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Looking with perspective TTOT 76


Ten things of thankful Friday.

Which was delayed due to a transformer blowing up and we were without power. So starting my saturday extremely thankful for power which means, lights and coffee and heaters and flushing toilets. Did I mention coffee? It was in the forties last night so we slept in layers under layers of blankets to get warm enough to fall asleep. Space heater you are my best friend ever!

Back on task though…..

The one that is overwhelmed with pictures because it is allllllllll the things! I mean seriously be prepared to be overwhelmed with pictures. I got a little nostalgic and went on a picture tangent.

I forgot to write again. So I decided to count down the things I am thankful for since it is Thanksgiving. I put on my perspecticales and looked around for an over-all thankful look.  Here is what I saw.

10. Our landlord working with us on rent so we can stay where we are. I am really thankful for this. It is a huge relief to know we have a home for a price we can afford. It is in the perfect location for us , close to school work and church!  Also feeling better about the neighborhood after a drop off with a friend who was also donating things. My neighborhood looked upper class comparatively. There is that perspective again.

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9.  A husband who works so very hard to provide for us in so many ways. What he does for this family is nothing short of amazing. Proof determination does pay off. Thankful that when he does have time off he wants quality family time.

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8. A kid who has such  a beautiful heart. She was so upset that there was land being cleared to build houses because the animals didn’t have a home now. Then she asked if it was houses for the homeless because that might be okay then. She amazes me with the things she picks up on. It took a minimal amount of convincing but we have enough and are able to donate what is extra to others in need. Toys,clothes, books and other things we have outgrown being given away.

unnamed (4)

7. Farmers market that is round the whole year. Oh my brussel sprouts!


Cooked these brussel sprouts the day I got them. They made me drool and I was craving them by the time I had to start cooking dinner.

Even if I do find dicktators…..I wasn’t really paying attention to the potatoes I was cutting. I was helping the kid with homework. I look down and see a penis.


Seriously though I never thought about that others didn’t have access to a farmers market year round.

6. Branching out and perusing more and more alternative medicines and finding relief in them! Check out this post!   I am amazed how close the result is to juicing fresh Turmeric root.

unnamed (1)

5. Friends that don’t judge, who just support and love. Acceptance is a huge thing. Support in just being there, helping us with whatever we need. Can’t say enough about this! We truly have some of the best friends around. Sometimes the size of our support net astounds me.

Sept16 sep192013 1000724_551872884860553_1756663457_n 581524_10151800548308818_2098301560_n1560427_782615198452986_4765103904416601320_n 10311774_800426130005226_1128354960464154972_n 10392380_10203201441737874_3707097741206369511_n 10450777_760966770617829_1763951475910376108_n 10469469_767537459960760_2483154142754130349_n

4. Baby donkeys .This is in the same pasture as the goats.  The mama has been gone for a bit and I just assumed she was in a different pasture.

unnamed (3)

3. Fall is officially here. Changing leaves and leaf joy included!

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2. Friends who share their kids!  Loving on them just as much as my kid gives me so much joy.

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1. Sunsets. Falling in love with Florida. Appreciating the beauty around me. Had you asked me several years ago I would have said I wanted out of Florida. Changing my perspective.

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okay I don’t know what this picture’s problem is. It kept going here instead of in line with the others. If you really look under the tree. that thing that looks like a log. It is not a log. Its an alligator. I noticed him after I took the picture of the tree and its reflection.

If you got this far and put up with alllllllllllll my pictures. Bless you.

What are some things you are thankful for?

Product review- Ultracur


Ultracur reached out to me on Instagram. I know it’s hard to believe I was on Instagram! NOT! I am addicted to Instagram.

 I emailed Casey and she sent me some samples. It was as simple as that.  I literally opened the package in my car. I had hit a wall and was trying to figure out how I was going to function for three more hours. I mean, everything hurt, I did not want to do anything at all. I took two capsules. I was pleasantly surprised that within thirty minutes I was feeling better.  It most definitely gave me the extra time I needed to finish the most basic things left in my day. I had to pick up the kid, pick up the husband, and we had to go to the store. That night I took my normal dose of Turmeric before bed. I have to say, I noticed it wasn’t as effective. Curious, I started looking into this Ultracur thing. I emailed Casey and told her how impressed I was. I told her I was impressed enough with it to do a full blog review of the product.

unnamed (1)

Curcumin is the magic part of the Turmeric that makes you feel better. It helps relieve inflammation. It is not just joint inflammation that it helps. It will also work for gastrointestinal inflammation. It is like a soothing balm for your colon. The joints, the muscles they really like this stuff. There can be some difference of opinion on wether to take just Turmeric or Curcumin. I would suggest you try both and see which works best for you. Now the other thing, most likely you won’t notice an immediate difference.  It can take a few weeks for you to notice the difference. I did not have that experience with it but, I also have been taking it for months and originally started taking it via juicing fresh root. The supplements that I had been taking did not seem to work as well. I have to say Ultracur is probably the closest I have gotten to the feeling the freshly juiced root gave me.  Ultracur says you can take up to two capsules four times a day. What I have been doing is setting aside six capsules in the morning. Some days I get by with just two in the morning and two at night. I did use it with quite impressive results during a flare. It was a lot like taking advil. It didn’t just help one area it was an all over improvement.  In fact, there is research that suggest that Turmeric is just as powerful as many pain killers. Check it out.   Also here as well.

As always please, discuss this with your Primary Care Provider prior to taking this supplement.  There can be some interactions with medications and Turmeric. Ask for the samples and bring them with you to the Doctors office. Do your own research!  This is what Dr. Weil says about Turmeric.  This is the website for Ultracur and what they have to say.

I know a lot of you, are like me, on a fixed or very inflexible income. It is hard to just go out and spend money on something that might not work for you. So here is what I have for you. Email Casey Centola for a free sample, let her know you saw it on my blog!

A letter to my daughter- on leaving the nest


My daughter is currently nine years old.  It has gone by so quickly, so I know that the next ten years will fly by just as fast. I wrote her a letter; perhaps I will even give it to her when she leaves the nest.

Dear Maggie,

This entire letter is based on the assumption that you and I have survived the teenage years, learning to drive, and the beginning of dating. Well, really I worry about you and your father surviving the learning-to-date period. I will be there to console you when you get dumped, because it happens. I promise to try and bite my tongue and not ask Daddy to go ‘take care’ of that boy for us. I will try.

I know this is hard to believe, but one day you will want to move out and get a place of your own. I know right now you think you will live with us forever. You have even gone so far as to see if there would be enough room for your future husband to live with us. Sometimes you think about finding a house down the road. Right now, you can’t see any other place as home. I promise you will. It may be in a fit of rage at how vastly unfair Mom and Dad are being. It may just be your heart telling you that it’s time. It will probably be for reasons I won’t understand, if I know you.

Then, one day after you move out, you will call your place home. It will hurt a little. I promise when you realize “home” is no longer with Mom and Dad, your own place will be. I will be here to hold you while you mourn that loss. I will probably cry with you, too.

It is my hope that you will go to college. It’s not for everyone, I know that—perhaps a trade school instead? I hope by this time we will have instilled in you how very important it is to be educated, to never stop learning, to never stop questioning, and most of all, to never stop reading. However, a college education will make life a lot easier. It opens doors to you that would otherwise not be open. Even doors for paths which you’d never imagine would need degrees. Seriously. Take your time deciding which path. Perhaps one area has many paths. I hope by the time you are dealing with this, we have taught you how to make your own decisions—and not just do what your friends are doing. As much as you love your BFF, her path is not necessarily yours. And that’s okay.

Just…please do me a favor. Get a scholarship or two. Or five. ‘Cause that stuff is crazy-expensive.

While you’re getting your education, whatever it may be, I hope you will explore a little, too. Hopefully all the long hikes we’ve gone on will continue, and will inspire you to go exploring for bigger and better trails. You have such a natural love of nature and exploration, and I hope you’ll continue to foster that. Go see stuff, but of course, always let your mama know where you are. Don’t make me attach a GPS chip to you…you know I’ll do it. In a heartbeat.

When you do pick a career path, know that it’s not written in stone. You do not have to do it the rest of your life. It’s a nice thought…it just doesn’t always happen that way. Mommy enjoyed teaching for years—until she didn’t. Mommy enjoyed the criminal justice field for a few years—until she didn’t. It may be that something you have an interest in is not a good fit for a career. It may be that something you thought you had no interest in turns out to be a great career path. All I ask is that you keep an open mind, and if you’re not happy and fully loving your job, move on. If you’re not happy at what you’re doing, you’re not thriving. I want you to thrive above and beyond my wildest expectations.

I would say to not get all drunk and crazy while you’re doing this, but that is not realistic…and truthfully, it’s a little fun. It is a growing experience that you need to go through, even if I don’t like it.

Princess, just know that no matter how high you are, how drunk you are, you can always call Mommy and Daddy for a safe ride home. We won’t discuss it that night…I may even let you get over the hangover. Maybe. Know that taking the responsible step of calling for a safe ride makes me less upset about it happening. I can’t promise to not be upset; I know I will be. Please, Princess…just call.

I know this is not the normal recommendation, but live with someone before getting married to them. I would say you should do this for at least six months. You will learn a lot about them, a lot more than you would learn on a date, or just hanging out. I promise if you keep an open mind, you will also learn a lot about yourself, too. Some may say you’re living in sin, but we just don’t buy that. Your father and I lived together before we were married. It allowed us to iron out some of the issues; for us there was no breaking point. If the first one you live with isn’t the one, then learn from that and move on. I know, you will be heartbroken. Grieve, cry, scream, eat tons of ice cream, burn his/her pictures. Then, pick yourself up and go back at it. Say, “Now I know.” Baby, there will be no questioning when you find THE ONE. If THE ONE happens to be another girl, know that your father and I are totally okay with that, too. Love is love, and when it is soul mate-love, there is no arguing with it. Embrace it. We will embrace you, always.

Okay, I have to stop a minute and mop up my ugly tears, and blow my nose a time or two. It’s a mom thing. One day you will understand. Sigh.

As much as it pains me, yes, one day you’ll have kids of your own. I promise not to say that I curse you with a child just as you were. I will, however, be quick to say, “Oh, yes…you did that too. Drove me crazy. Fun, isn’t it?” And then I’ll laugh and walk away. I probably won’t walk too far though, because hello! It’s my grandbaby! I may have schooling in Early Childhood Education. I may have raised you. I may have doted on all my friends’ babies. Princess, this parenting thing—no one can tell you how to do it, despite searching for a manual and reading a lot of books that suggest the right way. I can’t find that manual. I will be there to listen, to understand. I will try not to laugh too loud at the whining of lack of sleep. I would say that I will try not to snicker when your child poops all over you, but we know that’s not going to happen. You will probably have to help me off the floor from laughing so hard. I will be there for you, even if I’m on the floor laughing. I will support you as a parent.

Hopefully, your life will go: college, job, marriage, then kids. There is a lot of learning and growing that happens along the way. However, I know—oh, boy, do I know—that is not always how it will go. Perhaps this is your path. It may be completely different from what I want it to be, and that’s okay. Maybe. Okay, yeah, yeah. It’s okay. It is your path, not mine. Mommy may forget that from time to time, so remind me, okay?

All that said, it is still debatable if I will even let you out of my house, let alone out of my sight. And don’t worry…I do, in fact, plan on living forever. If my plans don’t work out though, know that I will always be here in spirit. Yes, my child, I do plan on haunting you. But a nice haunting, not a scary one.

Phew. After that, I’m so glad all this is at least—at LEAST—ten years away. I need that long, but probably longer, to get used to the idea.

You will always be my baby, and I will always love you to Pluto and back!

Slobbery kisses and squeezy hugs,


The week without Starbucks TTOT #75


Do not let the title fool you. I had coffee.  I even had Starbucks coffee. I just didn’t get to sit in Starbucks and write, so it’s a good thing I am scheduled ahead.  I also forgot to start and write daily for this Ten Things of Thankful. Ooops.

So lets do something slightly different from my normal set-up for Ten Things Of Thankful. This week we will go BACKWARDS! I am also not going to count. I am sure that breaks some rule somewhere. Rules were meant to be broken, sometimes.

Starting with Today: FRIDAY

I made it to the store with my list. I got everything on my list. I am making a German dish for the Thanksgiving/heritage potluck. I am sure I will enjoy that as well.



I got to play with Snickerdoodle.  I got to play with Squish. I walked my four miles. I completely enjoyed the weather. It was 46 when we started our walk, 53 when we ended. Don’t worry though I still sweated like crazy.  I did however crash completely around four pm. Luckily my husband was home and could take over and DID.

10302099_803415793039593_6608888494210269264_n 10676292_803415723039600_8697561263894539348_n


Well Wednesday was pretty much a waste. I flared pretty badly. However, I am reviewing a product from Ultracur. It is pretty amazing. I use Turmeric regularly. This is clinical levels of Cucurmin. Stay tuned for a full review of this product!


We had AC people coming Wednesday and They were going to need inside the house. This meant I had to clean the house. I don’t normally do the whole house on one day. I did go for a walk. We got our four miles in. I was pretty impressed with how much cleaning I did get done. I also cleaned the kid’s room and lived to tell about it. It was a glimpse into what her college dorm room will look like.  I didn’t ask why things were sticky or what the heck it was.


My cleaning job got done. I am still very thankful for that income. Farmers market was fun this week. I am loving all the in-season stuff.  It makes it much more budget friendly and we can get so much! Lunch with my friend was interesting. I have come very far in controlling my anxiety and panic attacks. One thing that will always trigger a panic attack. Tornado. We were sitting outside. My phone alerted there was a Tornado Watch. Thankful for Ativan and it working! I have less issues with it when it’s not an immediate threat. I can write some of the details. I can say it. I still get that anxious feeling but not panicky. It stems from a real event when I was young.


I don’t always include the weekends but, we had a busy one. One I am especially thankful for. Our church took the kids on a hike . This is an annual field trip they take. The kids really enjoy it and look forward to it.  They then got to have lunch all together. They were then off to see the Youth Opera perform The Hobbit.  I am so thankful for our church and the members there who make sure my child is so well rounded.  She is exposed to things that we would not have the money to expose her to, like the arts. It was also very nice to have a mostly kid free day that I didn’t have to run around doing errands or cleaning.

NOW I want to know what you are thankful for? Can you list ten things?

common core-prep and resources for testing.


I understand there is so much controversy over Common Core. The thing is, if your state has adopted it, its time to accept it. At least as far as dealing with homework and testing. It does not benefit your kid at all to sit there and tell them this way is stupid.  It means you, as the parent, have to put a little more effort into helping with homework. I realize this may mean staying up late or doing more research. It is not my favorite thing to do but I want my child to succeed so I have spent some time trying to understand the standards and what and how they will be tested on these standards. I have taken it as I am learning something new. There may be nothing wrong with how I learned. There maybe nothing wrong with how our children were being taught. This is here. This is what we have to focus on . Your attitude on the new methods affects your child’s thoughts on their work. I do understand most of the upset about them. I also like to point out, new or different doesn’t mean bad. It’s a change and change is not easy to deal with. Especially when it comes to ” how we have always done things.”  Well, to us a well-known quote, “if you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got. ” Mark Twain.

Really helpful Video That explains Common core math

So I have started checking out the sites that show the testing standards and what they are looking for. Maybe I am one of those mean Mommies that give extra homework. I get that this is a rough start for common core, so I am going to help as much as I can at home. YOu know that whole hearing it from multiple people really does work.

These are the sites I have used and below that are the ones I found for other states.

This one you do have to register some of the things you have to pay to download but I found a lot of things I could download and print free.

These are not in alphabetical order but in the order I found them.



New york


I found this one only after starting to go state by state. Organization is clearly lacking but hey.

It’s okay to not always like it.


It is okay to not always like being a parent.

Exhibit A:

puke, snot, poop, pee. The first time my daughter had projectile vomit I was sure It was a Rosemary’s baby all over again, in real life. At first you get all grossed out. Then its like no big deal. The next thing you know they start making the face and you just hold out your hand. Then you look at the puke in your hand and wonder how the hell you got to this point. My daughter had ear tubes in. No one told me when they do drain it is often the nastiest green yellow caked on dried snot look and it would be all down her ear,check and neck , on her pillow on her blanket. on her pj’s. Seriously the first time I saw that, I puked myself.  Poop it should just stay in the diaper. I am good with it in the diaper. The gagging issues start when it’s up the back in the belly button on the floor, down the chair. I can’t tell you how many times I would go to hand off my daughter and realize the poop was out. Often it was all over me and her and the blanket I had around her. Seriously? Is that why you suddenly were so happy and chatty.  I now look at babies with suspicion when they are happy and chatty suddenly.

Exhibit B:

Nuclear meltdowns of epic proportions over the smallest things. ” I don’t want that goldfish I want the one you put back in the container.  Don’t even try to tell them there is no difference. It’s minute goldfish details and they know. THEY KNOW!  They ask for the pink sippy cup. You give them the pink sippy cup. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Not THAT pink sippy cup, the other one. The other one is purple, maybe fuscia. Oh you wanted the dark pink cup. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the pink cup!

Exhibit C:

Feeding them. Balanced meals? No thank you. Odd assortments of food. SURE! Yogurt and empty hamburger buns coming right up. I found myself going between she is eating…and feeling guilty it wasn’t balanced. For awhile I just shrugged my shoulders and gave her a multivitamin. That should hold her. Then the I want one food and only one food for all three meals and possibly snack too.  You want Peanut butter and Jelly daily. FIne. lets add some fruit. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how about a few carrots. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO then twenty minutes after eating the sandwich. I am still hungry can I have another one. Then once you get the gist , I started making them ahead. Which was exactly when she no longer WANTED that for lunch or dinner anymore. So I have four neatly stacked Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ready to go. Then it was Mac and cheese. Don’t you dare suggest adding hot dogs or ham or heaven for bid PEAS! What are you insane? Then they start eating a little better. So you make one of the family favorites. “I don’t like it”

Exhibit D:

Waking up in the middle of the night, multiple times, and god awful early waking. Singing should be banned before nine am. Then if they do actually sleep. YOU wake up and realize they are still sleeping. SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG. The next step is they sleep several nights in a row so you feel fairly sure you are going to sleep. NOPE! Tonight they woke up five times. Then there is the they have slept through the night for like over a month. You need to get a good night sleep tonight because REASONS.  Nope, they wake up four times!

Exhibit E:

Clothes. You have to wear them. Sometimes you have to be a mind reader to know what they want to wear. It is always not what they want to wear when you don’t have the time. My daughter was set on dresses. I am mostly a tomboy. I don’t like dresses. My first thought was why would you want to wear a dress. I could not dissuade her. Then we had issues with matching. Truthfully we still do. I got to the point that I was just like I am okay with it if you are. No you can’t wear ballet flats to Physical education. No you can not wear flip-flops on our hike. She is now getting into the preteen stuff of not wanting to change clothes. I don’t care I like this shirt. Your shirt has awful BO and stains all over it. I don’t care. Change your shirt. Which is met with stomping and whining.


Example 1:

When they behave and act like little people. Even though you are staring at them sure they have been abducted by aliens. Maybe some of that begging and pleading and telling and talking is actually paying off. I have tried the bribing them to behave. I will take you for ice cream if you behave nicely in the bank.  What? Oh yes that kid? The one standing on the table with the lollipop. Nope I don’t know her. The one who just picked said lollipop up off the carpet and popped it in her mouth? Yeah that ones mine. Germs are good for you. There are times though that she catches me off guard. We go into Verizon Wireless and she sits in the corner on my phone or hubbys phone whichever one is not acting up.

Example 2:

Random I love you’s and I need a hug. I mean, yeah just kick me right in the heart would you. The random run up and throw their arms around you and squeeze with all their might. Sure it might take you by surprise but you smile. It just has this magic that takes you out of whatever mood you were in and upgrades your mood.

Example 3:

When they are sleeping. I can’t help it. I can’t stay mad at her. I just melt when I see her sleeping. She just looks so angelic. It’s a lie I know but still. I kinda like the pretty lies. I can stare at her and wonder. I can sneak up next to her and sniff her and feel her mostly still soft skin.

Example 4:

When they are a little older, they come home and tell you about a situation that happened at school. They chose the right answer to the problem and your heart bursts over with pride. Recently it was over a bully situation and she handled it well and with just a touch of sass. Hey some of those talks are getting through.

Example 5:

They become more and more independent. I mean what is not to like? Don’t like dinner? Make yourself PBJ. They get up super early. Get some cereal watch tv and leave me alone! The sucky part of this is, you wish they still needed you for things. Maybe not at the crack of dawn but later when you think about how much they can do now.  It is a soft stab in the heart.


Basically , It’s worth it. It is just not always fun , or what we thought it would be. But it’s worth it.

The week it all seemed to come together. TTOT 74



1. A nice exploring hike with the kid. Just the two of us. We had a lot of fun. She took some videos. It is not recommended you watch them if you easily get motion sick! But she did crack me up.


2.. Despite a constant rain drizzle that stiffened my joints and pain invading what little sleep I did get…. I got up and made an excellent breakfast and fresh coffee. We made it to church and I was able to come home and continue to rest.


3. Husband got a raise.  He works so hard for us. Working two jobs and biking to both jobs most of the time. Thankful. He works hard and it paid off. So proud of him.

4. Helping a friend with the last of my tea tree oil.

There is that nasty bug going around school. Lice. Its a bad word in our house. One time when teaching I had to deal with if for six weeks. The kid has had it once. ONCE is plenty. Tea Tree Oil is a natural repellent.  I was glad I had enough extra to help a friend out. That is the last thing anyone needs to deal with.  We will also be pulling her hair up and putting  hardening cream in it. Any barriers help!


5. I walked without my walking partner. I was having issues with my pace because of my hip being really angry. I went for distance. I overestimated how far away the bench was. Walked further than I planned. Walked almost five and half miles.


7. I got to take squish for a walk, baby wearing. We walked four and half miles. We went a slightly different way. It was actually very pleasant out.

8. Well as a testament to how much better I am getting. I walked with squish,baby-wearing, for another almost two miles.  I hit the ginger, turmeric and magnesium very hard.  I woke up in the middle of the night to realize I hit the magnesium a little too hard. The bathroom and I were very close at two am.


9. New recipes. Even though I really don’t like the uncertainty of them. Will it come out? Will we like it? Did I just waste all that food?

We made zucchini chips and they were pretty darn tasty.



10. I was asked to be a regular contributor to a news and entertainment magazine. It is still in the process but stay tuned for more information.

So that’s it. Ten things. This week it was fairly easy to come up with ten things. I seem to be making my way back up from depression. I really do hate the ebb and flow of it, even with medication.

Hey wait I just checked my email.

I have a new essay up about heart Health and men’s health over on Mamalode. Go check it out! Matters of the heart

Tell me your Ten things your thankful for this week!

And Don’t forget to check out the others on this hop!

Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop

Finding what works-Selfcare


I know some of you struggle to comprehend all that I do in a day. I get that. If you had asked me a year ago if I could do all this, my answer would have been no. If you had asked me five years if I would ever consider being a stay at home mom or work from home. My answer would have been hell no.  Things change. None of this has been easy. Change so rarely is easy. I am in no way a health professional. This is what works for me. Please talk with your health care provider before starting any of these.

It has been a while since I mentioned my toolbox. Things I use daily to make it through each day. Things I use to handle flares. The thing is, often it is hard to remember to use these tools. Where is writing it down helps. Revising it helps too. I wish we didn’t have to revise it. I wish we could just find what works and it just always works. This is what I am using now. It has been through trial and error I have found these. It has been through hours of googling I have found these. I urge you to do your own research on these and possibly get lost in Google once or twice.


I have played around with turmeric before.  I was looking more for immediate relief and that is not what you get with r. It is subtle. I almost wonder if it did not work as well because I was on script level pain meds already. Now I take two capsules in the morning. Two capsules after my walks. Sometimes if I am feeling extra achy I will take two at bedtime as well. There is great research behind turmeric. The great thing is it is basically a spice. I did notice when I could get the fresh turmeric root and juice it, I had better results. Maybe that is what helped because I only went back to the capsules after having juiced it for a month or two first. There is a few warnings with turmeric and you should not start it without first talking to your doctor. (see reference link)


A very common side effect of stress is cold sores. When your body is already stressed it does not take very much stress for me to get a cold sore. This is one that until recently I only took when I got the cold sores. It has now moved to the take every night category. Really it was not until I researched all the health benefits of L-lysine did I smack my forehead and say idiot you need this.

  • Supports the production of other proteins like enzymes, antibodies and hormones
  • Promotes bone health by increasing calcium absorption; prevents osteoporosis or weak bones by reducing bone loss
  • Helps convert fatty acids to energy, aiding in weight reduction
  • Helps lower bad cholesterol levels, thus reducing the risk for heart disease.
  • May be used to treat viral infections like herpes simplex, cold sores, shingles,human papilloma virus(HPV) infection such as genital warts, and genital herpes
  • Can relieve migraines and other types of pain and inflammation
  • When taken with other nutrients like vitamin C, it can reduce chest pains (angina) related to heart disease
  • Helps in muscle building, when taken with other amino acids like arginine

So yeah I found a renewed interest in making sure I take this daily.


I mostly use this in my juices. I have however learned a new trick to use it in a natural version of sports water. Ginger is a lot like Turmeric. They are in the same family. The support each other so most of the time it is good to get them both. The days I don’t juice, I cook with ginger. I will warn you. It can be very spicy. The good news is, it is well tolerated by stomachs. The good news is, the more you build up your tolerance to it. The more you can take. I have yet to get capsule forms. It just has not been in the budget and fresh ginger is fairly cheap as you don’t need a full pound. I believe it is 2.99 a pound here. I get maybe a half a pound and that easily lasts a week and half if not more.


If you take anti-depressants of any kind, you probably need this.  The sleeping pill without being a sleeping pill. It is very person specific. Some people have really bizarre dreams. Some people it does nothing. What I ,personally, have found is , there is a magic number. When I first started taking it, I started with one mg pills. One mg for me was absolutely no effect. Well actually that is not entirely true. The first night I try anything I normally sleep like a rock. So I have to take one dose for several days before making a decision. I found eight mg worked for me. Well, for a while. We played with my meds and suddenly I needed to adjust it again. Start slow, stay at one dose for several days. There are different kinds as well. I don’t want to taste it so the quick melts are a no go for me.

Natural Calm at least once a week.

I have spoken of this marvelous drink many times. Many people with fibro tend to be low on magnesium. Magnesium can be used as a natural muscle relaxer. Seriously, you just have to try it once. I have used it for years now. A friend of mine used it to get through her pregnancy and breastfeeding un-medicated.

Juicing with  anti-inflammatory and depression in mind

There is lots to back this up. I,personally , have mal-absorption issues. Removing the fiber improves my absorption of that goodness. This was not something that first sip made a huge difference. I find that the days that I do make juice, I get more done. There is difference in opinion for juicing or smoothies. I think personally it depends on  how your  system works.


Actually, no. I am not going to say which work for me and don’t work for me. This is again a very specific thing. What works for you, can cause all kinds of problems for me.  This is strictly something you need to discuss with your doctor.


Oh there are so many benefits of walking. I have worked slowly to build up on it. Be very gentle with yourself. Use a pedometer to measure your pace.  The first several months I was walking, my pace did not improve. Do not let this discourage you. Keep at it. When I started walking it was once every three days. I changed to every other day after over three months of once every three days. Often these walks were not more than twenty minutes. Start small and build on it. Sometimes a little encouragement goes a long way. Walk with a friend. Text a friend your pace and all the details, asking them only to respond positively.

water-   infused water-   lemon water-   natural sport drink mix

Drink it. Dehydration does so many things and so many symptoms are similar to Fibro symptoms.  Don’t care for plain water. Drink it hourly, one oz at a time. Fill a container with a fresh fruit you like, let sit overnight or longer. Fruit-infused water.  Lemon water can help tired sore muscles, squirt some lemon in your water! I recently discovered adding a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt and lemon in a water bottle and letting it sit overnight. I also add ginger,skinned, to boost muscle pain relief. Let me tell you, it does not taste good when you first start. After sweating and walking, it tastes amazing! No sugar, no extra sodium, by using sea salt you are adding back micro-minerals you lost in sweat.

self hypnosis-guided meditation- deep breathing

I will tell you, it takes practice. I fall asleep-hence the hypnosis. Go on you-tube, listen. Listen to multiple ones. I will tell you there are some voices that will set your hair on end. There are ones that make me think of nails on a chalkboard. There are whispers. There are ones that are really loud. Notice how your body reacts to their voice. One bit of advice, what is endurable during the day; may not be what helps at night. Listen to it both times. There are ones specifically for anxiety and depression. You don’t have to believe them the first time, its more of a repetition thing. I don’t want to hear that you have tried meditation until you have listened to at least fifty sessions, same for the others. Trust me, I started and stopped over and over and over. It took a long time before it became a regular nightly thing for me. The neat thing is, if you have trouble falling asleep, you will reprogram your brain. It took six to eight weeks for me. I often hear less than five minutes of whatever meditation/hypnosis I choose.


Ebb and flow of parenting with chronic illness


One thing that eludes me is consistency. Some of that is A.D.D., some of that is just life.  Chronic illness doesn’t really allow for consistency. It is super annoying.  It bleeds over into parenting. When my illnesses are flaring or acting up, I tend to slack off on parenting. I know I do this.I hate it.  I dislike how much TV she watches while I lay in bed. It takes energy I just do not have, to keep on top of her.  I want to always be that mom who is fully involved and happily multi tasking making dinner while the kid is doing homework. It is just not realistic for this to be happening daily though.

This morning  Actually it started the night before, we did homework for hours. Why hours? Because I was resting. She was supposed to be sitting at the table doing her homework. I could hear when she got off task. I made sure to point it out to her. When she was crying for like the fourth time I told her to pack it up. We would finish it in the morning. She is a horribly early morning child  anyway so why not. This lead her getting up an hour earlier than normal,because she was worried about not having enough time.  Between slurping coffee and getting really frustrated she is not focusing. The guilt starts. The guilt that I should have been more on top of this. I should have. I should have. I should have.  This is what goes through my head. I know on one hand, that I could have done things differently. Then again, she is nine. She is old enough to be responsible for her homework.

It’s not like I don’t know it’s coming. It’s not like I don’t know its due. It is more like, It just gets set aside in the hurry of every day. We set it aside because this came up or that came up. We set it aside because I am not feeling well,  we will do it tomorrow. I will feel better tomorrow because I rested today and I am going to take it easy tomorrow. That by the way never actually happens.  Then suddenly it is due tomorrow.

We get her homework packet Thursday after school. We pour over it like it’s the newest gossip magazine. Look how many pages of math! Oh, look you get to do this! I have an idea for that! We really do plan on tackling it. Thursday we are good about filling in her reading log, including the summary of what she read. We mark down what flashcards she did in Math. Friday, we normally have a family treat. However on the way there I normally make her read her book. There is a fifty-fifty chance it will get written down when we get home.   Saturday, sometime after I arise from the abyss of sleep, around eight am I look at her homework packet. We might even tackle some of it.  Then the outside is calling because it is fall in Florida. It is splendid weather outside. Not cold, not hot, windy but not windy to make it miserable.  In other-words, paradise. Sunday morning is out because church. The next thing I know its Monday. When I pick her up it’s all gusto. We are going to get it done. She reads. She does math. I am knee-deep in making dinner.  “Yeah I don’t care what you do. OUT of the Kitchen!” We have tomorrow. We will knock it out tomorrow. You get the picture.

Sometimes at the end of the day, I think “yup, nailed it today.” I got work done. I got the kid fed,to school-fed and in bed. I took time for me. Go Me! Then there are other days that at the end of the day. I think : ” Well breathing was really hard today.”

I think sometimes us chronic illness sufferers give the wrong impression about flares. Sometimes, it really is a flare and we never even saw it coming. We went to bed. We woke up having a new sympathy with road-kill. Most of the time though, it is not like that. I have weeks where I really feel on top of it. I have medicated at all the right times. I haven’t pushed the limits too far. I have eaten healthy and slept decent and taken personal time. Then it slowly starts off. By slowly I mean like from one day to the next. It just slowly one thing after another stops working. The medications are not as effective. I have more muscle aches than joint aches but I am still treating for the joint aches. Maybe what I did one week didn’t push the limits, so I do it again the following week. Uh oh. Limits reached and exceeded. What? I just did that!  I ran later than expected grocery shopping or cleaning so I had less me time in the car waiting to pick her up. It just slowly builds. Those kinds of flares are easier to recover from. It is like a light goes on and I am able to fix things. I start medicating  right. I give a little extra self-care. The times that it just WHAM! BAM! No thank you Ma’am. Those times we dread because so much of the time, we have to wait it out.  I can try to medicate. I can try to listen to my body and see if there is some craving it has. Most of the time, it is waiting though.

How do you parent when you feel like that? How do you parent when it’s not consistent?

You learn to go with the ebb and flow of your illness’. You learn to ebb and flow parenting. You learn to take advantage of when you do feel good.

I am still working on it.

Step by step back on the right path


Oh eating.
When did you become my nemesis?

Oh who am I kidding? I have always had a weakness for food.

It is cheaper and easier to just buy the packaged sugared crap. If I eat it, its not like its going to matter, I have a corn intolerance. In case you didn’t know, corn is in EVERYTHING. I will just be depositing it in the toilet shortly after consuming it. Sometimes I eat it, knowing this but not really caring. Sometimes the emotional pleasure I get is worth it. Sometimes it is just what I have access to. Real food, fresh food, costs money. It is not cheap and easy to get. Unless you can garden, which I can’t. I kill plants by looking at them wrong. Serious. I even killed a cactus and an aloe plant. The problem with just giving in and not watching the corn intake. It does damage. I only discovered this when I started having issues absorbing nutrients. Vitamin D, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, talk about lots of fun. The better my diet is, the better I absorb. That is, the less corn and corn products I eat.
So why do I find myself still drinking coffee and scarfing candy. It is immediate emotional gratification. I really like the immediate part. I can tell you all the things refined processed sugar can do to the body. I know how bad it is.
I have been trying this new thing called self-compassion. So you veered off and ate tootsie rolls until you were sick. So so so sick. Instead of spending time beating myself up and being grumpy because I had crappy food crap.   Instead I am just veering back on to the path. Rainbows of food. Real food. Purple sweet potatoes, beets, apples, cauliflower, carrots. Brussel sprouts that is what is in our refrigerator this week. Each week a portion of my cleaning money goes to fresh produce. Sometimes I can get enough so we can eat it and juice it as well.  One step at a time we are getting on the right track.I try and go online and find recipes. I start out really good. I then end up on pinterest. I try and keep the searches narrow. It never fails. I find myself drooling over crockpot foods. Mostly that sounds like a good thing right? Oh no, I mean like crock pot french toast, Crock-pot omelettes with you know bacon and ham. Then I still have no recipes. Which really in the long run is okay for me. I am not good at following instructions. It is better to just wing it when I am cooking.

This self compassion thing isn’t really new,I have been trying to do it regular for months. That inner critic voice though ,man-that’s one tough bitch. Compassion for others is something that comes very naturally to me. Why is it hard to do the same for myself?
Changing your palate so you like this healthy organic good for you stuff is hard work. It is working though. I feel it. The other day I was craving beets. BEETS! Who craves beets? Apparently I do. Apparently my body does know what is what. I have a potassium deficiency and I do battle depression and I have hypertension. Guess what helps all three of those? BEETS! It is not enough for me to just crave something. I have to search WHY I am craving it. Slowly week by week we have branched out. We have been trying new things. We had brussel sprouts for the first time in forever two weeks ago. We got persimmons this week. We are also really loving the purple sweet potatoes.
Will I veer off the path again? YES! Most certainly! I know myself too well. Besides the obvious of Pumpkin Pie coming up. There are two words. Apple Crisp.
Plus we still have Halloween candy left.
In between we will keep having our juice, we will keep exploring the farmers market,  and we will be gentle without ourselves when we fall off.
Into the apple crisp….