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Community Effort


Many of you know we have been going through some difficult times. It reached critical mass on Thursday and we had to seek emergency shelter. Friends paid for our dog to be at the kennel for a week and another friend started a gofundme account. I have found over the last four days it is the littlest things that matter the most to me. A text to say I am thinking of you.  One friend said she wished she could do more than pray for us. I believe positive thoughts, vibes, prayers all help. It makes a difference. It provides something to hold on to during the difficult times.  The biggest thing I have learned is that even though I thought I was humble, you can always be more humble. It never hurts to ask and all anyone can do is say no if they can’t help. I firmly believe you never know until you ask and sometimes it doesn’t occur to you that you can help until someone asks. It flows both ways. We can help each other out bit by bit.


This is the link to the gofundme page if you so choose. Sharing it commenting on it are just as important to me so please do not see this as a plea for money. Things will work out the way they are suppose to work out.

Sincerest Thank you’s to the people who have held my hand through this all, near and far.

Wear your heart on your sleeve (#1000speak )


We have been exploring the depths of compassion this past year with 1000 voices of compassion speak. We have looked at so many factors. What remains in my mind is that we have to have connection; in order to have compassion. Connection to the people and places and things around us. We spent a month looking at connection and how it interconnects to compassion. This month we are looking at compassion and vulnerability.

Webster dictionary states vulnerability is being capable of being physically or emotionally wounded. Vulnerability is being open to attack or damage. It is not something that when put that way anyone would choose. However, we also know that often the reason we don’t like something is it makes us uncomfortable. We do all we can to remain in our comfort zone. It is a big deal when we feel we are stepping outside of that zone. Really though what does that all stem from? The first thing that comes to my mind is fear. We fear the unknown. Will they still like me when they see who I really am? Will I still like me when I see who I really am? It is at it’s base the fear of being disconnected from everyone and everything around you. Hmm, there is that connection word again. Eventually, we realize that in order to truly connect with people we have to let them see the real us. The raw us, the part of us that we sometimes hide even from ourselves. We have to be vulnerable to have a true connection. Connection, on some level, is what we all strive for. Lizzi talked about it in We ALL need The Village. 

When someone says they have compassion, often we don’t think of them as vulnerable. Sometimes we are amazed they can have compassion for that person or situation. Sometimes we admire them. Sometimes we think they are being stupid. If they get hurt at the end of that situation we often think they deserved it. They opened themselves up to it. They were vulnerable.

I think all too often society imparts this fear of being vulnerable. If you are vulnerable you are weak. It is shameful to be vulnerable.  We don’t talk about any of the good parts of being vulnerable. We treat it as if it is the worst thing in the world to be. When in reality when we are open and vulnerable to others we often form lasting, important, life-sustaining friendships.

However, I think in order for us to have true genuine compassion we have to be vulnerable. We have to wear our heart on our sleeve so to speak.If we are saying we are compassionate but are not vulnerable we are not being truly authentic. I realize full well this is hard. It is hard to continually put yourself out there and chance being hurt. It does happen. There have been times I have done so and then berated myself for being so freaking stupid. Oh, but there are times that my heart has been on my sleeve and it was worth every second of putting myself out there.  The good always outweighs the bad. I am not sugar coating it, sometimes the bad is really, really, evil bad. It is. I know that.

We need to break these walls down we have built. We need  to sit with our discomforts and really embrace them. We need to be okay with being open and honest individuals. That is the only way I can see us going forward towards anything worthwhile. We need enough people to tell society that they are wrong. They can not have true compassion without being vulnerable and that being vulnerable is not a bad thing. Letting ourselves be vulnerable and having authentic compassion is what is going to make the village good again. It is what the village needs.

Join us!! Write, Comment, Share. Spread the goodness everywhere for goodness ripples outwards faster and farther than bad ever will.

Link up your writing and find others by clicking on the Froggie. You know you want to!!!!

When Ten a week is just not enough (#10thankful post)




It has been a tough week, the past few weeks. I have really struggled to remain positive and optimistic. I found that even listing a few thankfuls (yes, yes that is a word) when I remembered was not working.As usual instead of giving up, I upped the challenge. Ten things every single day. Not only that I set TWO reminders on my phone to remind me to post it to Instagram.




Tonight’s thankfuls

1. Crystals…especially new ones
2.BBQ. Sometimes a southern girl just needs some BBQ green beans and coleslaw
3. A wonderful thirty-minute meditation ritual
4. Princess P. I can’t stand how big she is getting and maybe in a little denial she going to be three in less than two weeks.
5. Amazingly beautiful day and park time.
6. Kid spying
7. Not having to make dinner
8. Chamomile and lavender body soap to calm the whole house down.
9. Taking time for beauty and poetry
10. Surviving the day



Tonight’s thankfuls

1. Coffee
2. Nature
3. A good friend to enjoy nature with.
4. A good friend who will tell me hard truths even when I don’t want to hear them.
5. A talented artist friend who trusts my photography.
6. I survived two meetings today
7. Panera for dinner
8. Dinner also was a fundraiser for daughters chorale
9. Juicing all the fruit and veggies today
10. I survived til bedtime somehow




Today’s thankfuls

1. I got all my work done
2. I took time for self-care
3. I saw roseate spoonbills
4. I finished reading a book!!
5. Reading Still Alice helps me keep things in my life in perspective
7. Time to run to the grocery store minus kid after school has gotten out.
8. Pasta
9. Friends who get me
10. Ativan



Tonight’s thankfuls

1. A mostly good doctor appointment
2. Time in nature
3. Time to read and write poetry
4. Friends who know exactly what I need.
5. The most perfect supplement falling into my hands today.
6. I didn’t have to cook dinner
7. A shower alone
8. A new wand and new crystal books
9. Family dinners
10. That I survived another day



Tonight’s thankfuls

1. It’s Friday
2. I had time for meditation today
3. I had time for some nature time
4. Baxter got to run free for a bit
5. I got time to spend with squish and wear him
6. All three kids together
7.found princess p’s birthday present
8. Found the perfect shelf for my micro food area
9. Starbucks
10. Survived the day and no plans for tomorrow!!!!/

So fifty things I am thankful for, it seems to have helped. I have a bit better of an outlook now. Maybe I will try and keep it up……maybe next week I will have seventy!

Ten Little Things VS. Reality (#10thankful post)


So much of my life is still up in the air. It is a constant battle of finding enough time to make sure all the kid’s needs are taken care of, housework kept caught up and my own job. Then I have to also factor in more stress means more self-care which is always a struggle for me, even if I schedule it in. I have been mostly absent from the blogging world and I deeply appreciate those who have checked in on me. I have tried to, at least, keep up some thankfulness on Instagram. I aimed high for morning and night and it became almost too repetitive for me. I didn’t feel genuine. I happened to realize it was Friday and actually remember that the Ten Things of Thankful Blog hop happens. I thought if I do nothing else today that is what I am going to get done.

  1. The river. Myakka River it just takes my breath away so many times. It is never ever exactly the same and oftentimes I can feel what reality has broken just snap back into place.
  2. 12932917_1118517468196089_3156123191124827193_n
  3. Never mind the numbers. WordPress and I are arguing.
  4. There are days that this dude just makes it all okay. Sometimes with his big slobbery drooly tongue. Other times with his whole body wiggling he does. Then there are times he just gets me. 12987045_1174364889255135_2338828519886267088_n
  5. 12920269_1165204540171170_3126467507919537241_n

I would be remiss if I didn’t also include Day Drinking with one of my besties!!! A trip to Lush and we even got a full four mile walk in as well. Don’t ask about Best Buy… Just don’t.


Taking a shower, writing this blog post… listening to her tune and practice on her harp…Not a bad thing at all.

Making her carry the whole fifteen-pound harp was kind of funny, though.


Lastly, the times I have gotten away just to myself and been able to meditate and connect have been nothing short of Divine.


The husband gets a mention for putting up with me. I don’t know why he does sometimes.

The kid, while I am always grateful we have her……this whole pre-pre-teen thing is a bit ridiculous.

We have some amazing friends who have been so helpful while we are looking for more permanent housing. Housing our cats, lunch, an ear to vent to, so much more.

So I think that is ten. I am not really interested in going back and counting. Count some as double if you like. I am being distracted by harp music. I just really want to sit here and listen.