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Married,Kids, Sex and Chronic Illness


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a couple brats in the baby carriage.  No one invited chronic illness. It ends up being like the elephant in the room. Only the room it is in most often is the bedroom. Because after even the mildest of days, it is the last thing on our mind. Most days I am done by six pm, it is shear stubbornness that allows for dinner to be done, showers taken and finally tuck the kid into bed. There are some days that even with my stubbornness it is my husband who finishes up the day.

Please don’t tell me that sex produces endorphins and it will make you feel good. I am sure it does. The point is more , I am fighting back pain and fatigue and that is not even a basic priority.  There has to be some kind of desire and as much as I love my husband I just don’t have the energy to invest in that most nights.

I used to feel bad that I would often have to take pain medications in order to make it happen. It just went against every romantic notion I have ever had. I have come to a level of acceptance on this. I am not medicating because it is a pain to do. I am medicating to return myself to some semblance of human. I am taking measures to make sure I can enjoy it as well. So if that means I need to medicate thirty minutes before …then that is what I have to do.

We seem to have fallen into a rhythm that works for us. Most of the time we plan what day it will happen. Its just something that works for us. I did balk at scheduling sex at first. I know it is highly recommended by therapist. In fact my therapist suggested it when we were struggling with the whole we have a kid now how do we still have sex thing. It seems unrealistic, but really the books and tv shows where it just happens is the more unrealistic view. The important things get scheduled. If that means you schedule a date night knowing what comes after date night, then that is what happens. If it means you schedule sex, then you schedule sex. It can seem like it would take the fun of it out of the equation. It just means you have to work a little harder to make it fun. Daydreaming about it helps.

Chronic illness has taken our marriage and sex life through more trials and tribulations than the whole we have a kid and are so severely sleep deprived ever did. While a kid may take a nap and you can sneak off to the bedroom. Chronic illness has taken away morning time. Morning time I wake up feeling more like a flattened pancake than anything else and romantic that is not.  With having a kid there are very few and far between chances for a little something something in the middle of the day. So most of the time it is going to be right before bedtime. Chronic illness has now dictated that the most activity that can happen after sex is maybe a bath. Maybe. Piled with epsom salt or after wards rubbing down with arnica gel or biofreeze or whatever pain go away cream you use.  Then collapsing and hoping for oblivion of sleep to kick in. At least for a little bit. Chronic illness is a greedy little bitch.

Chronic illness has taken away the options of  Kama Sutra. Now its what position causes the least amount of discomfort and also the least amount of pain afterwards.  Never had to even consider that  after having the kid, well after the initial healing process after spitting a watermelon through a cherry sized hole. Enough said.

I have found it helps to start first thing in the morning, reminding yourself that it will be happening tonight.  That might mean making time to read a short  but sexy story. It might mean taking five or ten minutes while the kids are outside to watch something that turns you on. It does not necessarily have to be porn, plenty of hot moviestars that can flip a switch for you!  It takes some planning sometimes to make sure you are preparing your body and mind. It helps though I promise, like I said: daydreaming.

I really don’t have any words of wisdom on how to explain why to your significant other. I have been extremely lucky and my husband is extremely understanding in this area.  This is not saying he doesn’t get frustrated, he does. It is understandable.  It is frustrating. Just like in a lot of things, your significant other has got to want to understand. Truly want to understand. The best tool you can use is constant communication. Sit down and discuss what each other’s expectations are and what is realistic. You both have to go into these conversations expecting to compromise.  Chronic Illness makes compromise even more important than it normally is.

It is not perfect. It will be something you have to come back to time and time again. There will be times when someone has to accept that it may have been planned but it is just not going to happen. Really all I have to say is IBS flare and its a non issue. I mean really…think about that for a second. Sometimes there is also going to have to be cancelled plans the next day because Chronic illness doesn’t play nice. It happens. Sometimes you can predict what is going to cause a flare, sometimes you can’t.

On the positive side though, I think it has made the times we can come together more special. We take more time to show we care about each other, in other ways than just sex.  When you really stop and think about it, sex was probably not the main reason you are with your significant other. Sure it has something to do with it but its not everything. It maybe because I am in my thirties now that I can say that, the nineteen year old I was on my wedding day may have disagreed with that just a bit. Look up ways to remain abstinent…..not so you can avoid it but to strengthen your marriage. Those corny little things really do help.

I just want to be alone! A Book Review


I was expecting a package. I just wasn’t expecting it to be a package from Amazon. It seemed like just yesterday they were saying it would be arriving on March 27 or 28th. Suddenly it was the 26th and it was here. I literally tore open the package and took that baby in the car with me to carline. I could not wait to dive into it.

unnamed (2)

Just in case you think : ” I don’t have time to read to a stopping point.” The book is in short essay form. Easy peasey lemon squeezey to read one essay in the five minute wait in carline.

To say I was quickly addicted to this book is like the understatement of the year. I read the first fifty pages without even blinking. Oh wait, I should like pay attention to my family?  Meh, they can survive, I am really relating to these women! There was lots of chuckling and eye rolling and oh honey I so understand.

Some how I managed to put the book down and go to sleep. I am really not sure how I did that.

The next day as soon as I could I was reading it again. Dishes….nope, not even going to attempt them. I did manage to keep the laundry going.

Then our Internet/cable connection went out which was somewhat okay with me. It was somewhat because I had been in the middle of a writing a blog post which I lost because I did not notice until after I clicked out of the blog. Auto save does not work while there is no internet connection. However this meant I had more time to read. In a rare occurrence, hubby was laying down in the bed too, So I read one of the essays to him out loud. I first had to tell him how I had read this particular essay while waiting for Bridget to get done with Tae Kwon Do. Subsequently I am now convinced the other parents that were there think I am stark raving mad with how much I snorted, snorkeled and gawfed. I couldn’t help it. Men+shart+shat=insanely funny. When finished reading this to him , I said I am glad only one of us has to deal with IBS issues that could ever end up with that kind of result.

unnamed (1)

Then I got to the point where it was really time to go to bed. But I only had forty more pages left in the book. I really wanted to finish it. There is no school tomorrow so I decided to live dangerously and stay up and read it. Nope. I apparently can’t do that anymore. I fell asleep with twenty pages to go.

The next day I finished it. laughing so hard I could barely breathe. I met a friend for lunch. I made her read an essay right then and there because if I didn’t know better I would have thought it was her and her husband. I told her to take it home and enjoy. It is that good!

Go here NOW!!

Joint Juice


This is just what has worked for me. It actually started as a craving. I was on a walk. I suddenly wanted cucumber lemon and celery juice. I had not been juicing or even getting juice at this point. I added an apple to kinda balance the taste out.

It was exactly the flavor/taste I was looking for.  It helped my joints recover from the walk as well.

After several weeks of this every Monday. I then added Ginger.It was even better. I started with just a small amount of ginger as it can be a bit spicy.

I have only been adding Tumeric for two weeks. It has been very helpful and I do notice I need less aspirin or advil throughout the day.

I stumbled onto this not realizing the health benefits in these specific products.

After months of stalking GoodWill. I finally found a juicer in my price range.

So here is what I have been doing for my joint juice.

Half a large cucumber

One Large Red apple.

Four stalks of Celery

Half a lemon

1/4 inch of Ginger root

approximately one inch of tumeric root.

It wasn’t until I realized it was helping me so much that I looked into the benefits of these specific choices.

Apples have heart and lung health properties. Which is great news since I have a heart condition and allergic asthma.

Tumeric is antimicrobial, potent natural anti inflammatory,a natural painkiller,skin health, liver health and it is a natural anti-histimine.. This is like the best thing for me ever.. It covers just about everything I have going on.

Lemon is a great for the immune system, high in vitamin c, aids digestion and even has heart health properties.

Ginger is for anti-inflammatory, aids digestion, immune health and aids in circulation.

Cucumbers are also great anti-inflamtories, restores hydration, has potassium and magnesium for muscle health,  as well as can help lower blood pressure.

Last but not least is Celery. Celery for me was a very unassuming addition. I mean I didn’t really think it had a flavor or much nutritional value. I could not have been more wrong. Celery is anti-cancer, lowers blood pressure, can help lower bad cholesterol, helps lower inflamation , it also has a calming effect so is helpful for insomnia.

It is important to remember that this is not an instantaneous effect. It is a slow but steady help. It builds up.

Do your research on vegetables and fruits to see which will give you the most impact.

Simple things like baby goats


It’s hard to believe a little over a year ago we did not know the allure of this field. We look every time we go by….at least twice a day. We delight in the goats antics in the little glimpses we sneak as we go by. I think the one that makes us giggle the most is when they are on top of the hay stack, King of the world style.  There is always a little bit of disappointment when they are not out in the field. They can pass back and forth through their different pastures.


It seems like we were just down there trying to figure out which ones we thought were pregnant. It is more obvious when they are having two. We have been wrong a time or two and they were just getting fat. We have eagerly awaited the baby goats. It is a little spike of excitement when we either go by or come down to the field and find a new baby awaiting. The cuteness is hard to resist.


They are so adorable. I do feel for the Mama’s though. When they want more milk they head  butt the tit. It makes my boobies hurt to watch that.  I want to whisper I know Mama I know.  The two that had twins, even worse. I love how mama just decides she is done nursing and walks off. It does not matter if baby is done or not.  They generally let her go and look around for something else to entertain them. Soon enough they will be back, head banging those tits.


It is a nice stroll down the street from us.It is not enough of a walk that even on high pain days I can normally manage it. I can walk there and generally take as long as I need to recover before heading back. Sometimes we take our dogs with us. It was a lot of fun to watch them figure out what in the heck these things are. Just as much fun to watch the goats try to head butt them through the fence. The dogs have never been harmed, we always pull them out of the way. Our street basically dead ends into their field. Eight year old’s have boundless energy so any little thing to exhaust energy is always welcome. Sometimes there is scraps of produce that have escaped through the fence that we feed to the goats. They gobble it up eagerly because, you know food is always better from the other side.  Occasionally we save things for them, apples and carrots mostly.

1911726_672204002827440_1040946073_n 1939497_672203959494111_1583859099_n

We have slowly also grown attached to the donkey. He has slowly warmed up to us. He was a bit shy of us at first but now comes right over and expects to be petted as well as a few sniffs of your fingers. Don’t leave them there for more than a few seconds. He thinks they are tastey too. There is just something about his brown dopey eyes that is hard to resist. He is just as feisty over fresh produce as the goats and does not think twice to push them out of his way.  Goats can be stubborn and he makes his desires well known, sometimes by kicking. I guess this is turn about is fair play as we have seen them try to head butt him out of the way too.


I delight in watching my daughters joy over the antics of the goats. Her high pitched laughter when they nibble the leaves right out of her hands. She names them her own made up names. She remembers what she names them. Then changes their names when she finds out they are female like the one today.  Sometimes she names them based on behavior, sometimes by color and other times just whatever name is tickling her fancy.


Its a simple pleasure to walk down the street, enjoying the little glimpses of life around us.  I like to watch the way the sunlight hits the trees, the birds circling above us and just breathe. After ten minutes or so I sit down to wait for my daughter to be done thoroughly enjoying the goats. She never tells me there are just little hints.  Little behaviors that I know signal she is loosing interest and its time to go on. Before we go I take a few moments to look around. Soak in the early evening. Appreciate the quiet little moments of bliss as they come. I give her a minute or two warning and then we are walking back home. Heading back to the routines of our evening on a school night.


On keeping house….or not so much.


I really hate cleaning.

I mean like really.

At the same time, I like things clean. I know it helps my anxiety depression and ocd when things are in there proper place and clean. I still have moments of OMG THIS MUST BE CLEAN RIGHT NOW OR I WILL GO CRAZY.

The problem is I clean, then life happens. I have a hard time recleaning something that I just cleaned this morning. I just look at it and go …uuuuugghhh ..yyeaahh.. that bothers me but I am super tired now. Sleep sounds so much better than cleaning that up. Even though I know it would be less to take care of later, I do. At one time I could just clean it up and not think twice about it. Now though, I have to look at everything and consider how much energy that is going to take. At one time I could clean the whole house in four hours and be done with it, and maintained it as well. I miss those days….one kid, several cats and a few dogs and a couple chronic illnesses and that is no longer a reality. Since none of my animals like to clean…..dam you snow white….I do it.

I try to get the major things done in one day. I am constantly doing laundry. I would love to have a laundry day but that just doesn’t work for us. It never has.  The only problem with this is, I am so completely wiped by the end. When you have a kid, being wiped out is never a good thing. That’s when they turn into monsters. They know when your energy stores are critically low and it flips the monster switch.

So what’s a gal to do.

Typically I resort to pacing myself. Twenty minutes of cleaning vs. twenty minutes of resting. Sometimes I need more resting.  Sometimes I throw pacing aside and get as much done as possible before collapsing. That is normally when my ocd is really bothering me. I can’t sit still until its done.

Sometimes I find it helpful to imagine the ultimate cleaning tool. Like a lysol bomb. Toss it in the room and shut the door quick… BOOM.  Well if it was lysol it probably would only sterilize. That might work. A sterilized mess.

or like those little scrubbers like in the commercial, only they would be robots.  Robots that instinctively know when they need to scrub extra hard and when just going over the area once is good. They would work by remote control and you could flip the switch and it would suck all the cleaning product back up and leave the surface dazzling clean.

A spray that repels dirty clothes right into the hamper. Never have to worry about making it in the hamper again. Just spray it on your floors and presto, never have clothes on the floor ever again. This would come in handy for people with kids. Kids are seriously not aware that they drop their clothes where ever they are.You tell them..Pick up your socks. What socks? I don’t see any socks.

My favorite might just be the bed that automatically makes itself when you get out of the bed. Corners perfectly tucked. Pillows fluffed. Maybe a spray or two of febreeze lavender scented of course.  If it the bedding is too dirty, an alarm will sound. I am still working on perpetually clean sheets.

Lets not even talk about cleaning out the car…… That is a definite hazard zone.

Until one day when these things exist I will keep trying to keep the house clean. There will never be enough energy and if its a choice of quality family time vs cleaning. Quality family time always wins. Sometimes time out with friends counts too. It is disgustingly easy to convince me the housework will wait and to go out and play.

This is just keeping up the little things in the house. It is not including things like going through the refrigerator, things growing?? Science projects gone wrong? Just how much of the meat can have freezer burn? I could probably answer those or provide samples at the very least.

If one day I actually have the house clean and the other things are done like the refrigerator or the car, it is time to raid the kid’s drawers for those clothes that you know don’t fit her but haven’t had the energy or the memory to set aside when doing the laundry.  It is easier to sneak those things out when the kid is at school. She tries to hide some things. Don’t worry. Mommy knows alllllllll the hiding spots. Now what we find in the hiding spots with the too small clothes? That is another story.

Don’t worry, if one day alllllll of that is done, there is always grocery shopping……..





All I want to do is see the river……


I did not want to go for a walk. I knew I needed to go for a walk, after all it is friday, Frozen yogurt day. I had also had Panera for lunch. I needed to burn some calories. I needed to move for my joints. I needed to walk to help promote better sleep tonight.  I decided I was going to go the the preserve but walk the trail on the other side. I had never walked this trail. Now this might not seem like a big deal. However I normally go with someone when I am doing a new trail. Someone who knows how to read trail maps better than me. I don’t think I read them too good.

This particular trail you park on one side of the road, cross the road and start the trail. However, it is right where the incline of a bridge starts. It’s just a short incline, then the trail. The key is….I would have to cross this again to get back to the car. So I cross the road. Get through the incline, and start on the trail. I am only a few minutes down the trail when a red shoulder hawk flies right in front of me. It then lands close by and starts to call very loudly. So I go check it out. There is a fence between me and him and I stop at the fence. He starts to fly off. I think.. it figures. But no….he could care less about me… There is a female hawk in a nearby tree.


Hey baby wanna make a nest with me?


So…do you come to this branch often?


The whole walk has been made. It was worth it just to see those two. I continue on the trail a bit. I come to a sign. Service entrance only. um… WHAT? So I go back to where I started. I found where the actual trail begins. It was actually a lot less obvious than what turned out to be the service trail. Like I said I don’t feel a whole lot of confidence on reading the trail map, so I am really aware of the markers. I orient myself to where the marker is and where it is indicated on the map. I figured out what my path would be and how i would loop it back around to the beginning. Okay maybe I got this. Off we go.

Its been a bit and here we are at the first marker we come to. The marker 23. Okay. So I am on the right path. I decide I have plenty of time so I want to walk down to the  river and loop back. We come to the next marker, 22. So far so good. Markers 21, comes and goes. In much of Florida our woods and preserves have been invaded by invasive wild boar. They tear up the ground. I guess the trails are very convenient for them as they had torn up quite a bit of this one.


For extra fun there is a fresh layer of um dead oak leaves on the ground. This hides some of the little holes. This was turning out to be more of a hike than a walk. Well I will sure enjoy extra hot fudge on my Frozen yogurt. That is how this exercise thing works right?


Then there is a little path that veers off….do I follow that? I decide to just stay on the larger path and keep going. Now we come up to marker 18. I am starting to see that these markers are fairly accurate on where I think they should be as to where they appear on the map. This has not always been the case on trail maps.  We come up to a marker…… it says eleven. How the hell did I get to eleven? I just want to get a look at the river and maybe sit a few minutes. I look at the map.  I look back at the marker. Ooooohh not eleven.. That is a seventeen. The top of the seven was just hard to see. Ooooookkkaayy We are good. I follow the map and trail fairly well and even get down to the river. I wasn’t impressed with the view at first.

1514020_671205182927322_1421501768_n - Copy 1947365_671205196260654_1578148280_n - Copy

Then I am retracing my steps a bit which is also what the map indicates you have to do. I find a little beaten down path. It leads right out to the water. There is a slight incline but I really want a good view of the river so I am good for it.


Besides there is a tree right in the middle…I could always just use that to stop my fall right? I could get a little muddy but the water is right there so we are good right?

Lets just say it was worth that little incline.

1394262_671205102927330_1555998629_n  10006362_671205069594000_620733824_n      1907309_671205086260665_1763050846_n

I get back up the incline to the path and my knees and ankles are like…yeah don’t try that again okay? I start off taking the path that loops back.  Marker nine. Check. Marker ten check. Marker eleven. Check. I keep on going. There are some birds calling that I don’t quite recognize and I file it away to go to the Audubon site to see if I can match them up. I came to the next Marker…..or so I thought. Turns out I went the wrong way and ended back at 15. I could have just followed that back. I was determined now though to finish the walk. So I turned around and back tracked and took the right path. Shortly there after I come to marker seven. Between Marker six and five there is a bench indicated and it looks like it looks at the river. So I am going to check it out.

1924902_671204949594012_809620549_n 1912170_671204962927344_985810640_n

Really was worth the little detour. I climbed over those logs a bit and there across the river, was an alligator. The alligator is in the second picture above on the shore. Really he looks like a log. The only difference is this particular log moves, and has teeth.

He really was a tiny alligator. I would have to say maybe four years old or so. When they are younger than four they have stripes. Anyway, it made the little detour worth while. So next marker was five and then four. At three there is another indication of a detour to see the river. So I took it.

10013652_671204832927357_1218616641_n 1976940_671204992927341_293357602_n - Copy

So now I am confident on where I am at I explore some little off shoots. Then the worse part.


The incline back to the car. I get to the top of this and I really want to go down the little bit and see the river from the bridge.

It did not disappoint.

1982104_671204759594031_1937374007_n 1891039_671204732927367_1669069722_n 1044002_671204796260694_782732083_n

Hey maybe I can read a trail map pretty good. I do think there would be some market value in an app that tracks your gps on trail maps. Of course then the trail maps would have to be online as well. It would be something I would be interested in, for when I walk the trails by myself.

unnamed unnamed

I like more landmarks than most trail maps put on there. Like you will pass a pile of old cement pilings…..or you will pass an abandoned tank of some sort here. Although how they would depict that on a map, I have no idea. They would probably label it what it was and I would be like well we passed a tank looking thing back there, I guess that’s what they mean.  Maybe on the app that someone could create they could also let others add landmarks. Maybe they would use terms others would understand.  These are the kinds of things I find myself thinking about on my walks by myself.  Birds, trail map apps, pigs, and wanting to just see the river.


All pictures were taken by me with my Android Phone.  The river is the Myakka River. This preserve is Sleeping Turtles North.

Spiritual Journey


If I am truthful with myself my spiritual journey started to change when we went through infertility,the constant reference to Bible quotes and that I wasn’t praying enough or that I had some kind of sin I had not confessed. It lead to immense amounts of guilt.Still I tried, we went to church, I kept searching. Then shortly after finally having a successful pregnancy and albeit rough but successful birth ,I got sick. I started not going to church,to often I ended up leaving with feelings of guilt instead of comfort that I used to get. I started reading more on theology,the more I did the more I realized deep down this wasn’t really what I believed, it was what I had been told. What I had been told to believe. I had been trying to believe something I could not completely accept.

Its not that I don’t believe in a higher power….I do. When I got sick a lot of things that worked because I didn’t pay too close attention to them, fell apart. I  started searching for what I did believe.

It was not until I finally went to a Unitarian Universalist church…their principles…this…the warm genuine welcome….this is what I had been searching for.

slowly I have grown and less and less find myself judging others on what they believe and more and more I was accepting people for who they were not what they believed or didn’t believe. I didn’t feel bad for continually searching for what is true. In fact it is encouraged with genuine enthusiasm.

It has been hard to loose people because I don’t believe exactly as they do. It has been hard to say to each their own. I am comfortable with my path. That is all that matters. That is what I focus on.


Sometimes they have to do to learn….


Wednesday was an insanely busy day. We went to the zoo. We left the house early, drove for an hour to reach said zoo. Two moms , an eight and half year old…….and an eighteen month old. In a word….exhausting.

I knew today needed to be a low key day. I needed the time to recover. Fibromyalgia and arthritis are not nice. It was almost ten o’clock in the morning before the mommy guilt started. She is on spring break. We should be doing stuff. She has been asking to go to the beach. So I ask if she wants to go even though it is cold out.

“But it is always warm at the beach.”

“Not always its a bit chilly outside.”

” It’s not cold to me I want to go.”

So I pack up a blanket to lay on. I am wearing jeans and a light sweater. She is in her bathing suit with a sundress thrown on top. I make her grab her jacket too. Some snacks and some water, my book and we are off.

It is currently 57 degrees out. It was a little disappointing but not really surprising that there was a red flag up. High surf and rip currents flag. We were not deterred though I did put the blanket down right in front of the lifeguard shack. I told my daughter she could not go in the water past her ankles.  She was cold but she would not admit that she was.



I figured she would get cold enough and be done…..eventually.



I was comfy and content reading on the blanket. Keeping an eye on her as well.  Jumping over the waves, delighting in every little shell , laughing when a wave knocked her over.



Even caught her meditating a bit. Of course that only lasted a minute or two.

Finally she was too cold to enjoy herself. She was shivering and her lips were starting to turn purple. I told her lets go. We started packing up. Of course we had to take at least ten shells home she found. Ooops make that nine, one still had a critter in it.  She could take a warm bath when we got home. She could even take her shells into the bath tub.

She did indeed take a warm bath when we got home, for an hour.

Sometimes you have to experience the beach when its fifty seven degrees out. Sometimes you have to make your fun where you can. Sometimes it is worth being a little cold.

What is on their mind?


Recently my daughter had a child from Chile visiting in her class for two months. It was a wonderful experience. She learned so much.

Her last day was this Friday. They had been busy making a book for her to take with her. I did not realize it is going to be duplicated. Reading through it I was amazed at what second and third graders have on their minds.

Things like I cry when I see homeless people, I hope for peace to end war, and I say slavery is wrong. I mean wow. I worry about my life, I wonder how my sister will look when she is grown, and I feel like I am beautiful. 

It has never been so clear that these are individual people who have so much to offer and have some amazing hearts.

This is what my daughter wrote:

I Am

By: Maggie

I am Maggie.

I wonder about friendship.

I hear laughter

I see love

I want cupcakes

I am myself.

I pretend I am a princess.

I feel like I am beautiful

I touch dogs.

I worry about myself.

I cry when I don’t get my way.

I am a second grader.

I understand love.

I say yay!

I dream about hearts

I try to focus.

I hope to be a dancer.



Some of it surprised me, some of it didn’t but, never has it been so obvious she is her own person. Yet at the same time she is so much like me. 

Spring break and the chronic illness parent


It is not as bad as Summer. I will say that. It can help prepare us for what summer will bring though. There is more planning involved when my daughter is home  all day for several days, then there is when she is in school for six hours. It is harder to pace, eight and half year olds have a lot of energy. They also have a lot of questions and a lot of curiosity.

Finding the right mix of keeping her busy and still allowing her to be a kid, without throwing myself into a flare. The second part is what I struggle with the most. I have a better ability to tune out pain and discomfort when she is around. It takes me longer to realize that I have gone past my limits. It takes me longer to realize that I need to rest. I know it is my weakness when it comes to managing my illnesses. I can hyper focus on what we are doing that I can ignore the normal warning signs that crop up. Over five years of this chronic crap you wold think I would have it down. It is still something I struggle with though.

I would like  to say it did not sneak up on me this year, but it did. Three different friends and I discussed plans. One of them and I even got the details and the day planned.  So how is it I am looking at our calendar and  that is the only thing planed?  Two weeks should have been plenty of time to plan out one measly week. It is not like I want something BIG planned each day. A play date, a planned walk, or something along those lines.  I will need to plan times for recovery as well. There will be times to relax while she is keeping up on her reading. I do want to keep her TV time the same as it is normally. The last thing I need during this week is tv brain kid syndrome too.

When you are dealing with Chronic illness and Chronic Pain you forget how much routine helps. There will be very little routine in the week of Spring Break. I have to keep that in mind. I will probably also need to medicate a bit more aggressively then I normally do.  Staying on top of the pain will be essential. Medicating a head of time and good nutrition will be key. I tend to just deal with more pain during the day when she is in school. I hate taking pain meds and I feel if I can tough it out I should. I typically only medicate in the morning and late afternoon/early evening. It will be essential to take even a half dose to keep it under control mid-day. It will be essential to avoid high sugar foods as much as possible.  I would say to keep my caffeine intake low as well , but, we all know that won’t happen. I will plan on trying to pace out the caffeinated drinks with water in between.

It will also be important to be gentle with myself if I do flare. The likelihood that a flare will happen is pretty high. The thing I hope for is for it to happen when she is back in school. That would be ideal. We all know that chronic pain and chronic illness does not do what is ideal. We do what we can to keep it in check though.