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Over 1,500 words



I have felt bad I have not been writing lately. It wasn’t until this past Ten Things of Thankful that it struck me, I have been writing. I have been writing daily. For the past two weeks I have started and ended almost every day on Instagram with a list of Thankfuls or Gratefuls. When I put it together just that list, I had over 1500 words. 1,500 words saying what I have to be thankful and grateful for. 1,500 words of finding the positive in the day. 1,500 words of being completely and totally in the now. We have been going through a rough patch and have had a lot of instability but one thing that has remained the same. We are thankful for what we do have. I am not sure I would have the same attitude had I not been participating in Ten Things of Thankful for the past year or better.


I am thankful I survived Monday.
I am grateful my cleaning job is one I can do at my own pace.
I am grateful for time at the park goofing off both with the dog and later with the kid.
I am thankful for friends who just listen.
I am grateful for friends who override my concerns and help anyway.
I am thankful that I had a job on Mondays but it has ended and now can rest on Monday nights.
I am grateful my spiritual path has finally bloomed to what I always felt it could be.
I am grateful to be continually learning how to let things go.

This morning I am mostly thankful for sleep and coffee. But mostly coffee.

  • I am thankful that despite how small of a space we have…we have shelter. I am thankful that my daughter can participate in making sleeping mats for the homeless who have no shelter or bed.
    I am thankful my daughter has such a wonderful voice and gets such pleasure out of singing.

    I am grateful to friends who take us out to dinner and just laugh with us.

    I am thankful it is bedtime as it has been a really long freaking day.

  • I am thankful for such a great foot warmer.
    I am thankful for Starbucks on the way to work.
    I am thankful for a beautiful day.
  • Tonight I am thankful that I actually have to walk outside and then back in to get to a bathroom. It gives me a chance to look at the moon in all her glory and the stars.
    I am grateful we had the means to get wine!

    I am grateful for an afternoon and evening to just completely relax.

    I am thankful.for friends both in real life and digital that know just what I need and yet never cease to surprise me. To blow me away .

    I am thankful for.morning meditation time.
    I am.thankful for a decent night sleep.

    I am thankful I get to hear songbirds in the morning

    • I am thankful for self care.

      I am thankful we live in an area with so many parks

      I am thankful for the alligator being out today.

      I am thankful for payday and the chance to take a friend who has seriously helped us above and beyond the last few weeks. Out to lunch.

      I am grateful for a place to call home.

      I am grateful for a husband who goes above and beyond.

      I am grateful for friends who let me use their mediums without complaint.

      I am grateful my statue came out so well.

      I am grateful

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    I am thankful for a warm dry bed.

    I am Thankful for shelter from the storms …in all the forms that takes.

    I am grateful for such a wonderful family.

    I am thankful for morning loving kindness meditation time.

    Also very Thankful.for coffee and turmeric!

    I am thankful for such a flexible and understanding job that makes such amazing accommodations for my health issues.
    I am thankful for acess to a washer and dryer.
    I am grateful for some alone time today.
    I am grateful for a quiet late afternoon and early evening with my daughter.

    I am thankful for the ability to run into a grocery store and get TV dinners for dinner tonight.

    I am thankful for early bedtimes.

    I am thankful we had shelter from the storm that came through last night.

    I am thankful for coffee especially after very little sleep last night.

    I am thankful for friends who enjoy hiking as much as I do.

    I am thankful for a working car to get me to work. Also thankful for a job.

    I am grateful that I was able easily to obtain eat and enjoy three solid meals today.
    I am grateful I have a safe warm dry place to sleep tonight.

    I am grateful I had time to myself just to recenter today.

    I am thankful for an amazing community that supports me and my family.

    I am so thankful for such a supportive and dedicated husband and a beautiful and talented daughter.

    I am thankful for coffee

    I am thankful for a morning to just lay in bed for a while.

    I am thankful for friends who want to hike!doctor

  • Oh so much. Oh oh so much.

    Thankful.for a husband.who writes and recites poetry ….mostly

    Grateful.for an hour to lay flat on my.bed between jobs.

    Thankful for free food and even better two glasses of free wine.
    Grateful for such a wonderful caring church community that is oh so much more than that.

    Thankful for friends who get it. Who just by my activity level report get it.


    I am thankful I got through the cleaning job I had.

    I am thankful to have a pet sitting job.

    I am so very grateful for a day of rest.

    I am thankful our taxes are filed and hope our return will be sent quickly

    I am grateful for a better night sleep with our new memory foam topper.

    I am grateful for friends who helped convince me it was not a luxury or a splurge but a need for my back.

    I am thankful for Starbucks

    I am thankful.for an extra job….even if it is at seven thirty am. See one above.
    I am thankful for math smart friends who do our taxes.

    • I am thankful there was always a toilet nearby when my ibs flared today.

      I am grateful for a job that is flexible enough if I can’t work one time. I can do it another.

      I am thankful for friends who make us dinner. I am grateful for friends who make me take it easy when my body is telling me to. Even when I don’t want to.

      I am thankful I live near an eagles nest that is easily viewed.
      All that and I am hopeful a permanent housing situation works out soon.

    • Thankful for a warm dry place to sleep. (It got cold last night)

      Thankful for coffee.

    • gratitude-quote-image

      Thankful for my prescriptions and supplements that help me function.

      Grateful for warm oatmeal on a cold morning.

    • I am grateful for car repairs.
      I am grateful for a support community that allows for car repairs.
      I am grateful for friends to go grocery shopping with.
      I am grateful for juicing instead of taking huge nasty potassium pills.
      I am grateful for a hot shower at the end of the day.
      I am thankful for how much joy Baxter brings us.
      I am thankful for such a caring and empathetic daughter.
      I am thankful for a hard working loving husband.

    Thankful for a mostly decent night sleep.
    Thankful for a toasty warm room to sleep in. And an actual bed.
    Thankful for coffee.
    Thankful for chocolate cereal.

    Thankful for a car that got me everywhere I needed to go and maybe even one place that wasn’t absolutely necessary.
    Thankful for friends who keep me on track exercise wise.
    Thankful for friends who know anxiety is irrational and still go with me to a seven thirty am parent teacher conference
    Thankful for an extra computer job today.

    Thankful for all you on Instagram who put up with these posts. They keep me accountable to myself and no one has complained!

    Thankful that even if I didn’t sleep I was warm and dry.
    Thankful for friends willing to get up at ridiculously early hours to be my support person at parent teacher conferences
    Thankful for coffee and a husband who makes it.
    Mostly thankful to watch the sunrise as I walk the dog.

  • 522022_492595064123059_350618836_n

  • Thankful I had time today to take time to meditate and calm my mind a little.
    Thankful for a car that got me where I needed to go.
    Thankful for friends who cook me dinner.
    Thankful for a half a glass of wine at homework time.
    Thankful that even small we have a place to sleep, a roof over our heads and each other

    Thankful we got to the park and no one was here increasing the time Baxter can be off leash ..he needs to run.
    Thankful the car started this morning.
    Thankful for coffee.
    Thankful for food to feed my child before school.
    Thankful for a mostly restful sleep.

    Thankful for getting paid from two jobs today
    Thankful for the guidance and following my soul to the crystal shop today it was indeed balm to my soul.
    Thankful for a community of members who continue to amaze me in their support.
    Thankful the kid was asleep when I got home.
    Thankful for wine.
    Thankful it is indeed time for bed.

  • lifeperfcet

  • The end of the day gratitude. I had a job to go to. A car to get me there. Lots of hugs at church. Food to eat three meals today. Aching feet from an almost four Mile walk. Grateful I can still walk, even with the pain. Grateful to spend almost two hours with my daughter. Grateful for a warm shower a cup of tea and a warm room to sleep in at the end of the day.

    Morning gratefuls. That despite the gas running out body heat was enough to keep us warm in our dry beds. We had coffee to drink oatmeal to eat and clean clothes to wear. A car that continues to run.

    This morning I am grateful for a clean dry bed to sleep in, a car that started, money for coffee, a job and a community that supports me. Grateful for a loving devoted and hard working husband. Grateful for a daughter who lights up not only my life but so many others.


A year of Compassion (a #1000speak post)




It hardly seems like a year ago that this Compassion thing got started. Well, I guess technically compassion has been around a lot longer. 1000 voices speak of compassion speak  started a year ago. A year ago I would have told you I was a compassionate person. So what has changed? I feel I am more compassionate now than I was then. Compassion has entered and invaded every part of my life. It is filled the nooks and crannies. Some of them I didn’t even know were there.

Recently I came across this quote by the Dali Lama. ” Compassion is not religious business, it is human business, it is not luxury. It is essential for our own peace and mental stability, it is essential for human survival.

It made me really stop and think. I had thought I have compassion so I am good. The thing is, though, if compassion is essential to human survival then we never have enough. We can never stop thinking about it, just like we can never stop making sure we have food to eat, shelter and air to breathe. It must become something we strive to fill our lives with each and every day, until our bucket is spilling trails of compassion everywhere.  Every morning waking up as if our bucket of compassion is empty.

It just seems like such an overwhelming thing. How do I just suddenly start being more compassionate? I already feel like I have compassion. Like many things it starts small. It starts with you. It was recommended to me that I start with Loving-kindness Meditation. Loving-kindness meditation is where you visualize your compassion and love and you give it to yourself, you give it to a loved one, an acquaintance, someone who you have issues with, a complete stranger.

For months I struggled with this meditation. The thing was, I had compassion by the buttload for other people. I didn’t realize how little compassion I actually had for myself. It was only after working on self compassion that I was able to progress in this meditation.

Going back to the quote, there is no segregation of the compassion there. He says compassion is essential for human survival. This past year we have looked at so many aspects of compassion, through 1000 voices of compassion speak. Never before had I realized how broad and far reaching compassion stretched. Never before had I considered how self compassion would play into my compassion for others. A year later and now I would say, I don’t have enough compassion. I don’t have enough compassion just like I can’t stock pile air to breathe. You can’t stock pile compassion. It is something you are continually seeking. Sometimes we don’t even realize what we are seeking has anything to do with compassion.So the simplest thing is to start with compassion and start with yourself.