eagle! They winter in southwest Missouri, and some even hang out all year. There’s been one living near my parents’ lake house for years and years. I tried to take a picture of him as he sat in a tree near the back porch. He turned and stared at me, then slowly and deliberately flew off.


  3. That baby is sooooo adorable! Related to you?? You guys make great looking babies
    Great job on the walks. I so wish I could have Scotty from the Enterprise beam me there for hikes!! The woods are the best hikes, shade and plenty of fresh air and scenery. It’s too cold to go far right now, I mean especially having the kids w me. I imagine I (or someone who wanted to) could run to warm up but I don’t see myself running. Ever.
    Great week, hope your pain isn’t bad and you can have more weeks like this!


  4. I really should start walking again but I hate it when it’s so cold outside. I have thought about mall walking in the winter but then I’d just spend money that I don’t have.


  5. ok…that first photo?? …a chocolate free-from ouija board? a ekg mad from fudge?

    (lol just kidding, I sent my Post in un-characteriscally early, as in last-frickin-night! and I don’t know what to do with myself this morning before I go to work…too many words left in my head, I guess!


  6. I so admire your commitment to your health and I hope to be back to walking miles and miles early in 2015 as well. I know just what you mean about the magical feeling a walk in the woods gives you. I contacted Ultracur and my sample is on its way – thanks for the recommendation! Hope you have a wonderful week.


  7. Hope you had a nice, icy cold glass of milk to go with that cake!
    I admire your commitment to your health FB. To persevere knowing it will result in pain & discomfort – you set a wonderful example:)
    I loved watching the eagles, hawks and occaisional owl when I lived in FL. Don’t see too much of that where I live now. I think that is what I like most about walking. Letting go of “out there” and simply being in the walk. Noticing the small things as you say.
    Got to say that is one adorable Squish Squash lol I love the pic of the 2 of you. His expression is priceless!


  8. Hiking or walking in the woods is completely wonderful – we love it. I have many a photo of raptors like yours – always looks like a bird blob, but in person so gorgeous. We’ve seen bald eagles up close as well as golden eagles, turkey vultures, black vultures and more. And I know what you mean about how exercise both hurts and helps – the double-edged sword. Keep on going, though, because ultimately it does help!
    And I love this – running is just no. Agreed!

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  9. I’m glad you enjoy the time with the little guy. Baby-wearing is awesome, I love to carry Calvin around with me much more than pushing him in a stroller, even though his 14 lbs of cuteness is not the best for my lower back. The pictures look awesome, I love sunsets 🙂

    Have a great week!


  10. Your week sounds so fun. How sweet that your friend is letting you watch your little friend for extra money. He is quite the charmer! You know I love the photos of the great outdoors. 🙂 That chocolate cake looks amazing and yay for friend time!


  11. Ohhhh I DO like your picture of the boat. I’m afraid that’s my favourite, but I’m a bit of a sucker for all things water.

    What happens in your forest at winter solstice?

    Well done you for getting up and getting going even when you didn’t feel like it 🙂


    • A lot of people would say Florida has no season and does not change. That is not true. The woods already have much less mushrooms and fungus growing. The light filters softer through the trees. Trails that just weeks before were underwater are high and dry now. The water washes those trails clean and they are different. A lot of the bromeliad plants that can seem so ho hum are blooming from the rainy season that just passed. Beauty berrys (a deep purple cluster) are getting more and more. There is just so much color if you really look for it. Yellow and white flowers galore. Pretty pink and light purple carpet flowers. The red maples are deep red right now. We don’t have many but the few dispersed between the green is really striking.

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