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No Promises on this guys (#10thankful post, Maybe)


I am not sure how this happened. Well, that is not technically true, I do know. All hell broke loose. That is what happened. It has indeed been a month since I wrote, what better way then to start back with a Ten Things of Thankful post.

If you don’t know we are now in Emergency Shelter our animals are not with us and we have to find housing by June 22nd. The houses/apartments I have found have been at least two to three hundred out of our monthly price range.But Don’t worry Florida, you don’t have a homeless problem.

Seriously, don’t ask me how I stay positive. I don’t, I can fake it though and they say fake it until you make it. So…… Coffee, chocolate, beer and really good friends is getting me through. The really good friends is one of the reasons we don’t move. Support systems are important.

It is getting me through the daily punch in the gut when I wake up and look on my phone to see what has been posted for rent and find nothing in our price range.

It is getting me through the day after some really really bad news about help I was hoping we would get. Day Drinking. It seemed like a good idea. The day of I couldn’t remember why I don’t do this more often. The next morning, Oh yes this is why. I can’t do that anymore. I also think getting two beers once a month, maybe at that  is not too much either.

It is getting me through the separation of me and my dog.

It is getting me out of bed to even be able to see anything good in the day.  Baby ducks, little caterpillars, just born calves.

It is getting me through to see that the little things in life really do help. Like a hot bath at the end of the day.

It is getting me through most of this without gaining too much weight because my stomach rebels and nothing stays in my system for long. Stress? What stress? This could not possibly be stress induced.

It is choosing every day after my coffee that today I will be positive and look for the good. Sometimes it is an hourly decision. Sometimes not even hourly.

It is deciding to be sarcastic and laugh so that I don’t cry and curl up in the fetal position.