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Making the connection #1000speak for May


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April is over. We had so many wonderful contributions to our 1000 speak link up. If you missed it or just want to re-read it, it’s all bundled right here. 

May is just days away and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s my Birthday Month!!


Well okay it is also because the highlighted topic for 1000 voices of compassion speak is connection.

How can you Connect to Compassion? How can you help others Connect to Compassion?


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Ten Things of Thankful :Swamps, blueberries and starbucks oh my!


Somehow we made it. We are sliding into Friday evening and we survived, mostly. Friday means its time for Ten Things of Thankful, so without further ado let’s get down to it.



There is just something so alive about swamps. The green, the water, the flowers and yes even the alligators.  Everything is just so vibrant and somehow balanced. Thankful we have swamps we can go explore and friends willing to go with us.

2  Starbucks.

After the swamp it was nice to go back to some civilization and hydrate. By hydrate I of course mean caffeinate.


Fresh picked, freaking huge blueberries. Seriously I am so surprised we have not turned into blueberries and we are going back for more!

4. Water

Seriously, indoor plumbing is no small thing. Our well and pump are all repaired and we have had water since Tuesday. I am seriously still pretty excited when I turn on the faucet and there is water.

5. Decent sleep

It has not been every night but it is getting better. Okay, so maybe my thyroid really was out of whack. Taking meds in the middle of the night has also curbed my middle of the night eating, Also known as insom-om-nom-nom-nom-ia. Two am seems to be the hour I wake up every night so it seemed the logical time to take a medication you can’t have eaten two hours prior or an hour after.

6, #1000speak

Amazingly nurtured by all these compassion posts. Did you see what I did there? I have tweeted everyone and am working my way back through to comment.

7. New shoes

If you know me, you know this is no small feat.  I am so picky about shoes. This even ties back into the swamp. We encountered more water than expected and my shoes and my ocd issues and water all clashed. Thankful we were able to buy new sneakers, saving the old ones for future swamp stomping of course.


8.  School projects.

No I am serious. Really. Artist who work with clay, I get it. I so so so so get it now. I was stressed out and really just annoyed and I started smoothing the clay out over the wood and wow. I was just laying the base down, she will do most of it. I promise. I may just sit in the corner and watch and play with the air dry clay.

9. Princess P.

IMG_20130426_114001unnamed (3)

It seems impossible that it was two years ago she was born. Feeling all the feels and thankful for friends who share their kids!

10 Ten Things of thankful

Attitude changes are getting easier and easier. Pity parties still happen and that is okay. One step at a time, One participation in Ten Things of thankful at a time.

Reconnecting my soul


We are often out hiking or taking nature walks so I didn’t even realize it was missing. The part of my soul that nature just seems to click back in place from all the crazy of life. The problem had not been we were not out hiking or walking, the problem had become it was all too familiar. I needed somewhere new to explore. Once I started thinking about it , I knew that was it. I knew I needed to go some where new to explore and I needed to get dirty. Where oh where could I find that in Florida? The swamp. Oh that sounds perfect. We made plans with a friend to combined families and go to Corkscrew swamp. The day we were to go I decided to look up Corkscrew and see what to expect. What I didn’t expect to find was a twelve dollar per person fee. It would cost us thirty dollars to go hiking? Pass. We will save that for a special occasion hike. So the night before we were suppose to go I was scrambling to look up a place to go. I looked at a bunch of different parks but nothing was striking me. I was actually really looking forward to swamp stuff. A boardwalk through the swamp was just what I needed, or so I thought.

I found Green swamp in Lakeland. It is spread across five county parks. I narrowed it down to Colt Creek Preserve.

11138546_902797159768122_8949095718715743975_n 11149409_902718099776028_1620815380753001706_n 11169931_902797259768112_1538588140310619816_n

Yes, my daughter chose to wear white to the swamp. I let her because , Bleach. We found great spots to explore. Places where wild boar had dug up, plants and flowers to inspect, and birds so many birds to listen to. It was even a bit wet.

11130106_902718006442704_4135075264808426159_n 11162198_902797206434784_7068476017681303890_n

It was pretty near perfect. Within thirty minutes of the hike starting I felt my soul reconnect, that click that being out in nature does for me. Grounding whatever you call it , I felt it.

We even walked through trail that was past our ankles deep in water. We even scared a turtle out of hiding tromping through that trail. It was not what I had thought. It was a bit more water than I had thought to go through, but it was perfect in so many ways.

11128340_902796989768139_200251903487927883_n 11136688_902797039768134_4946630162389001061_n

We even came across some wild blackberries growing and some were ripe enough for the girls to eat. We left plenty for the animals though.

We found all kinds of places to explore. I had plenty of water with me and I had taken Ultracur that morning and had enough with me to get me through the rest of the day as well as a nutritious and balanced picnic lunch packed. Plenty of carb replacement and protein along with veggies and fruit. We did not set a certain pace and took breaks as frequently as we needed to.


The kids did great. We came to a pavilion not too long after this part of the trail. The girls were so busy playing in the field when they were not complaining of being hungry. My friend and I decided to leave the girls there with my husband and go get the van, where we left our lunches. They walked a bit over three miles , not too bad for four girls under ten years old.

When I wanted a swamp hike, I did not envision stomping through water that went almost to my knees.


In case you think I was kidding, that really was the water line. I didn’t stop while we were stomping through it because I was in anxiety overdrive. If I had been alone or even just with my husband I would have probably turned back. I probably would not have pushed through. I have a lot of anxiety about that much water and not being able to see the bottom. There are snakes and snapping turtles and alligators just so many things my brain could come up with. I was glad I had been practicing deep breathing because it really helped. Whatever was left out of alignment clicked in place after making it through that. The exhilaration of overcoming it really was something I needed, had you told me that ahead of time I would have told you you were crazy.


I definitely felt the walk the next two days but it was exactly what I needed. It was much easier to give myself permission to rest and recover. I had squelched any fears of not being an involved enough mother. I had stomped on any feelings of uselessness. Truthfully I think my daughter was just as tired as I was afterwards. I definitely felt connected to the Earth and the fact that Earth Day was just a few days away made it seem even better.

The blog you are looking for….


Is off spreading compassion,love and nurturing through-out the interwebs.

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This blog had thought to keep going with posts. However Compassion and love and nurturing is what we all need when we get right down to the nitty gritty.

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So off you go my lovely readers. Off you go. Read comment share spread goodness through out the interwebs!!!

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When nurturing is hard to do #1000Speak


There is so much going on in the world that is bad, sad, disheartening and dare I say evil. When you have a kid you just want to protect them from all that bad stuff. I want to stick my daughter in a bubble and not let any of those bad things touch her. I don’t want her to know there are people who are cruel to animals. I don’t want her to see the devastation of deforestation. I don’t want her to see children starving. I don’t want her to see polluted waters and animals dying from it. I don’t want her to see what happens in oil spills. I don’t want her to know anything about terrorist or suicide bombers. I don’t want her to see or hear or be part of any kind of hate or discrimination.

Ultimately parents should do what is best for the child and I know as harsh as it seems, hiding her from those things will not help her.

Why in the world would I want to expose her to any of this? Well, if she doesn’t know about it , I can’t nurture any feelings of compassion for those children, animals, plants, whatever. If I bite the bullet and have the courage to talk to her about these kinds of things, I can help her see more than just one point of view. I can nurture a point of view that comes from compassion and love.  I can help her separate the behavior from the person. I can help her see how much even just voicing her dissent is important. I can help her see that even if it seems no one hears her dissent what matters is she voiced it. I can help her appreciate what she does have and how valuable just knowing where her next meal is coming from is. I can try and make sure the information she receives isn’t biased or warped. I can help foster her natural compassion for nature by open and honest conversations. Perhaps we can even learn together ways to do better , make an impact or just have a better understanding.

When I was in third grade I had to go to summer school. I had to go to summer school basically every summer but that is besides the point. This summer was memorable. Mr. Kelso was this amazing teacher I had that took a week to talk about Earth Day. In the middle of the summer! For years I assumed Earth Day was in the middle of the summer. When it came to my attention it was in April, I was like um what? No it’s not. Did they change it? He had made such an impact that it never occurred to me that it wasn’t actually Earth Day that week. When I think of that summer I think of Mr. Kelso and planting seeds and exploring the ocean tide pools and a bright hot pink Earth Day t-shirt we got. I can truly trace back my wonder in nature and the amazing world we live in to him. He nurtured a compassion for the Earth we live on just by using free materials because they were “old”. Did he think it was no big deal? Just something to fill the time that was also free? I don’t think so. He had an excitement about the whole week that just couldn’t be faked. Even if he did what a great example of how the smallest cheapest things can make such an impact.

This is what inspires my desire to make sure my daughter’s summers are rich in education and fun at the same time.  I started by trying to spread out what I remembered in that one week in the summer of third grade and spread it over the entire summer. We go to science museums and events that are geared toward specific issues. We go to things that to her just seem fun, Puppet shows and gardening events and such. Those puppet shows are about the rainforest and why its important to save it. They are pretty spectacular in and of themselves as it is not just a regular puppet stage type set up. The whole front half of the room is the stage.  We go to Gardening events that have focuses on growing your own food, on the importance of trees and many more. We go on nature hikes with biologist to learn about different insects, last year it was dragonflies. We went to demonstrations on controlled burns and demonstrations on the hazards of water pollution.   This summer we plan to go to a village that is run entirely eco-friendly. Don’t tell Rick Scott but they talk about climate change there.

Maybe all those summer’s ago, Mr. Kelso figured out what I have learned. It is not going to be me that changes the world for the better. It is the seeds I am planting. One of those seeds happens to be my daughter. The seeds I am nurturing in her are hopefully going to be planted in turn and continue in a ripple affect.Ultimately they are seeds of compassion in its many forms.

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Ten simple things of thankful


It’s Friday and time to pause and count the things we are thankful for. This week they seem like very simple basic things. However, when we take time to be thankful for the simple basic things, we can appreciate the bigger things better. I definitely have bigger things to be thankful for as well. Ten Things of Thankful here we go.

This week I am thankful for water. This is going to cover all of my thankful numbers. We woke up to no running water Sunday. Well it might have actually happened later than when we woke up, I don’t really remember. I just know we had no running water Sunday. The reservoir for the well lost its prime. We got it going. Phew. Then Monday afternoon Maggie goes out back to fill up the watering can for the garden. She found the backyard flooded. Now the reservoir was overflowing. Then it was dry again the next day.  Long story short, we are going to have to dig up the old well pump and the water level is too low for the current one to work properly. Right now we are tapped into our neighbors water.

It’s coming!!! Are you ready?


April 20th is right around the corner!

Five days!

Wait… What? That’s Monday?

Well I better get right on that then.

2014-12-12 16.00.29

1000 Voices of Compassion is launching a link-up again. This month’s theme is all about Nurturing. There are even some writing prompts idea if you were like me and sat there thinking. Compassion, Nurturing. compassion. nurturing. yeah, they go together but where do I start.


Remember this is not just for people who have blogs. IF you want to write something, email it to us. We will post it on the main blog page! Published! Boom Baby!

Check back here on Monday for the link-up and get some good feelings flooded into ya! We all need that from time to time to balance out well, reality. Not that reality can’t be good, it just isn’t always.


The most exciting Doctor’s appointment and I wasn’t even pregnant!


I had put it off for long enough. I finally bit the bullet and made my yearly womanly appointment. In my defense they were the one’s that cancelled and then rescheduled me for a day I couldn’t make it. It’s not exactly a pleasant doctor’s appointment so it was not the top thing on my mind. Most of the time when I did remember they were at lunch. Anyway, that’s mostly just excuses.

Here it was the day of the appointment, I did my duty and got on the scale. I actually liked their scale. It was two pounds less than what mine had been saying. SCORE! Blood pressure and pulse were excellent for once, maybe that meditation stuff is working. You know what comes next, here is a robe wear it like a jacket and a paper cover to go over your legs. The ultimate fun.

The appointment started and everything was going fine. Then the fire alarm went off. I looked at my A.R.N.P and she looked at me. I looked down at my robe and paper. Then it stopped. We sighed a relief. She said ” they hadn’t told us they would be testing it today. ” So lay down and inch on down the table and it starts up again. She leaves the room to see what in the world is going on. It stops. ” Is that a fire drill because I have a patient in stirrups!” I can hear. Oh how wonderful.  It starts up again and Then I hear her scream. Now it probably only took about three seconds for her to come back in after that scream, but that did not stop my brain. Oh no it was sure that the building was falling down and in flames. Or the fireman was there because we all know fireman show up seconds after the alarm goes off right? Or there was some kind of hostage situation going on. Or….or…or… she comes in. ” Man that thing is loud it went off right when I was walking by.” Okay so maybe the scream was more of a yelp. It’s not as if I was feeling very confident laying on a table with my feet in stirrups. It doesn’t go off any more through that part of the visit but as soon as she was done she told me to get dressed and then we would finish just in case. I have never been so happy to put my bra and jeans back on, EVER!

Reviewing labwork was next on the agenda. Oh look, I get a new diagnosis as well. It wasn’t really a surprise. We had suspected this was coming for the last six months. Hypothyroidism. My levels had been flip flopping and were low but just a little low. Since one of the side effects of the medication can be a heart arrhythmia and I already have tachycardia we had decided to just keep a close eye on it. Well now we were at the point, medication was needed. It was probably what had been causing my bottom dropping fatigue where I was just flattened. It was probably why I kept hitting plateaus on loosing weight. So many things this answered. In truth, this was probably why I delayed going in so long. Why I was not so much in a hurry to reschedule. Hypothyroidism runs very heavily in my family. My mother was diagnosed at 19. I feel lucky i made it to 34 without it. She did order an ultrasound just to be on the safe side but I had already had the full blood work panel done many times, as many as insurance would allow, including the thyroid studies. She is doubtful we will find anything. If I know my body that is a loaded statement. Never say that about my body. It will slap you upside the head. Any way further review of my blood work showed some of my problem areas were now hovering on the inside low area of normal. I will freaking take it. Potassium and Magnesium being the biggest of concern. She said the fact that they were so much higher without supplementation shows how much my diet has changed and improved. YAY. Juicing my fruits and veggies seems to really have done the trick.

The next thing we discussed is other preventative care that was coming up. They want to squish my boobies!!!! Next year it won’t even be a well if you want to have it done I will order it. No it will be part of my yearly physical. My little saggy baggy almost flat anyway stretched out from pregnancy and breastfeeding boobies. Smashed. I will get it done, I know how important it is. I am all for preventative care. I just am not really happy about it, ya know.

And So it goes: A Ten things of Thankful edition


I am not ready! I am not ready to walk outside and burst into sweat. I want to cling to the weather that brings me seventy-five degrees in the middle of the day. We started reaching mid to high eighties with so much humidity it might as well be raining but it’s not. On Tuesday I took my walk and both squish and I were drenched in sweat. That same night I saw an ice cream truck. It is so obvious summer is coming. Such is the way of life, the Earth turns, the seasons change. I will suffer through summer searching for the beauty.I may search for that beauty from the Air conditioning of my car or the middle of the deep end of the pool, but I will find it.

Even if I have to be like Peach in Finding Nemo

Go to your happy place go to your happy place go to your happy place go to your happy place

So National Infertility Awareness Week is approaching.  It never goes away. It is always there.I know I joke and kid about my daughter but every month that went by with no positive test, is still just as painful. It is just not quite as raw anymore. I am so incredibly grateful we did conceive and carry to term. I do wonder what our lives would look like if the other pregnancies had made it. In the time it took me to have one kid, I could have had three. It’s always a heavy week for me. However, I am grateful for the lessons I learned ,the people I met and the wonderful doctors and midwives I had.

Then there was Friday. Since Monday and Wednesday didn’t go anywhere near as planned why did I still think Friday would? A small amount of hope maybe? I like planning my days. I like waking up knowing what I am going to do. IN the long run though, I woke up, I had food to eat a car to drive and a house to live in.  My afternoon was very emotional rollercoasterish and upon some more reflection I am just grateful for everything we do have.

I didn’t count, but I am sure there are ten things in there.

This post is part of Ten Things of Thankful Blog hop. Where we all stop and reflect for at least ten seconds on our life and what we are thankful for because , Thanksgiving is not really once-a-year kind of thing.

You don’t have to list ten things but at least comment about one thing you are thankful for. We all need a little thankful in our lives.

Stop saying Florida has no seasons,instead open your eyes.

Stop saying Florida has no seasons,instead open your eyes.

I get it, Florida is hot almost all year. I used to say the same thing. Florida has no seasons only hot and hotter. Then I really started looking, and taking walks.  Florida is so much more subtler than the northern states as we don’t get snow. Well , okay maybe once every twenty years we get snow but really. We do have trees that change leaves. We don’t have the grandeur and splendor of all our trees changing and turning our vistas into red and yellow and orange explosions. We do however have trees that change color and they are often interspersed with the green. It takes paying attention to see the seasons in Florida. The sunlight does change. The way it hits the trees. The colors when it sets. It is all constantly changing just a smidge and before you know it there is a new season.

December Sunset

December Sunset

April Sunset

April Sunset

February Sunset

February Sunset

March Sunset

March Sunset

The flowers are constantly changing as well. We have a variety of flowers blooming at different times. It is just something you have to make time to pay attention to.

March flowers

March flowers

February Flowers

February Flowers

If you are paying attention to your surroundings you will also see the sunlight changing. The things it lights up, the way it lights up things , it is always changing.

Sunlight in March

Sunlight in March

Sunlight in January

Sunlight in January

Sunlight in october

Sunlight in october

Sunlight in November

Sunlight in November

In order to see these changes you need to be outside, you need to be looking for them. It is hot, I know. It takes a bit of mindfulness. I will confess I am much better at noticing these things in the cooler months of November and December. I am really good however at also noticing them from the comfort of my car blasted with A/C.  Take a few extra seconds when you check to see if the way is clear to check out the plant life. At stop lights instead of being impatient for the light to change, look around. I really started noticing the changing of the seasons when I started taking pictures. All these pictures are just quick snaps on my phone camera.

Hammock view in January

Hammock view in January

Hammock view in April

Hammock view in April

We have trees that loose their leaves. It is just not all of our trees all at once.

We don’t always have beautiful blue skies but that doesn’t mean we can’t see the beauty of the seasons.


January Storms


March Storms


November Storms

As a coastal area we get fog instead of snow.  Even that can look different in different seasons, but apparently I only have one picture of that. Something to pay attention to and take more pictures of!

December Fog

December Fog