Happiness/contentment/rage/thankful/happiness :TTOT 71




1. Pridefest, we helped our church run the booth there. It was so rewarding and my daughter had a great time. We had a great discussion on the way to the festival. Although the whole conversation about people should be able to marry who they love, regardless of gender, went a way I didn’t expect.
“So I can marry Joey Kenzie and Hayden?”

“What about a parent marrying their kid.”

Yeah wasn’t really ready to talk about THAT!

However, we did have a good talk and she really enjoyed herself as well.



2. We had a great time at my friends birthday party. Even though we were the only ones able to make it. The kid had fun playing with Princess P. We roasted Marshmellows over the fire and had pizza. It was simple and very enjoyable.

unnamed (3)


3. New feast place, vegetarian organic and reasonably priced for a friend of mine and I to go to on our weekly lunch date. It will do much to keep us on track eating healthy.

Plus I just have to add: I bought the rainbow t the farmers market. This lasted us four days. Well , we do still have a few eggs left.  And I think a kiwi.  Oh wait. I forgot about the broccoli but that is for lunch today so gone in Five days.

unnamed (2)


4. Rainbow juice in the morning and saved the pulp for a delicious dinner as well. If that is not multipurpose I don’t know what is.  The rainbow juice did not layer like the website said.. Spinach kale cucumber celery Apple pineapple carrots beets purple sweet potato  ginger and lemon. It was however very delicious!  Then for dinner I took the kale and spinach pulp that I had put aside and mixed it in with brown rice and Pearl Barley. Then took the beet and sweet potato pulp added olive oil and salt.  Baked chicken in lemon juice.


5. I could say a comment by a family member rubbed me wrong. I could focus on that. That however would not be productive. Instead I am focusing on the fact that I banged out a new blog post and it was very very very well received.  I know a lot of people follow my blog and facebook page. Internet friends are real and some of the comments were just the balm my soul needed.  Read my rant here. 


What happened Wednesday? I am actually not sure. It is totally besides the point that I am writing this on Thursday and I am honestly having trouble recalling the past twenty four hours. Lets look at the pictures in my phone…….

6.  Ah yes. I took a walk babywearing my friends eight week old and managed to do three miles and only a few minutes behind what I normally do. Carrying  twelve to fourteen pound baby easily ups those calories by 100.

unnamed (1)

7. Grateful for a friend who pulled me out of my funk after my four mile walk. I was ready for it. The rest of my day I had planned out, didn’t go that way. Sometimes my ocd/anxiety really gets the best of me.

unnamed (4)

This was me right before we went for my walk. I had to drop off my daughter at school first. Rocking the eighties workout look. Just needed leg warmers and a headband. I also weighed in on Thursday and lost another pound. Was finishing my juice on the way to meet my walking partner.

8. Grateful for friends who understand my need to help whenever I can, and take care of my kid. Went with  my other friend to Tampa to take her Eight week old to the doctor for a follow up from lip and tongue tie. I have lived in Florida all my life but these scenes never get old.

unnamed (5) unnamed (6)


9. A beautifully perfect morning not even seventy degrees with a nice breeze for a walk with friends.

1614559_786426401405199_2287279168381276296_o 10313731_786425914738581_6630474316638317393_n

Although my pedometer did not work due to lack of signal, I am sure this counts as todays exercise. Yes we climbed the stairs to the top. 76.1 feet.

10. We got an unexpected payment from Workmen’s comp from hubby’s thumb injury in July.

okay well.. Before I got the mail and saw the check I was going to list my corn intolerant problem as a thankful for weird reasons people with gastrointestinal issues will really understand. I couldn’t bring myself to delete it. So think of it as a bonus.

 We ran to the store this morning. I got some juice. The brand I normally get was not on sale. I grabbed the one for sale. Luckily I had only drank two oz or there abouts before realizing it had 91 kernels of corn in it. Corn intolerant.  It might be an odd thing to be thankful for. However, it has cleaned out my intestinal tract.  You never realize how much those suckers can hold until they are letting loose. HOWEVER, I don’t feel nearly as bloated anymore. Also grateful I can just rest and relax and recover from that.


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  1. Are you allergic to corn?? A dear friends daughter is and it is (oops!) hell. Corn is in nearly everything and goes by multiple names. You just might want to check that out.
    Erin, you are looking fantastic!! Your jeans are getting baggy!!


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  3. You look great! Rockin’ the 80’s workout duds and all:) I admire your commitment and perseverance.
    I applaud your #5. Not always easy to “let things go” especially when it involves family.
    Yeah, about that rainbow juice – sounds intriguing….


  4. How come there’s corn in the juice? That doesn’t sound good!

    WELL DONE for your weight loss and the continued keep fit though – I know it can be difficult to keep the motivation going, but you’re doing brilliantly.

    The rainbow of produce you bought looks GORGEOUS. How lovely 🙂 I hope you enjoy it all 😀


  5. Your produce is beautiful! And all of that goodness going in does wonderful things for your body. I can’t tell you how much my chronic issues improved when we started to really concentrate on what we do — and do not — eat a few years ago. Amazing results!
    I loved knowing what you do with the leftovers from your juicing. I opted for the Vitamix instead of a juicer so I drink all of that stuff right down. A relative of mine juices and throws all of that leftover down the drain. Seems like such a waste. You have great ideas there for putting it to work.
    Yay for the pound! Some days that feels like a ton, doesn’t it?


  6. I never would have thought to use the leftovers from juicing in such ways that you did. I’m impressed! I would have just thrown it all into the compost pile. Of course, I’m not much of a juice drinker, so we’d never have the pulp anyway. 🙂

    You are doing a great job sticking with your fitness and eating goals!


  7. What a nice week you’ve had (minus a couple of things)! Good for you on the exercise and eating program! And if I lived where you did, I would spend all my time sitting and staring at the water and never get ANYTHING done!


  8. that tower thing… we have one in Wakefield. It was made out of wood, actually logs and must have been 80 feet tall. We used to dare each other to run up it at night.. (not a big fan of heights lol)
    nice with the chronologicalia I am still trying to do a TToT Post from that perspective, the best I’ve done so far was, “Tuesday…”


  9. “A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” You are so awesome, Erin. I admire your tenacity and focus. Climbing that tower seems like a cardio workout to me. Keep up the great work.


  10. It has been a beautiful week here in Florida, no doubt about it. I never get tired of it either. Well at least until Christmas when I wish it would be a little cooler than 80 degrees! Sounds like a pretty good week as far as nutrition and exercise, well except for that whole corn thing. Who puts corn in a healthy juice? Everyone knows there’s no nutritional value in it!


  11. You are so inspiring as you travel along your healthy path. Thank you for sharing your triumphs and your great ideas for for incorporating healthier food/drink choices. Enjoy the coming week!


  12. This was such a great read. I’m so happy with you with being able to find recipes that you love so that you can feel great and enjoy your food. Eating healthier always makes a difference in how we feel. My husband always says that even though sometimes he fights me on it. 🙂 Your daughter looks so cute in that first. You look so vibrant and happy in your pic that you took before your walk!


  13. nothing ever turns out like websites say they do. I am not eve going to show you the concoctions that pinterest had me believing that I could make. Jeesh.
    Friends like that are a blessing. Ones that can sense that you’re in need and don’t run. Those are special souls.
    PS. That is so not 1980 wear!


  14. Um so 1980s wear was much uglier but you rocked the workout clothes. Also? For real, Those shakes? You are doing good good things. And yay to the friends who help you when you need help. that’s actually HUGE and something we’ve not found here at ALL. Also I love love love the photos!


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