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The surprises week four held……


How has it been four weeks already? So much has happened already! Many good things have happened. Many bad things have happened.  It has been a challenge. It has reminded me that my body is not ready to even attempt part time work yet. It has had some rude awakenings. It has had some inspiring awakenings. It has had some flairs. It has had some good days.

Sunday June 22nd

unnamed (5) unnamed (6)

Coffee and cinnamon buns started our morning, after all I earned it.  I walked, the kid rode her bike, to church. On the way back there were vultures, of course we have to check them out. She found it cool that they were eating it even with flies, me-not so much. We got our math homework done and an hour of reading in. We moved on to chillaxin for the rest of the day.

Monday June 23rd

unnamed (17) unnamed

Mondays are always packed, this one was no exception. We walked the almost three miles to my cleaning job. I walked, she rode her bike, DUH!! Then we were able to borrow a friends minivan and pick up all the pottery from the previous two weeks, have lunch with friends, and get disappointed at Target.

unnamed (7)

It’s a good thing Starbucks doesn’t disappoint.  We came home and did math homework.

Tuesday  June 24th

My walking partner and I are determined to stay on track. We got a two mile walk in before nine am.  Then we were able to borrow the minivan again.

unnamed (1)

We went to a library program that was suppose to be about candy chemistry. It did not hold my interest and did not live up to the description. The important thing was that the kid was enjoying it. I had distraction via Princess P. It was really horrible to have to hug her and love on her and play with her. Horrible I tell you.

unnamed (2)

Then I snuck out and decided to check out this library’s book store.  I can’t say that I miss that two dollars…… Not sure who is going to read twenty leagues first, me or the kid. It is a 1956 edition. It is everything a book should be , everything.

unnamed (3)

Wednesday June 25th

We went for our morning walk. Two miles done.  Then it was home and read for an hour, finish Math homework. Clean clean clean and clean some more. If cleaning your room sounds like a herd of elephants……We so got that part down.


A friend of mine offered to help us with the cost of putting our dog down. He was fifteen. We got him at eight weeks. We drove two hours across Florida to rescue him from an Australian shepherd rescue that a friend of mine ran.  I am planning on doing a tribute blog post on him soon.

Thursday June 26th

We started our morning with the kid, who slept in bed with me because she was still upset about Jasper, waking up and saying, I accidentally peed. We then walked to the math lesson for the kid. Well I walked, the kid rode her bike.


I sit in on the lessons and record them. This way she can watch the video and then do the homework that is sent home. It is just one of the ways we are trying to overcome her learning disabilities.

 unnamed (9)

We were able to borrow a friends van and make it to the reptile show at the library. This guy is hilarious , educational and just a tad corny.  It is a good corny though because the kids respond and interact.  We then were off to pick up Daddy from work and go to lunch as a family. It had to be a drive through but it was something.  Off we went then to the next library show. This one is a bit far, about twenty minutes away. It was about germs and it sounded really interesting. It turned out to be very short but, I think there was a great lesson given. The kids were given “germ” lotion (glow in the dark lotion) which symbolized germs. They were told to rub it all over there hands , front, back and in between fingers. A black light was shinned on there hands and the “germs” glowed. They were then sent off to wash their hands like they normally would when asked to wash their hands. They then came back and were given the black light scrutiny to see how they did. Apparently I have done a good job teaching the kid to wash her hands. She missed around her nail beds but other than that was clean.  The most interesting tid bit we learned was that bright green snot is really bacteria poop. The kid was also slightly amazed that dust is mostly dead skin cells.

unnamed (11)unnamed (13) unnamed (18)

We had enough time and I had money and most importantly a coupon. We went and ate our feelings at the frozen yogurt place we love.  I normally attempt to make mine somewhat healthy. I get mostly fresh fruit toppings. Today it was all about chocolate, fudge, brownies…..okay yes I added some strawberries but only because they go good with hot fudge.

unnamed (19)

We came home and the kid did the last bit of her daily reading. I laid down and that was it. Sometimes as long as I keep going I don’t notice, but once I stop its like it hits me like a ton of bricks. Luckily the hubby came home shortly after we did.

Friday June 27th

We had not had much planned for Friday. We ended up watching Snickerdoodle.

10429266_721476667900173_6866808879521343808_n 10438330_721476781233495_397188658295196533_n 10489980_721476431233530_8567102790187474224_n 10516870_721476527900187_2929111409537845172_n

The kid did her reading and her math while we are there. Snickerdoodle had her first fashion lesson from the kid….and I got to color with Snickerdoodle. I forgot how much fun it is to color with an almost two year old. Its so much fun having the paper yanked or the crayon yanked. No its okay I was done anyway.  We also got some shopping in before the afternoon rain! Yay! Food is good!

Saturday  June 28th

We had an intergenerational intercongregational potluck picnic. It was a great time.  The kid was supervised in the lake by another parent. I got to take a hike with some friends. It was awesome.

10346298_721452017902638_1707197965336870519_n 1782183_721451914569315_1413882367997952180_n 10423644_721451511236022_6494864610647028707_n

The rest of the afternoon is going to be spent in recovery. Lots of bed rest. Reading and quiet time.

June 29th-July 5th


So this is what is on the schedule. Since we won’t have a car for a bit longer it will be interesting to see what we can get to and what we will have to miss.

With us doing so much walking I am flaring a lot more than I thought or had planned for. So far I have been able to rest in the late afternoons and hubby has made dinner a lot to help out. Between resting, herbal supplements, supplements and medication. I have knocked the flares down a few notches by the morning.  I am really quite surprised that they are for the most part behaving.  Here is what we will be attempting.

Sunday June 29

Walk to Church

Monday June 30


Cleaning job

 art in the park 9-11

Tuesday July 1

possibly walk with a friend early morning.

First library class : Get ready for the 4th of July by creating something Red, White and Blue. Get in the spirit with some patriotic music.

Second library class: The Unusual World of Ocean Invertebrates at Selby Library on Tuesday, July 01, 2014 at 2:00 PM.Ages 7-11. Participants will study living and preserved invertebrate species including sea stars, sea squirts, crabs and squid with Keith Wilson, 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent. It will be a hands-on adventure for all!

Wednesday July 2  

Walk with friend early morning.

 Library class :
Keith Wilson, Extension Services Marie Biologist, will present an animated and exciting program about undersea creatures. 2:00 – 3:00 p.m., ages 5 – 11.

Thursday July 3

Walk to lesson

math tutor lesson

Friday July 4

BBQ and fireworks at friends house

Saturday July 5th

 The kid goes for a sleep over.

Not just a dog



Jasper came to us as a little eight week old puppy. His story is not a huge rescue story. At the time we were trying to conceive. I was in a support group on line. I had recently announced we were looking for a puppy. We had adopted a dog who had only been at a kennel. He missed other dogs. We had taken him to the vet, blood work was clear. This friend ran an Australian Shepard Rescue. They lived two hours away from us. Someone dropped off two puppies and they were moving the next day. It was eleven pm.  We drove over anyway. We really thought about taking both puppies. I just couldn’t. They had named him Jasper. His brother was Proto. He cocked his head to the side and looked at me. That was it. We were taking Jasper home. The little they did know about them was that their mother was an Australian Shepard and their father was a German Shepard. 


Jasper was an incredibly stubborn puppy. We would take him for a walk. He had a high energy level so we knew they had to be decent walks. Sometimes he did not make it home. He literally stopped and refused to move. We carried him home. We tried puppy pads to house train him. He would stand on them, and pee on the carpet.  He would stand on them, and poop on the carpet. He had his vet visits and everything checked out.  The vet suspected he might also have some Great Dane in him as well. He did have a dewclaw but we thought it would be okay. It was. He had it until the end. It never bothered him. 

For awhile his ears did not know if they were going to be German Shepard and stand straight up, or Australian Shepard and flop. It often looked like he had a broken ear. One ear up and one ear flopped over. It was never the same ear flopped over.He was at first small enough he could walk underneath our other dog Trooper. Until one day we looked out and Trooper was wobbling on top of Jasper. It became a game for awhile. 

When we finally did have a baby and brought her home. It only took one sniff for both our boys to declare her their puppy. If she cried they were there. If they went outside the first thing they did when they came inside was find the baby. If someone they didn’t know came into the yard. One would bark and the other would stand in front of the baby. 



They had some times that they didn’t always get along. They all wanted a ball. A toddler doesn’t know that balls are addictive to dogs. It was like crack for Jasper. It took a lot before he lost interest in the game. 





Jasper was an eager to please dog. He loved to listen and get praise. He looked guilty if he even thought about breaking the rules. There were times that if he did break the rules he would load up in his crate on his own. There were others though that he was unapologetic. Like the time we came home to flour from one end of the house to the other. 

There was a time that both Jasper and Trooper got out of the backyard. The kid and I were driving the neighborhood looking for them. By this time his face was mostly white.  I almost didn’t recognize him as he was covered from head to toe in mud. We didn’t have a black dog. Who was that black dog with Trooper……Oh…MY…GAWD! He wanted in the car. There is love and then there is no way buddy you can walk. We were less than two blocks from the house. It was not hard. In spite of his love to escape the backyard, he did not like to be separated from us. He would go outside and do his business but he really had no desire to be out there if we were not out there with him. 



We knew it was coming. We realized all of a sudden he was thirteen. Our boys were thirteen. How had that happened? Old age appeared slowly. Some days Jasper would get up and not be able to uncurl his spine. He walked like he needed a V-8. He had always had skin issues. They started to become more and more uncontrollable. The last two months he would eat and eat and eat and still he lost weight. His feet started going out from under him. He had trouble going up and down the stairs. It became so obvious it was time. How do you let go of a family member who has been part of your life for fifteen years? Who no matter what was happening was happy to see you? Who talked to you? Barking, its a lot like talking. Even when you know its the humane thing to do? 


Jasper loved water. If it resembled water he was interested. I have never seen a dog enjoy water as much as he did. He could not resist. If left to his own devices he was in the water. It didn’t matter how much there was. It was enough for him. I could literally turn in circles with the hose and he would chase the water. 



Jasper loved dirt. Even knowing he loved dirt, I still couldn’t figure out where all the dirt came from when it was bath time. He turned the water brown in seconds. Seconds. He never looked as dirty as he was though. 

Jasper loved his puppy. Jasper loved his bubby(what we call Trooper sometimes) Jasper loved us. Jasper loved. That is all there is to it.  Jasper loved.  We rescued him but in the end it was him who rescued us. We didn’t even know we needed rescue. 




August 1999 to June 25 2014. 


Craigslist Revisited


Things are getting a bit more serious now so I went back on Craigslist. I had narrowed the search criteria to very specific frames. 

It had to be listed for at least 1000 but no more than three thousand and have a clean title.

I found three that looked promising. VIN number was listed!!! So emails were sent.

I looked at the first three pages which was 100 listings. 


Now time for some comedic relief of stress.

What defines a good car?

1. this car starts up and drives possibly waterpump is bad

Thinking the water pump is kinda important…..possibly….

2.completely factory. Not molested, brand new ignition

That’s good because I don’t want my car being molested. Lets not even ask why it needed a brand new ignition

3.5 speed started just went out but I still drive it every day.. Push start $1500 or best offer I will also trade make An offer

I think this is what Fred Flintstone did everyday. Push start. Yeah works for me ….I will just send the kid to push start it. I promise I will slow down for her.

4.Needs a little work – needs battery, relay switch, maybe some fuses, and the alarm needs to be disabled! I

This does not sound suspicious at all. I know lots of people who had to disable the alarm. uh huh.

5. i selle my toyota corolla evrytin work good

This one had no picture. I trust you dude. (it could be legitimate.)


The engine is good….the rest of the parts that make the car drivable and “good” maybe not so much. 

7. not beat up just cant get pictures right now. I cant drive no more is why i got it for sale

So….what number DUI does this make this? and how do you define… Not beat up.

8. The body has surface rust on it but no through holes. 

It seems a bit too good to be true to spend three thousand on this jewel.

9.  2003 FORD FUCUS

This must be a new model. I have never heard of it.

10. engine runs good. Auto tranny slips in third. Runs and drives, just can’t go past second gear.

um…. what?

11.  Truck needs work or can be driven daily till dead if you prefer, 

And how long will that take….More than twenty four hours or more?

12. Runs great…..Transmission is rough — it drives but probably needs the transmission replaced. 

So how do you define great again?

13. runs and drives the car is 1000 takes power windows power door locks ac serious buyers only first 1000 takes please do not show up an offer me last night going to happen it runs and drives it’s an SUV 160000 miles sl modle look at the pictures before you show up 130000 miles

Trust me….the pictures make it a gem in the um…rough…

14.Squeak at front of engine has not been diagnosed. I have installed a new engine wiring harness, glow plugs, oil cooler and recently a water pump. Engine is strong, good acceleration and does not use or leak oil.

The squeak shows how strong the engine is……all engines should squeak right?

15. Decent car— tires 50-60percent body is a 5 on a scale of 1-10. Runs perfect 

Not entirely sure by the picture that the back door on driver side actually opens.  I am going to hazard a guess that the alignment is off as well…..Just a crunch…I mean hunch.



June 22-28


So this is what my schedule looks like.. This is what we had down before the car problems.  It will be even more interesting now to see what we get done.

I wanted to show that disabled parents can still do a lot for summer break and overcome obstacles. I was not seeing these kinds of obstacles. I was going to stop writing but I think I need to. I think it will help me keep things in perspective.

So here it is.

Sunday 22nd

Monday 23 Cleaning job

Tuesday 24  Fizz Boom Pop

 For ages 5-11. Learn all about the science of candy, food, and more. Hands-on science experimentation. Sponsored by the Friends of Elsie Quirk Library.

Wednesday 25 Fizz workshop  hands-on workshop featuring the science of fire fighting for children 7 to 11.

Thursday 26 Math tutoring session   Germ Study . A scientific and fun investigation of the world of microbes – carefully!! – hands-on with black light and the Queen of Science Ladies -Jennifer.

Friday 27

Saturday 28  Church potluck lunch and Tween Balloon twisting at library – Balloon Twisting Workshop for Tweens with Sherry Jenkins. Learn how to make a variety of balloon twisting creations. 2:00 – 3:00 p.m., ages 8 – 12. Limit of 12.

Week Three complete


We can plan only so much. We can do only so much. This is what life with a child is all about. It is also what life with a chronic illness is all about. Combined the two and things don’t always go as planned. This is a peak into our summer break, what is planned and followed by what actually happens.

Sunday June 15 Father’s day/teach dragonfly class at youth religious education


We then made Brownies for Father’s Day


Then we all went to the park for a picnic and bike ride

10456825_714500418597798_5315802268176928112_n 10454543_714500295264477_348990304453746301_n (1) 1545939_714500341931139_6415456766949170003_n

Monday June 16 art class,


committee mtg,( Let me just say I am not happy at all that she falls in the “tween” age group at most activities now. Not happy at all) tween fun lab 2pm-4pm Play with slime, make catapults, smash open rocks, fly gliders and more! Ages 8- 12.

10336647_715038608543979_840618108539593836_n 10469343_715038708543969_1911992832399039625_n 10478563_715038625210644_73361396808555452_n

Tuesday June 17 Cleaning job . math and reading lessons. Attempt cleaning house.

Okay so we did the cleaning job, she read. We did some errands. We had lunch. We came home and turned up our cleaning list jam and cleaned. Which really did not amount to anyone one room getting completely clean. Between me cleaning up , checking on where she was at cleaning her room, Where was I again? We picked up my husband from work. While we waited we had a math lesson. Took Daddy to do an errand.. We sat in the car and had another math lesson. So all our objectives got done today. I only needed minimal amounts of caffeine chocolate and salty foods. I kept my maniacal laughing to a minimum. All in all a good day.

Wednesday June 18

Oh boy…Wednesday.. yes we did get to art class.

unnamed (7)

Princess P had several nights with some severe gas so I took her on my walk for an hour so her mommy could get some kid free time.  Even if it was just to do errands.

unnamed (8)

It was on our way to a picnic lunch and a library class on marine animals, that our car died its tragic death.

Thursday June 19 Tutoring ,reading, writing prompt. Mommy takes a walk during math lesson.

So instead of Mommy taking a walk during math lesson, We walked to the math tutoring session.  I sat in on the tutoring lesson, recording some of it and listening, Cleaned out the car for the salvage yard.

unnamed (9)

Friday June 20 BEACH DAY. Its going to happen. Seriously…It is not allowed to rain, We will get there this week!

Yeah so life just completely laughed and said that is just not going to happen. We did go for a walk. I am at my highest calorie burn week of all time. Which is really good because I ate my feelings …..a lot…..

Saturday June 21 Learn to knit.

So we did not get to the library class but I have to say this was so much better. We went to Mote Marine Aquarium. There were many new things.

10426570_717958781585295_8826807662023959178_n 10458777_717923751588798_4846389100008660543_n

We also went to the bird sanctuary.


Then had Frozen Yogurt

Then burnt off sugar energy at the park.

I just don’t even know what to do at this point about a car. I am sure we will use the bus to get to some things. We will be able to carpool with friends on some others.

Its going to be a day by day thing. Just when I think we have gotten past this kind of stuff, have got our feet on somewhat more sturdy ground…..


Craigslist hunt for a car.


Well this was a pleasant hour if nothing else… Looking for a cheap car on Craigslist… Just the same nightmare I remember it being last time…..


Here are a few of my favorites.



I’m selling a 1995 Oldsmobile runs and drives well low miles 95000 older man driven. The bad things are is there is No ac also two of the windows don’t go down and I can’t seem to get the hood to open. Other than that it runs great *make me an offer*


Has a few hiccups here and there. Runs shaky sometimes and front brake pads stick (maybe because one is on a spare) and has no headliner but a good car to get you from point A to Point B. Had it checked out and supposedly has a blown head gasket. 

For Recyclers and Junkyards: The battery will be removed before you take it.


 car will run and can drive. 


 was driving great until today! Started to overheat.


The car does run just has some small mechanical issues that can be easily fixed.


 Runs, ignition switch is going.


.needs fuel pump was running perfect now fuel is not reaching engine 133k miles great gas mileage 4 cylinder

A picture is attached, but that is not the picture of the van. Same color. My camera is currently out of service right now. Serious inquires only please. Getting rid of it, due to a new baby on the way, we wont have the time to put into it to fix it up. Clean title. Thank you for looking. Sold as is.


Other than that, the car runs and is still in pretty good shape


 drives absolutely perfect but trans wont go in reverse all other gears are perfect

I get her brain


grasping to keep sane because I am seeing my daughter struggle the same way I struggled when it comes to learning. If I am curious…. I got this. I absorb it like a sponge… When it comes to math. I have no interest… It does not create any curiosity in me. I really don’t care what two plus two equals. I don’t even care that its always the same. It doesn’t fascinate me in anyway. Before she even understood what math was… she was oh…numbers…booorrrriiinnggg….My exact thoughts. It was such a hard thing for me to learn that I learned to hate it. It is not just that though. Our brain’s struggle to retain the information. This actually even applies to the stuff we absorb and seem to master. Two days later. That is like eternity and I seriously can not recall that conversation where you showed me how to do this. Its like I have had Mommy brain my entire life.

When trying to explain it to a friend, I explained it like this. If it takes a normal person thirty days to establish a habit, it will take someone with a learning disability at least ninety days. At this point I know realistically it will probably take me a hundred and twenty days to make something a habit. Even then I can loose it and have to start all over again.  Its like sometimes you have to teach me the beginning  and the end before I will be able to comprehend the middle. It is not entirely about the big picture either. You can try to keep teaching me in the correct order and its like banging your head on the brick wall. Teach me what happens in the end, it falls into place most of the time. The problem is I know this now, thirty years later. She is just starting.

It looks like she has a similar form of Attention Deficit Disorder as I do. It has tendrils of OCD but it doesn’t fit nicely into either category. Right now she is hitting a lot of the criteria for dyscalculia. There is enough wiggle room though. Its not quite just that.

We already monitor her diet. We restrict sugar as much as possible. I stay away from artificial dyes and preservatives as much as possible.  We use alternative medicine for treatment. She has seen only one psychologist and even then she was not the focus of the appointment. I had such a bad experience with being diagnosed I can still remember how teachers changed how they were around me. I can still remember the change in the way the other kids saw me. While I don’t see that being as big of an issue at a Montessori school. I still worry about it. I know how devastating it was to my self esteem. How hard I had to rebuild.

I know if I go through our insurance , which would be a deductible thing, they will miss it. She won’t fall into anyone “treatable” diagnosis. She will kinda fit multiple diagnosis and not really meet the criteria for one of them. I remember years of I.E.P meetings and hearing people talk about me and about how I learn or don’t learn. Remembering that they never once asked me to explain any of my thoughts. ever. They knew all the answers. When I did grasp something they said I didn’t and changed the way they were teaching me, again. I know because I remember struggling with the same things she struggles with. I get her line of thought before anyone else, because its mine. Not just because I am her mother. We have a very similar brain chemistry.

As much as this shatters me, I need to pick up my shattered pieces and figure out how to help her. How to help her without hurting her self esteem. How to help her without being a detriment to her as well. It may take me to the beginning of the school year. I have a friend who will help me with tutoring her. I have to keep myself together when I see her struggle the same way I did and take a deep breath and help her. Help her quietly and firmly and most importantly calmly. I have to set aside the anger at teachers who for the past school year did not listen. Did not see her struggling. It is done, I have to go forward.

I have to go forward with my mom intuition and be extremely picky on who tutors her , how and when. When we do get to a professional, I need to have all my senses engaged. I need someone who does not just intellectually understands learning disabilities. I need someone who gets it. Who follows her line of thought and understands how she got there. For now, we repeat math lessons over and over and over and over. For now, we work with what we have. For now.

The reality of Week Two of Summer break June 8-14


We can plan only so much. We can do only so much. This is what life with a child is all about. It is also what life with a chronic illness is all about. Combined the two and things don’t always go as planned. This is a peak into our summer break, what is planned and followed by what actually happens.

Sunday June 8  Tye dye T shirt party at church with youth group  went to girls dance recital

Monday June 9  > Well as Mondays normally go…Things changed right away… Text from cleaning job saying can I come Tuesday instead. Sure!  We run some errands first. We get to the art center for her class. We wait and we wait and we wait.. No one shows up. Apparently there was a problem with the teacher and she had to choose a different class. There was luckily another pottery class available.


 While she did that I got a small walk in, I wasn’t up to a full walk. We had a fantastic and lovely rainbow picnic under the trees.

unnamed (1)

We saw the movie Monster U at the library.

unnamed (4)

We also made a short stop to pick more Exuvia from the dragonfly pond. We are giving a lesson on Dragonflies one Sunday for the kids program.

I was laying down by four pm and we were both in bed and almost asleep instantaneously by eight pm.

Tuesday June 10

Since my cleaning job was moved from Monday to Tuesday I had to keep telling myself over and over and over it was Tuesday.  While I cleaned the kid got her morning work done.

unnamed (3)

She also did some more research on Dragonflies. We may be becoming obsessed. We even sneaked some math in there. We had lunch with a friend of mine and then we were off exploring.

unnamed (5)

It has decided we are going to try and hike every trail at this park this summer. It is like five minutes from our house.

Wednesday June 11 …We had art class…. again this time though it was super hot and muggy and had rained so our picnic spot was not an option. We did end up going for a short walk and sitting at a pavillion for lunch. It was then off to dissect a squid.  It was an awesome class at the library.

10369115_712510832130090_8368494321754139757_n 10385486_712511362130037_840413439561282600_n 10414930_712511208796719_8169364742402877825_n

Thursday June 12


Math tutoring lesson which I sat on the couch and read. We went out to lunch with a friend and then to her house for a bit. Reading time and writing prompt were completed.

Friday June 13

Let me tell you how ready I was for a Mommy day. I didn’t even mind having to pack a lunch for her. It took great restraint not to just push her out the car at the daycare and drive off… I went in and signed her in and did all that motherly stuff.

Despite the rain and storm and stupid people driving on the road. We made it to our destination. It was not a hardship to look at baby stuff let me tell you.

Then lunch . The Cheesecake factor. Need I say more?

 I do?

Here let this speak for me.


And that was just the dessert. It was amazing. It was exactly what I needed.

Saturday June 14

I had a church meeting. We walked , well I walked she rode her bike, she brought her reading and math to do.  Later we get to tackle grocery shopping. The bright spot is I do have to go to Target.

So far Summer break has been kicking my butt. It has been a rather rude reality check for me on just how much it would take for me to be able to work and parent. I was starting to think maybe I could do that. Not sure I will ever be able to fully let that go.

What we plan for June 15-22nd


We can plan only so much. We can do only so much. This is what life with a child is all about. It is also what life with a chronic illness is all about. Combined the two and things don’t always go as planned. This is a peak into our summer break, what is planned and followed by what actually happens.

I am seriously feeling the past week of activities. I feel like I am waking up hungover every morning. Like I was out dancing and partying and just got like two hours of sleep. This is with us home almost every afternoon by three thirty pm.  This is with me resting, normally in bed, as soon as we get home until bedtime.  My husband gets home around four pm and most nights its on him to get her in the shower and in bed. It doesn’t help that she is often awake at six am. Ready to start the day.  It is not just the physical part of keeping up with her. Its the questions. The millions of questions. I seriously think I say I don’t know about fifty times a day. The only blessing is now she can google herself, if we are home.

There will be more math going on. It looks like she is struggling with math a whole lot more than I realized.  After extensive reading , it is probably a math learning disability. The best thing to do with that is short but frequent lessons. Last summer our focus was on getting her reading to grade level. We have now flown past her grade level in reading. We can do this.

Sunday June 15  Father’s day/teach dragonfly class at youth religious education

Monday June 16 art class, committee mtg,( Let me just say I am not happy at all that she falls in the “tween” age group at most activities now. Not happy at all)  tween fun lab 2pm-4pm  Play with slime, make catapults, smash open rocks, fly gliders and more! Ages 8- 12.

Tuesday June 17  Morning walk/bike ride. math and reading lessons. Attempt cleaning house.

Wednesday June 18 art class (mommy takes a walk during class) , reading, math, Marine science 3pm  Join Marine Biologist, Keith Wilson for hands-on learning about local marine life.

Thursday June 19 Tutoring ,reading, writing prompt. Mommy takes a walk during math lesson.

Friday June 20  BEACH DAY. Its going to happen. Seriously…It is not allowed to rain, We will get there this week!

Saturday June 21 Learn to knit.

It will be interesting to see how this week turns out! Stay tuned!