Ack! EEK! boo! TTOT #72


ACK its Thursday night and I have done nothing towards the TTOT post.

What is a TTOT post? I am glad you ask. It is so easy to loose yourself in all the little frustrations of a day, the ones that soon stack up to be a week. Ten Things of Thankful is time to reflect on your week. Look for the good. Look for the silver linings. Before you know it, your rather crappy week wasn’t so bad after all. Soon, even in the middle of crappy things, you find yourself looking for the good. This is what has happened to me the past few weeks that I have been participating. It soon began to permeate a feeling of contentment in my life that I had lost. I lost it because I was seeing only the bad, crappy, rotten, no good parts of things. It is not saying everything is sunshine and roses and rainbows coming out of my eyes. It is saying yeah, this crap happened but then I got this as a result.

Ten Things of Thankful

So what exactly HAS this week brought? Well since I didn’t blog it daily, I have to rely on the pictures on my phone. I don’t really like this when it happens. I tend to then forget that it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Maybe though, that is not necessarily a bad thing.


1. Quality Family Time:

Family Fitness. We headed out at a decent time and we got in four miles. The husband and the kid rode their bikes. I walked behind. I kept a decent pace and was pretty happy with it. Plus it was just absolutely gorgeous out.

unnamedunnamed (1)

To continue our family time we went out to lunch. Healthy Organic and fresh, yes the kid ate it all and a treat of a soda. A soda with no high fructose corn syrup but she did still get a decent sugar high , so no worries.

unnamed (2)  unnamed (3)


2. Fair trade chocolate.

I mean really do I need to say more? Fair-trade and chocolate. You just can’t go wrong with that. Well except maybe when you set the box down by me. I am sorry no I did not see any chocolate. What is this chocolate you speak of?

unnamed (4)


3. Fresh produce

I feel like saying ” oh my precious. Yes my precious.” when I look at this. It sets my taste buds to delight all over again. We had plenty to juice and to eat.

unnamed (5)

4. Treats

I did my cleaning job, I did grocery shopping, I cleaned the bathroom. I deserved a coke and chocolate. Plus it was Monday.

unnamed (6)


5. Goats in the morning. The sunlight ,the goats, amazing. This amazingness is at the end of our street. The one I have to go to , to leave the neighborhood. Every morning I look forward to seeing what it looks like. It is never quite the same. The goats are not in the same area, the sun filters in slightly differently. Sometimes there is a bit of fog or a bit misty.  Its like a little dose of serenity right after waking up. Which is always nice.

unnamed (10)

6. National Chocolate day.

Well I was told it was and who am I to argue.

unnamed (11)

7. Pumpkins

After what seems like weeks of  “can we get a pumpkin today?” It was finally time to get a pumpkin. I was told I was not allowed to pick it out. She inspected many , many, many pumpkins before she decided THIS was the ONE!

unnamed (12)


8. Four miles baby wearing. High five! Not only was this the farthest I have do a serious walk while wearing my friends baby. It was the first time I did not stop at the two mile mark for a rest. Mainly because a certain baby said don’t even think about stopping lady. My pace was only two minutes behind my normal pace. Very very pleased!

unnamed (13)

9. This amazingness along with an amazing friend for an amazing lunch. Eggplant Neapolitan, yes it really was that tall. My phone was standing on the table when I took this picture. It was a good five inches tall. It was the most amazing thing I have ever in my whole life tasted. It was healthy too! There were these little quinoa cakes in between those thick cuts of eggplant.  Thankful we found this place. Thankful for a friend who never worries about who pays.

unnamed (14)



These really are the bain of my fall existence. I can’t help it. I have to eat them until I get an upset stomach. It’s like a compulsion. I have come to the realization I will never learn. I will do it everytime. The fact that it is a healthy snack choice , grateful.

unnamed (15)


Well lookie here…. A bonus as we already reached Ten Things by Thursday. Everyone deserves a bonus!

1511909_790935864287586_8108138193939599594_n   10628107_790783397636166_4520164877515143768_n

Fiesty Fox and Joan of Arc. Sucessful and done and over!


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  1. Hehehe I really like that your daughter inspected ALL THE PUMPKINS first. I bet it felt like it, too! Glad you got a good one in the end.

    YAY for all your walking. You’re doing well. And snuggles with babies are lovely, aren’t they? I had that too this week.

    And okay – I’ve TRIED quinoa, and it tasted like cattle-feed, but your eggplant neapolitan looks REALLY good.


  2. Confession: I do not like chocolate. Like at all. I know. Please don’t shank me. I’m one of those freak of natures that got overlooked on the “human defect” conveyor belt and got shot down to earth. Still trying to figure out the kinks.
    I love fresh produce. It’s going to be hard to get them (like fresh fresh produce) now. They do look delicious.
    And look at you with the baby! I want to carry one until it poops or screams!


    • Hahaha poops or screams. Yeah… I get that.

      I have heard of these people who do not like chocolate. On some level I am just sure you have not met the right kind of chocolate but I also understand at the same time.


  3. I loved your explanation of Ten Things of Thankful. Seriously, that is exactly how I handle my list every week! I don’t start writing it until I can which usually seems to be like Thursday night or something. It’s a great time for me to reflect on the week and like you said really see what I got from it even if there was more tough or bad moments than great ones.

    I’m convinced….if we ever get to meet, I think I want to take a walk in the sun and we have to eat together at least twice! Fair Trade chocolate? Yum! And there was a chocolate day? I’m obsessed. I’m always talking about nutella for a reason. 🙂 And I so can’t wait to get back into juicing and making smoothies and my own ice cream with fruits, etc. Yummy!


  4. “no I did not see any chocolate. What is this chocolate you speak of?

    lol excellent! I take encouragement to read of the success with maintaining your exercise program (I don’t have trouble starting, it’s the maintaining the plan that gives me trouble).

    Halloween… (I’m beginning to suspect that Summer really is over)


    • Yes maintaining is definetely the struggle for me. I plan on increasing soon and I am literally dreading that. If I didn’t have a walking partner I know I would have pittered out by now.


  5. I thought the chocolate and fresh veggies looked great but when I saw that Eggplant Neopolitan I heard music (Love’s Theme to be exact). GO YOU for the 4 mile walk with a baby strapped on – I’m jealous of that. With my hip I am barely able to walk up the block anymore. I love your explanation of TToT – it’s perfect.


    • It has taken me literally two years to work up to walking four miles and It has been slow and steady progress. This morning my left hip is having nothing of walking so it will be mostly rest today.

      I can’t wait to go back and have that eggplant again!

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  6. Chocolate is always a good thing to have on the thankful list. I have had DIET coke on mine more than once. I have never, ever eaten a pomegranate and have no idea whether it would be good or not. I’m kind of picky. I love your daughter’s costume and that she worked and worked to find the perfect pumpkin!


  7. Look at you — getting those miles in. And I am so impressed with that eggplant. It looks amazing. And I’ve never had a pomegranate. Kind of sad, I guess. I wouldn’t know how to eat one. I’ll have to google it and try. And though I’ve cut back on my sodas (diet ones down to just a few a week) I keep tea and sweet tea in the fridge and mix it half/half. I don’t even miss the sodas. You are doing great.


    • Don’t feel bad I had to google how to peel the pomegranates and what you can and can’t eat from them.


      The soda.. I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would. Sometimes I do get tired of water though.


  8. I think your daughter picked THE perfect pumpkin. Sadly, we haven’t gotten not one pumpkin yet but we need to do it soon. I am really craving some roasted seeds. I am really bummed that I missed National Chocolate Day but I’m making up for it with the Halloween candy ;)!


  9. What more do I need to get my butt to the phone store and buy a smartphone! Nice job with pic ‘o list:) Very clever. And convenient! Nice touch. No need to jot anything down….just take a picture!

    I’m definitely high fiving you FB! Excellent – reaching the 5 mile mark!

    The goats. Sounds lovely. The pics are very pleasing. I like all of them.

    Have a wonderful week!!


  10. I just bought some fair trade chocolate this morning. Even better? Ten percent of the profits get donated to conservation efforts.
    Pumpkins and pomegranates are two of my favorite fall things. We only got our pumpkins in the nick of time for Halloween. Now I’m thinking roasted seeds…yum! I toss pomegranate seeds in/on everything – yogurt, smoothies, salads, whatever. So good!
    We just got our last CSA delivery of the year. We have a ton of fresh seasonal produce to use but I sure will miss that weekly delivery until it starts again in the spring. Lucky for us, our local market has a great produce department as well.
    Have a great week!


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