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What actually happened week one (May31-June7)


We can plan only so much. We can do only so much. This is what life with a child is all about. It is also what life with a chronic illness is all about. Combined the two and things don’t always go as planned. This is a peak into our summer break, what is planned and followed by what actually happens.



Well of course she was up at six am. I let her watch Tv for an hour and realized at seven am it was pointless to stay in bed. We were out the door for a walk by seven thirty. Flipped her scooter up on the bike rack and we we were off. We started the trail at seven fifty. About every mile on this walk is a bench. We sat just about every time for a good ten minutes. I think this is why I did not swell as much. At the two mile mark I started stretching then sitting then stretching some more at our breaks. We stopped under the roadway bridge to listen to the bats and contemplate why we could hear them but not see them. OH but we could SMELL them. We found flowers. We saw a frog. We saw some poop, also known as scat



Then we were off to meet my in laws for a belated birthday get together. On the twenty minute drive or so I had the kid read from her chapter book, squeezing it in where we can.We went to Myakka State Park which has both a boat tour and a tram tour. On the boat tour we learned mostly about alligators, the fish that live in the river and some of the bird life. We saw around twenty alligators. We then got on the tram after a short bathroom break. It is funny I have ridden that tram ride many times. It has new perspective for me as an adult as it did as a kid. I was more interested in the pioneers of Florida. It was fascinating the types of jobs that people had, ranging from Spanish moss gathering to Cattle hunters and even alligator hunters. Learned about a tree I never knew about, a water locust, and its big honking thorns. Pioneers used them for a multitude of things after they boiled them in water to get the toxin from them.  It was very interesting. On the way home I also had the kid read some more.



We were outside from almost eight am to three pm. When we got home I immediately laid down and medicated.  The kid obviously was still at full steam and went out back to play.



We had our normal church morning and then after church a quick grocery shopping run. She also had her last harp concert of the season. All done until next school year.

BeFunky_unnamed (2).jpg



It was the very last day of school. I originally thought to let her skip. She will have to go with me enough during the summer.

We did not go to the beach.. It was grey and over cast and forecast to rain. We did go for a short walk with a friend. Where we ran into …



MANATEES. This was an unexpected surprise and a very pleasant one. Other mundane things happened, dinner and showers and such.


Tuesday oh Tuesday. I could not have predicted this and its just one of those things. I had severe fatigue. I had a severe headache. Even my own movement made me nauseous. It was completely a Pj and tv day. I did manage to get my daughter to read for an hour. That was about as productive as I got.


Wednesday we were not really sure what we wanted to do. Low and behold a message asking us to watch snickerdoodle. Of course we jumped at it! I made my daughter bring her book and a notebook.  While snickerdoodle napped she did her hour of reading. The writing prompt for Wednesday was to write using very descriptive words , seeing the manatees at the park.  There was lots of outside time. We even got a two mile walk in. I forgot how much harder a walk is when you are pushing a stroller. It is such a delight to see life through the eyes of  an almost two year old. Little things are big things. Excitement over trucks and squirrels and flowers and most importantly BUBBLES!

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Thursday started our first math tutor lesson. I did not stay for it as I wanted to get a walk in. I had realized I had not taken a walk by myself for a while and it is a good time for me to get some me time in. When I picked her up she was raving about the math lesson. Math is not as complicated as I think mommy! We got most of our hour reading session done and then had lunch with a friend.  The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house.


Friday came way to fast and after a rough night of very high anxiety dreams and then lack of sleep. I was looking forward to taking her to the library for a movie. I needed the calm comfort of the quiet sounds of the library to surround me. I stopped at the quarter book spot because who can pass up books for a quarter? NOT ME!!!  When my daughter found me. She didn’t want to watch the movie alone. Sigh.  We ran into Publix afterwards for lunchables and headed to the next library. This one has a nice pond in front and we say on a blanket and had lunch before going inside to get our hour of reading in.

unnamed (7) unnamed (8)


Then my favorite part. I had been looking forward to this part for at least two weeks. A class on archaeology with a real archaeologist!! It promised lots of hands on fun and it did not disappoint.  On the way home she wrote in her journal about what she learned. The coolest thing she liked? A six thousand year old clam shell.

10334443_709932959054544_4678964605543036954_n 10458872_709932995721207_8708732305223837740_n


These pictures suck because most of the day I felt off just a bit and had the shakes. Could not seem to get a clear picture for anything.


Saturday. Oh thank god we made it to saturday. Oh but wait we have a nature hike planed. I know its a short trail. I know its gonna be hot. I also know the kid needs to get out of the house and expel some energy. She didn’t get up til six forty five this morning. That is almost like sleeping in for her. I woke up and thought, ” she isn’t awake yet….is she sick? I gave her the right amount of benedryl last night right? She was congested. Okay well if she is not awake by seven I will go check on her because if I check on her now , and she is asleep, she will wake up. Seven seems much saner to be up than six thirty.” but I didn’t go back to sleep. Just when I thought I couldn’t stand it any longer… She wakes up and comes to our room. Sigh okay.

Next task: Medicate and caffeinate. (spell check you are wrong Caffeinate is too a word.)

Then scroll the internet while waiting for it to kick in. Hoping it kicks in because man, the ache is bad today. The pain is already high.

I had grabbed some snack packs at Publix last night for today’s lunch so it will be hummus and carrots plus cheese and celery ,apples and grapes. Since we will be outside it is water to drink.


unnamed (9) unnamed (10) unnamed (11) unnamed (12) unnamed (13) unnamed (14)


I can honestly say it was completely worth it. We learned about Dragonflies, and Damsel flies. The difference between the two. We saw the shells from dragonflies at the larval stage.  We learned that dragonflies are deaf.  It was hot. It was sweaty. There was actually less walking than I had thought there would be so that was an added plus for me today.

We came home and the kid is now doing her writing prompt for the day, What did you learn on today’s walk. She has math home work from her math tutor and she will finish her book today and complete the assignment in the back about persuasive writing. I feel we are balancing the educational with the fun fairly well so far.


While it was exhausting it was also a great start to the summer break. It didn’t all go as planned, nothing ever does.

If you read to the end of this….THANKS YOU ROCK!!!





Ten places


We live in the Tourist Capital of the world, in Florida. We have beaches, we have aquariums, We have so many cool places to visit. All but one of my five places is in Florida. The other one is just as gorgeous, California. So without further adieu…here they are.

1. Siesta Key , Florida. Pristine white beaches, it is not a lie. Pavilions for cook-outs, playgrounds for kids, not to mention the BEACH. The waves, the shells, the water it all adds up to a beautiful time. There is lots of things out there for kids to discover as well. Coquina’s and sharks teeth and shells, seagulls to chase!



2. Lowery Park Zoo Tampa Florida.

This zoo can easily take you a full day to experience every part of it. There are so many animals to see. There is even feeding stations! You can feed Giraffes! You can feed Rhinos! You can feed Birds who come right to your hand!  Giraffe’s heads are bigger than you think, not to mention the long purple tongue!  There is of course a petting zoo as well, but watch out for the Llama’s they are not easily impressed. There are plenty of variety of types of food for lunch and snack time. There is even a Starbucks. I mean what more could you ask for from a zoo?



3. I said there were aquariums and there are. Tons of them. The one we love the most is Mote Marine Aquarium in Sarasota Florida. The touch tank is always a big appeal. There is a shark movie, interactive dolphin games, shark tooth cove and stingrays you can touch.  There are two buildings to explore. The more traditional aquarium part and sharks.  Across the street is the turtles, manatees and dolphins. There is so much information available and learning to be had you will definitely walk away with some amazing facts. There is a cafe there so you don’t even have to go anywhere for lunch. It can take you all day if you want it to. However we have it down to a fine art and we typically go through it in two or three hours. We have been going for years though. We go at least once a year.



4. Homosassa Springs Florida, a little blink and you miss it area. However it is rich in history and so much to explore. The best part is the water is almost always 72 degrees and crystal clear. There are springs you can go swimming, snorkeling and even diving in. There is also the biggest appeal of swimming with the manatees. Minutes away is an old Sugar Mill, an archaeology park about Indian middens. The food, oh the food. Crab shacks that have fresh blue crab farms out back. This is also a place we would try and go once a year. Often we went for a weekend but have also gone for a week at one time.


5. Last is San Diego California. While this is just outside San Diego. We went to Julian to have apple pie and cinnamon Ice cream. There is so much to do there and so much to see. We went for the snow.  We went for the apple pie and cinnamon ice cream. We went to visit family.  Two weeks and we barely scratched the surface of San Diego and the surrounding areas. Make sure to stop at an olive oil bar and a winery or two, or three. My other favorite was the many places to get Lavender. I love lavender!



Places I have always wanted to go.

1. Ireland. I really want to go to Ireland. All over Ireland. I am Irish and I feel it calling to me.

2. Paris, Oh Paris how could anyone not want to go check out your sights, your pastries, your wines! I want the biggest shopping spree ever!

3. The Grand Canyon. This one is slightly more realistic for us. We will get there one day. I want to hike some trails, and take in the view.

4. Canada. I have friends in Canada that I would love to visit. The scenery and stuff would just be gravy.

5. The last place I would like to go to is the Amazon. What can I say. I am a nature person through and through. I want to walk in rainforests, paddle down the amazon river.

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