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Solstice thoughts


This is where my thoughts keep wondering too. I know it is not technically the solstice anymore. I think this is also appropriate for the end of the year post as well. My plans for the coming year is to keep learning, growing and slowly blossoming to who I really am. Some of that takes really nitty gritty work, like self analysis.

Growing up I was often at many kinds of churches. Catholic, Mennonite, Lutheran, Baptist,Methodist. I never really bonded with it and it took me a long time to realize that. A really long time. The first year of trying to discover what I truly believed, what resonated the most with me was hard. There was so much guilt and shame and feeling like I am breaking all the rules all the time going on. I would not say I am totally past that but I am farther than I was. There was no moment where I could define I was a christian and then I was not. There was no event that outlined it for me. I started really looking into things. At first it was fine, I found that things lined up with the Bible. Didn’t that mean it was the word of god? I thought so for a while. Then the thought there are other books who also can be verified by archaeology.

When I walked through the doors of the Unitarian Universalist church, everyone was so nice. Not fake smile and hand shake nice but truly happy to see me. They didn’t even know me! Genuine emotion just can not be faked.  The first sermon I ever attended there was about Wicca traditions of Halloween. I was still transforming then and certain words made me twitch and squirm. Wicca, ritual. Not once in the entire sermon did I feel like I was a bad person. Not once did I feel like I had done something wrong, had something to be guilty over or needed cleaned. In fact,  I felt fulfilled and satisfied and renewed in a way I had never felt before.I read all I could about Unitarian Universalism and it was like someone had been in my head.


Our search for a church was slightly flawed when we were looking for one that would blend both my beliefs and my husbands. We accepted a church where, we believed most of what they believed. Mostly.  I was so frustrated that at times I just said I didn’t care. I never had that true spiritual  connection though. I thought maybe if I just kept going it would happen. In fact the only times I had any kind of connection was when I explored outside the christian religion. I kept shying away because that was bad stuff, evil stuff, guilty stuff. If you admitted you looked there you were chastised. It felt like something I should be shameful of. If I admitted I sometimes felt the presence of those gone before, don’t wonder down that road! Unless you think it was Gods presence, you should flee from those.  What if it felt innate? I was assured over and over it was the work of the devil, Satan and I would surely go to Hell. I was shutting out a part of me. I always felt that there was a female God and a Male God. I don’t even know where the thought came from, it seemed an inner knowledge. If I brought this up it was always met with aghast reactions.

Then there was this performance for harp for my daughter. It was at a Baptist church. We had been Baptist for awhile.  So here was my daughter who was too young to really remember much about that Baptist church she was in for the first two years of her life. Asking questions. I realized I had some more letting go to do. I had some more scorn and hurt  and anger to let go of. I tried to keep things objective. I tried but I don’t think I did too well at first.  In the end I told her I had to find what made my soul happy. What my inner voice agreed with. If I was going to have faith in something I needed to believe it completely and totally. I told her it was okay to change what you believe when presented with information. I told her it was okay to think for herself and to use her soul TO think.

I am glad we went to our church afterwards. It helps when she hears things from more than one source. I am glad she has someone to turn to in our church to ask questions.

I still struggle with my own spiritual path. How can I explain this to her without being judgmental. How to communicate this while also communicating our first principle? Every person has inherit worth and dignity. How to communicate this without trampling all over the fourth principle. Everyone has a right to search for truth. How to explain to my daughter that everyone has a different path, that’s okay and in fact should be celebrated. We can celebrate with others even when it comes to religious or spiritual achievements or growths. We don’t have to believe what they believe. They are happy, so we are happy for them.Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations, our third principle.  This is the best way to promote a peaceful world as the seventh principle says. More inward thought and reflection, more letting go, more searching for inner peace. This is what my hopes are for the coming year.

Please keep believing


When they put that squirming warm bundle of baby in your arms, you don’t think, “I get to be Santa!” When I did realize it, It was quite a rush for me.

Even when my daughter was entirely too young to understand what was going on-I was excited.  When I say entirely, I mean entirely, She was four months old.


(First picture is from when she was four months and a few Christmas’ after that.)

I get to be Santa!!!  (read that in Nemo’s mom’s voice when she says they get to be parents!)

There was of course the holiday clothes. It is now one of my most cherished times. I get to dress my daughter. She gets no say in her Christmas Dress. I let her express her fashion all year-long. I miss dressing her.  The search for THE PERFECT Dress is half the fun.


There is no doubt, that first Christmas, no matter what their age is truly magical for the parent.

Each year became more and more magical as her understanding of the season increased.


When she was younger we were christmas light obsessed. I could not get enough of watching her enjoy the christmas light displays. If I could drink that feeling, I would be drunk.  Now it’s still fun and we still enjoy looking at them but the look of pure wonder is fleeting now.


Then there is Santa. We have had discussions about Santa. You don’t always get to tell the “REAL” Santa your list. However the Santa Helpers take their job very serious and don’t let on they are helpers. The Real santa hears every request. We watch Polar express. I read it to her many times over the year. I don’t think this movie could be more perfect in anyway. While it does add to the story, its in good ways.

The closest I get to that magical mesmerizing wonderment she had as a toddler is when she gets her email from Santa. The excitement to see if she is on the nice list. It is so much less than when she was a toddler but fleeting as it is. I can’t inhale it fast enough. I am not sure who is more excited about this email. Me or her.


People can think what they want. I enjoy the magic and excitement the season brings. I don’t see it as lying and I don’t think it harms at all. This excitement and magic is free. It is one of the best gifts I can get each year.

In just one thought alone- short and sweet…… TTOT #80


Snipping green beans and quietly thinking

Remember not everyone is home enjoying family and friends..

Firefighters and policewomen and policemen Doctors and Nurses Paramedics. And many in the Armed Services are working today.

Some people don’t have a home….some people don’t have family ….or friends…for some this is the loneliest day of the year.

Keep them and gratitude in your hearts today.


Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop Link up

I have ten things of thankful right there in that thought I had. I could sit there and think how boring and painful snipping green beans is, or I can be thankful we have green beans to eat.(1) I could be irritated that I felt compelled to clean the whole house before anyone came over, or I could be thankful I have a house to clean.(2) I could be thankful I had people who cared about us who were coming over.(3) I could be thankful my husband was home and enjoying the day,if not the cleaning, with us. (4)I could be sad that my daughter only had a few presents to open from us or I could be thankful we had the money at all to get her something. (5)She had a few presents but they were bigger on the inside. I could instead be thankful she doesn’t really need anything or really want for anything either. (6) I could be thankful we live in a country where we had such dedicated people who fight for our freedom.(7) I could be thankful for those dedicated to helping others were working and helping those who needed help. (8)It could be us one day. Have you seen the way I cook? Fires, food poisoning…it could happen. Speaking of which I am thankful that neither of those DID happen this time.(9) This may seem a bit redundant but I am also thankful I have so much to be thankful for, when I really stop and think about it. (10)

And not to be forgotten……PICTURES

9791_826497034064802_5827115183847424203_n 960221_829633293751176_7039612333909188079_n 10340010_826592274055278_830137544887129247_n 10351391_828861033828402_8782732116272892418_n 10390459_826729544041551_6349098147629996897_n 10391464_828861070495065_7120904727031725935_n 10624688_828379477209891_3165386256359608474_n 10675533_826497047398134_2603459183325035530_n 10885301_829137693800736_3530275826836478909_n 10888639_829633323751173_8733640964078680001_n

So maybe it is not starbucks


With the dawning of realizing winter break was almost upon us I decided I needed chai.  It is not something I normally keep in the house. I go to starbucks I have a chai latte and I vomit words. It has been this really nice weekly groove. I get to people watch. I am mostly happy with what I write while there. Most of the time , I even submit to other places.  I empty my brain of words, temporarily. It is a good thing. Words rattling around in my head keep me up at night.

So I had one today. At a time where I didn’t have time to vomit words. I had a kid in the car so I could not even do talk to text. Have you tried to do that with a kid in the car? Don’t try to read it. Just hit delete. Trust me.

I was laying in bed still awake at ten pm which if you know me, you know that is unusual. It was the chai. I knew it was too late for caffiene. The drama of a nine year old who was too tired to admit she was tired, necessitated caffeine. So there it was ten pm and my brain is still a mile a minute pinging back and forth all over the place. If you put me in a room with nothing visually stimulating, I would still be distracted.


And none of that was what I wanted to write about when the laptop was not out and I was trying to go to sleep. Sigh.

So I pop out the laptop. Get into wordpress. Hit the new post button.

What? I had all these thoughts… all these words…


Brain: nope , I got nothing. Okay well just write what you were thinking and it will come back.


Brain: nope.

I should be writing this down. I need to vomit these words. That is why I am still awake. No I am still awake because I had chai and we have no benedryl or aspirin. I need to get those tomorrow. Oh crap tomorrow is such a mess. And I have the kid to deal with too. Sometime I need to get to the dishes and get this pig sty cleaned up for christmas. mmmm chai. Man that means I have two kids to watch tomorrow. Definitely making the kid take a nap with the baby. We should all take a nap. In the heat of the moment, who came up with that phrase. How did that become such a common phrase.Do I have enough christmas presents for her? I am thinking not but I dont want to get anything else. Shit. Tomorrows monday what do I want from the farmers market. Sweet potatoes and green beans I need those. Maybe I should have more chai.  No it’s too late then I will really never sleep. Okay yes definitely getting the laptop out and vomiting all this out.  


So maybe it is Starbucks after all. There is just some kind of mojo. I rarely find myself sitting there not sure what to write.


So there is the answer to why my writing might not be so good or timely these next two weeks. I don’t think taking the kid with me to Starbucks will work at all. I am sure I will have SOMETHING to say. The words need to leave my brain after all…….whether it is any good or worth the read… that will be up to you.

Two week winter break starts when?


Sometimes I am on the ball with school breaks. This time, not so much. I just realized Monday that I have a week of daytime freedom left. What the?

I would like to say we have all these great wonderful meaningful activities planned. I would like to say I will even do something like that now that I have realized it. I have a feeling it will not go like that at all. This is not to mention I have not wrapped a single present yet. I have not even gotten all her presents. I have only gotten a few. This is not to mention I have not even given a thought to Christmas dinner.  Who is coming? Who is not coming? What we are even eating? If I can even get the house clean in time?

We are making Christmas cookies Sunday after church. We will probably go to the light display again. That is about as far as I have thought things out. I have felt easily overwhelmed since starting working again. Even if it is part-time, even if it is kinda fun. I have tried only planning one week at a time. That was how this two weeks surprised the crap out of me. There is cleaning to catch up on from that. I really could use that talent to snap my fingers and the house was clean. Mary Poppins needs to train my house how to clean its self.  The cats and dog are not interested in cleaning like those woodland creatures in Snow White did. They really are quite the free loaders.

I would look forward to sleeping in, if I thought that would happen.

I know the kid will be up early. She always is. The first few days of break she will probably barge in on me at her normal time. No later than six forty-five. I know my body enough to know that it is too trained to be up and doing things by eight am. I happen to know she is getting a tablet for Christmas so I am sure after Christmas she will be on that for quite a while. Which will lead to TV brain meltdowns. Which will lead to me feeling guilty I let her play on it so much. Which will lead me to over do it pushing myself. I will try to do too much in one day to make up for it. I wish I could just let my chronic illness’ know that a flare is not allowed to happen. I need my pain levels to stay within normal range please! I know , I know. Pace, pace, pace yourself. Pacing kind of goes out the window when the kid is around.

We will definitely need to be getting out of the house at least for a bit each day. I plan on keeping up the walking, I plan on dragging her with me. We will probably do a few hikes as well.  I get cabin fever just thinking of staying home all day with her. I hope to get at least one grocery shopping trip in without her.

Oh and the best part, my house will be smelling like rotting strawberries. Because science fair project. It seemed like a good topic at the time. Now that we actually have to do it. Not so much. I love science. I hate science fair projects, always have.  Add to this the kid does not like to write at all. So there will be hair pulling out and head banging on brick walls.

Let’s see there seems to be something else I was going to say about this whole winter break thing.

Oh yes, I will need to figure out ways to pawn the kid off for a few hours here and there for my sanity. Play date anyone?You get to keep the kid for a few hours. I know I will have to take your kid for a bit too. This sounds like a lot but strangely enough, it is easier when there is more than one kid around.

I see lots of sugar and caffeine in my immediate future. Have you tried to keep up with a nine-year old without it,especially when both mother and child have ADD? I can tell you now , it ain’t gonna happen at our house. GIVE ME CHOCOLATE! GIVE ME COFFEE! I am thinking I need to train her to bring it to my bed.

It used to be when any school break came I felt the need to plan out every single day. I do need to put together some school work type things for her to do. She is so much like me in that respect. She has to keep doing it or she will lose it. Yeah we will probably figure that out day-to-day.

Will we make memories? Absolutely! Will we both survive it? Absolutely! Will I be ready to push her out of the car when school starts again? Absolutely!

TTOT 79 The Real Deal



I kinda feel like I have been glossing over things on this list……so I am going to try and make it a bit more real. I know part of the thing is to focus on the good but I think I forgot to mention the downs too. That balance thing. Of course there will still be pictures but I want it to be a bit more of um…both, also known as real.


Wow was Monday a roller coaster of emotions. I did not want to get up. I did not want any responsibility to get a another human being somewhere. Coffee helped.  I got my cleaning job done. I got to talk to my sister who lives in California. I didn’t even know I had anxieties about her and her situation until after we talked and they were gone. Huh. Then I made a glitter bomb for a certain someone in England. I found something that just screamed her name this weekend. Making the glitter bomb in my car, perhaps not the best idea. Perhaps though it was because everytime I saw the glitter I giggled. Computer tutoring done and on to the post box and the grocery store. My energy plummeted dramatically after getting home from picking up the kid. So much to do, was feeling rather overwhelmed and truthfully a bit depressed about the limits of my body. Wow was that a run on sentence. I took some Ultracur and hoped it kicked in enough to get dinner done. It did. I am not however catching up on any cleaning whatsoever. Really I feel like I walked around with my emotions hanging out all over the place today.

However, Thankful I survived the day relatively in tact with food for my belly and a warm home.  That is three for anyone counting.


I got my walk in. It was odd. I was looking forward to it despite my body saying no. Despite the muscle spasms around my hips.  Despite not liking my new shoes and not enough support in them.  I didn’t feel stiff or sore until we stopped. Getting in the car-not pretty. Head home to try and clean up the house. Open the door to find the dog got in the trash.  Because I was not overwhelmed by the amount of house work I had to do already.

However I had a great lunch date with a friend to break up the overwhelming amount of cleaning to do.

Grateful for friends who provide an escape.

Grateful I was able to make a balanced dinner.

Grateful I realized I was having mostly first world problems and after a bit more pouting, moved on.

We did have an impromptu time with with Princess P. We fed the cows!



Grateful I finally remembered to get my bloodwork done. It was only three vials and a urine sample this time. AW CRAP. I was suppose to walk around to the actual doctors office and make my “womanly” appointment. Sigh. Well one thing at a time.

Insanely grateful to Starbucks because COFFEE!! However it has also been a great place for me to get a crap load of writing done. I have kept content on my blog and gotten essays out to other outlets for publishing.

I think that brings us to eight.

SURPRISE I got to see my sister who lives in California and her boys.

10391434_823569837690855_495868624415120762_n 10801962_823569934357512_9144457182747301166_n


Wow, Thursday it was like I got my groove back a bit. A great day of escape with my friend and christmas shopping. I got a laundry organizer and like a bakers hutch type thing for the front entry. Ridiculously excited about the laundry organizer.  It also turned out to be a highly productive day!

Grateful for friends is number nine.

Grateful for a chance to catch up on housework and feel productive.


Hey guess what I didn’t realize I was missing? Skin to skin time with squish! I don’t think I realized how strongly we are bonded.


Then the solstice celebration and so many things just feel into place in my spirit that when we came home. I fell asleep and actually slept really really good. First time all week.

1506863_825354097512429_51961199038254893_n 1937453_825354050845767_1199425731352304833_n 10407561_825354157512423_3167317529879356574_n 10433205_825354117512427_5554274933933854263_n 10615960_825354140845758_4974915136719350316_n

The truth about flares


I often get accused of being a chronic complainer.I don’t post how i feel for sympathy. Sometimes just seeing it in black and white helps me.  I just need to vomit it all out so I can move on. Its cathartic. This is not to say I don’t appreciate the comments.

Chronic illness is an asshole. Sometimes it makes me seem like an asshole. Most of the time in a flare I feel like I am being an asshole.
When I am resting I still feel like I am being lazy. I still think you are thinking I am being lazy. You can tell me all you want that you are not. When I have to cancel plans there is a part of me that feels I am just making an excuse. I know, if I went the pain would magnify. I know it.

Chronic illness makes your anxiety triple. Anxiety is an asshole too. Anxiety over what I do get done in a day. Anxiety over what I don’t get done in a day. Anxiety over what others are thinking about what I did today. Anxiety often makes me feel like I am being a complete wimp.
I feel ridiculous saying my skin hurts. Or any other body part that is acting up.
I feel like it’s an excuse even when I know the pain is too much to push through.Dishes have to get done ,I know that. It would seem standing doing dishes should be no big deal. Standing is a lot more work then we realize. There is a reason it takes babies so long to learn. There is a reason they get tired easily from it. If I do push myself my hips,knees and ankles blossom into painful bursts. If I keep pushing my hands will start to cramp up.  Have you ever tried to wash a plate and had your hand cramp. Most times I break the plate. It would make sense to stop doing the dishes before that happens. That is the thing though, the frustration, you don’t want to stop.

I am just as frustrated about my body flaring as you are, if not more. My brain is still functioning and often going a thousand miles a minute. I am thinking of all the things I need to get done. The things I should be doing. It is even more frustrating to feel somewhat okay while laying down yet, within five minutes of being up doing things, you are exhausted and often shaking.

I have a tendency to emotionally eat. Yes I know I shouldn’t eat that but sometimes emotions need to be fed. I do try very hard to balance my emotional eating with healthy eating. I do aim for that balance. I know full well I will pay for it later. Sometimes I feel it is worth it. Sometimes later when I am paying for it, I think I was being stupid. Just because I ate it yesterday or last week or last month doesn’t mean I can eat it during a flare. I could have eaten it yesterday and today it makes me want to vomit. I could have had it at lunch and my stomach tolerated it just fine. Eating it with dinner, not so much. It can be as small as garlic or lemon or as big as chicken. There is often no rhyme or reason to it.

So there it is the cold hard truth about flares and complaining.

The important thing.


I could tell you how hard it is to get out of bed , while I feel like death warmed over, to walk.

I could tell you how many times I was way too hard on myself.

I could tell you all of this. It would all be true. It would not however be important.

The important thing is to start.

Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Myofasical Pain Syndrome are not gentle issues. They are not very happy with exercise. In fact they protest it loudly. Three years of walking and I am just now getting to the point where I can actually wear exercise clothes without my body protesting. When I first started I could not wear sports clothing. It was like it flipped a switch for my muscles to act up even more. Now I am just used to going walking in jeans that it doesn’t bother me at all. Okay well maybe when I am a sweaty mess it bothers me a bit.

I started small, walking twenty minutes at a time.  I walked for twenty minutes at a time, twice a week for months. I felt stuck. If I tried to go further, I could not function. I finally figured out I just needed to be okay with what I was doing. It was not an easy decision. I felt like I wasn’t making any progress. The truth is when I look back, the fact I was even doing it was progress. I was not giving up, that was progress. I was not giving in to my body, that was progress. I then branched out with changing my diet. This was also something that was very slow going. I wanted to go out and buy all the healthy foods and just switch. The more I researched the more I realized that would not work. It takes time for your taste buds and your palate to change. It is so easy for both things to revert back to bad foods. The junk food out there is addictive. I could not just switch to eating grapes when I was craving sugar or any of the other hacks really. Deciding to make any change to your lifestyle is brave. When you are doing so with a body that already does not feel good, even braver.

The problem is my expectations of myself don’t always match what my body is up to. I still have issues with this. I still feel I should have done more, accomplished more, made more progress. That whole self-compassion thing.

Every time I have increased my pace or my distance it has not been a conscience decision. It was on a whim and then once I realized I did it. I wanted to do it again. This is not to say that I don’t over do it. I do. Some days my walks are great and I can function. Some days my walks are great and my body says, “um No.” to anything else that day. It took longer than a normal person to reap any of the benefits of exercise. However now it is coming fast and furious. I sleep better. I am loosing the weight. My heart conditions are better controlled. The more I walked the more I wanted healthy choices to eat.  Had someone suggested I could use food to ease some of my symptoms a few years ago I would have said. “Nope tried that.”  Same response if someone had told me to exercise more. For the longest time I could not think of it as exercise. Of course this means I did things a bit harder. I didn’t want to think of it as exercise so I went on nature trails. It is really hard to increase your distance and your pace on nature trails-with a body that does not cooperate. Since I started walking a flat surface designated for walking and cycling, I have made significant progress. It only took me four months to come to that conclusion though.

Having a friend or someone to encourage you to keep at it, really helps as well. Please feel free to email me and let me know you are taking the important step of starting. I would be glad to email you encouragement!

TTOT 78 the one with lots of squeee!!!!


With the best of intentions, I forgot to write daily. Wildly dashing to the pictures I took during the week. I don’t think I am going to count this week either. I have been out of the house and running since before eight am and it is now eight pm. I thought about waiting until tomorrow however, I want to get it done AND I want sleep!!!!!!!! I keep saying it is delusional to plan to sleep in on Saturday as it never happens but, I am planning on it anyway. Never mind I will count, I just may not stop at ten.

Sunday December 7th

2014-12-07 09.40.34

1. Sleepy slow sunday mornings. Every year we I use PNP to send the kid a video email from Santa. It is free. It is a true delight to watch her watch this video. We have done it like the last four years and I never get tired of watching the magic.

2014-12-07 11.53.51

2. The kids in Youth Religious Education made a bouquet of art for the Y.R.E director. She is a true blessing to have in our life. Keeping our minds open and our eyes open as well.

10849999_900830629941897_8476416926893304495_nunnamed (1)unnamed

3. The goats down the street from us are having babies!1!! One mother had triplets which is kinda unusual. The third baby needed a little extra as mom was worn out and did not even want to clean him off. He is back with Mom and doing well!

Monday December 8th

2014-12-08 12.50.50

4. Lunch with a friend. A different friend and yet chocolate still happened.  Also chocolate!

2014-12-08 14.06.47

5. The farmers market remains on the Thankful list.  I have never seen such small eggplants and I have yet to figure out what I could make with them. I am determined to figure it out this weekend though so I can get some on Monday. Also someone said on Instagram when they scrolled past the baby white one looked like sperm and now that is all I see.

2014-12-08 14.45.21

6. My Tummy has not been entirely happy with me. I think I have evened it out and nope. SO NOT that I am thankful for that but that I found a Kombucha that I like!

2014-12-08 15.40.52

7. Thankful for eagerness to help in the kitchen. SURE here do the lemon zest for me!

Tuesday December 9th

2014-12-09 12.46.04

8. Really just so thankful to be Squish’s Nanny. We have a pretty good time.

2014-12-09 16.51.33 2014-12-09 16.54.44

9. Thankful that the holiday party went very well and the kid was really quite pleased with her present. Also that nothing she ate caused two am stomach aches!

2014-12-09 17.59.09 2014-12-09 18.00.15

10. I am thankful I went through with an impulse to stop and catch the sunset. It was pretty chilly but worth it. It was low fifties right on the water with pretty decent wind.

Wednesday December 10th

2014-12-10 09.47.00 2014-12-10 13.00.59

11. I eeked out time to go to Starbucks. I continue to be amazed at how productive and how much the writing juices flow there. I am sure the chai latte had a little something to do with it.  Also for drop in friends for a Starbucks lunch.

2014-12-10 14.35.11

12. I continue to be amazed at Ultracur. I got a new bottle and it was right on time.  They help in so many ways through the day. I am thankful for them finding me!

2014-12-10 17.31.26 2014-12-10 17.33.49

13. Despite a long day and having a walk I went with my gut to take the kid down to the goats. We missed this mommy having twins by maybe five minutes. The birth stuff was still hanging out of her. We watched them stand up for the first time, they were not quite to walking by the time we left but close. AMAZING that just on a whim we went and we saw this amazing reminder that Life happens.

Thursday December 11th

2014-12-11 11.43.082014-12-11 13.23.45

14. Hanging with Squish’s Mom and being able to wear him. Thankful for friends who share their kids with me makes the list again!

2014-12-11 16.00.15 2014-12-11 19.45.02

15. Restful evening with snuggles and even a tubcation. A tubcation that had no interruptions I might add!Although I still say whoever is in charge of making sure I have alcohol for tubcatons is fired.

Friday December 12th

2014-12-12 09.08.43

16. Funny enough, I am thankful I have large jackets still so Squish and I still got our walk in. It was an extra walk and mainly just really to keep moving. I didn’t push the pace at all.

2014-12-12 10.46.38 2014-12-12 15.57.02 2014-12-12 16.00.2910624986_818045411576631_3711316690907409268_n 10846273_818045214909984_2749055051350012466_n

17. 18. 19.20 Thankful for happy content squish who is so very close to rolling over. Thankful for a daughter who is so kind and caring of others. Thankful for belly laughs over playing ball. Thankful to watch Snickerdoodle grow into such a fun little girl!

Did you make it to the end? Were you completely overwhelmed by pictures? I take at minimum like ten pictures a day. So just be THANKFUL I didn’t load all the pictures from the week!

Cutting the umbilical cord to Facebook


Pipe down I am not leaving Facebook. Don’t get all crazy on me. I recently read a great article by Momastery.  She made some very valid points about the changes coming to Facebook.  I really thought about this article and realized I too rely on Facebook. I  mostly post my blog links on Facebook. I am going to start working on posting on other networks a bit more regularly.

I am so thoroughly addicted to Instagram.  I am going to make more of an effort to post on Instagram when a new blog post is published.  Right now it is really hit or miss.  So make sure you are following me! CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW. 

I have posted this trick before. However I posted it on Facebook.


 You can make sure you don’t miss blog posts by following via email. When I publish……..YOU GOT MAIL!

Truthfully I am on Twitter. I do try and tweet blog posts. I tweet a lot of other blogs I like as well.  Twitter and I just have not bonded. We don’t really understand each other. I actually think Twitter might be a tad too ADD for me. Never thought I would say that! However if Twitter is your BFF…. you can follow me there.

I play around on Pinterest but I am not really on a whole lot. I do pin posts though, so there is that.

The best way to make sure you don’t miss a minute of the insanity that is my life…….. like comment and share.  Apparently licking the status’s you like,  talking about the status’s in real life and telling someone you saw it, doesn’t appease the powers that be at Facebook. I will still be over there. I will still be posting. This is just a way to make sure you don’t miss the good content!