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Straight from Instagram (#10thankful)


Also in no particular order.

Your hosts

Tonight’s thankfuls

I am thankful I have such understanding friends.

I am grateful that when my voice shakes they help it reach where it needs to go.
I am thankful for such a great family. We don’t have much but we have each other and that’s more than enough.

I am grateful for everything that went so incredibly right today and even a few that didn’t go as planned.

I am grateful my sense of humor and sarcasm have gotten me through this so far.



Tonight’s thankfuls

I am thankful for A long walk just me and the dog.

I am thankful for friends who help me keep fighting.

I am thankful for friends who are there for an ear to listen.

I am thankful for macaroni and cheese with hot dogs.

I am thankful I survived the day.

Morning thankfuls


Coffee and tampons and the possibility of chocolate later.

Deep breath
I am trying and that’s the important part.
I am thankful for free dinners.
I am thankful for lunch with friends.
I am thankful for beer at lunch.

End of the day thankful/grateful
I am thankful for a loving church community

I am thankful for time for crystal grid and incense.

I am thankful for quiet reading time.

I am thankful.for free meals (even though it had corn product of some kind.) I am thankful the science fair project is over.

I am thankful for unexpected income today.

Well I am grateful for some rest this afternoon.

I am grateful for a working car.
I am grateful for a husband who can or knows people who can fix computers and laptops.
I am grateful all the laundry is done except what we are currently wearing.


And that is that.