Rambling, musings, and cute stuff. TTOT #73


The one constant I have had in blogging lately has been Ten Things of thankful Blog hop. So here it goes:


Was a very mix of oh crap and oh thank goodness.

1. lunch date- never taken for granite but it is most excellent to talk with a friend, without kids around.  We switched to Monday as it is normally a crappy day and this is a way to make it less crappy.

2. Cows with milk mustaches


Could he be any cuter? The next day we passed by and he was nursing again. My daughter says. Look he is breastfeeding! Um, sure.

3. A friend who was kind enough to keep us in mind when there was extra food after an event. It has made good lunch and snack food for my daughter.


It is seven ten pm Tuesday night. How I am even still functioning on any level is beyond me. My skin hurts. It vibrates with even the thought of something touching it. I even tried a lavender bath. I pushed so many limits today. I pushed and pushed and pushed. I got my four mile walk in, I cleaned the bathroom, and the kitchen. I took a break and hammered out a post for Thursday. I picked up the kid , voted and picked up my husband. I did the floors and then cooked dinner too. I medicated more times than I normally do. I can’t even imagine how I would feel if I had not. So Number Four is thankful for a beyond my limits productive day.  I don’t get a whole lot of those.


954611_794063143974858_665813670269189720_n 10378164_794063120641527_4428868315466401189_n

5.  On my babywearing walk we saw manatees in the intercostal. They are here November to May. I forgot we are in November. I can’t wait to walk next week and see if there are more!!! Maybe next week they will cooperate and I can get a picture OF the manatee.


6. That I didn’t loose my cool too much and got the kid to school after hours of homework.  There were all kinds of things that happened but mostly I didn’t feel up to following through to make sure she really was doing her homework. Then when I checked she had done most of the easy stuff and left the harder more complex things undone. Of course I notice this Wednesday night. Consequences are no tv until homework packet is completely done.  No Friday treat. All that responsibility teaching stuff. Plus we just had Halloween so we really really really don’t need the sweets.

7, Finding beauty in simple every day things. I go by this pasture at least twice a day minimum. Just like the goat pasture, this is never the same. The sky is an ever-changing background. The cows are not always in the same places. The sunlight shines differently. The cows have pumpkins to munch on now. The bright orange, greens, browns and blues. Serenity fills me up. In just a few seconds glimpse.



Well I survived the week . Pretty sure that is number eight.  This morning when I got up I felt the weather change, read storm moving in, and thought just survive today.

I knew if I stayed home I was not going to get any writing done. So I met a friend for coffee at Starbucks.

9. Mommy socialization! It helps to just sit and talk with another human being. It helps when that person is a fellow parent from your kids class room. We can commiserate  together and pass tips back and forth.

10. I have scheduled several blog posts. I am almost a week out. Now to keep that up and keep up submissions. I realized I had kept some of my thoughts bottled up. Some what due to just no brain to even get them out. Some because I had vented to others. I know better. I have to get things off my chest several times. They start to stack up otherwise and I find myself  overwhelmed.

So There you have it.


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  1. It looks like you live in a really lovely place. Great for you that you are pushing your limits and feeling good about what you’re accomplishing! I really need to follow your example.

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  2. The cow’s a little cutie, but I know how slobbery calves can be, so…he can stay far away. I am SO pleased you managed to get loads done on Wednesday. It’s great to feel like you’ve had a productive day, and to know that you’ve achieved plenty 🙂 Good for you.

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  3. Yay to mommytime, manatees and simple beauty all around. I’d love to see some manatee photos. How amazing. Next time I have a latte at Starbucks (happens at least weekly) I’ll think of you.

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  4. Manatees! I would love to see them in their natural habitat. I couldn’t imagine up here.
    And the breastfeeding cow comment is too cute.


  5. That cow! Oh my goodness. I had to keep going back and looking at it…so adorable. I also love the pic of the pasture and I didn’t know that cows would eat pumpkins. I learned something new. I know that feeling of not wanting to follow up on the homework and too often it has come back to bite me in the butt! I’m glad that you accomplished so much but sure do hope you are feeling better. The manatees are amazing. My mother in law lives in Merritt Island right off the intercoastal and we see them over there all the time.


    • We are kinda spoiled. If you asked me in my twenties what I thought of Florida I would have said get me out. Now in my thirties , I think I am falling in love with Florida again.

      Manatees in captivity are much easier to observe. In the wild they are rather elusive and man can they hold their breath!


  6. damn! (I say in admiration to a very clear, concise and well-spoken list of Grat Items)! very much in the style of certain scottian mid-westerners who grace these pages…
    nice sounding week (can’t be all good, otherwise, there’d be no blogosphere!)


  7. I could use some human interaction other than hubby all day long. Hope his injuries heal soon so I can at least go grab a coffee or lunch with a friend. That cow is so cute and breast feeding LOL!

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  8. Cows, fields, and manatees–what a calm, happy list! Eventually the kids graduate high school and checking on homework is a thing of the past–hang in there. 🙂


  9. Kids are wonderful, but sometimes a grown-up visit without them is just what we need.
    Leftovers are great – free leftovers are even better!
    I love that you know yourself well enough to understand when you’re pushing limits, when to medicate differently, understand sensitivity to weather changes and what they do to us and make choices accordingly – that’s a huge thing!
    Sounds like a good week – have another great one ahead!


    • YOu know I think some of it has to do with participating in Ten Things of Thankful. I reflect at the end of the day. Sometimes I am thinking desperately and think of the weather. Then I check my phone for the weather ……..hey there maybe a method to the madness that is in my head.


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