Just how much do you weigh?


I have been trying to stay determined to walk, to loose weight. It also has the added benefit of exercise for the dogs and for the kid too. Less time on the TV for the kid too.
We have been walking a flat paved trail that used to be railroads. We live in Florida so bridges are everywhere….because water! Water everywhere.

We were coming up to just such a bridge when the kid asks me. ” Mommy how much do you weigh?”

Then my sweet innocent beautiful girl points to this sign.

this one will work

Kids are harsh.

I could have just lost it and went off about how the medications I am on are to blame for so much of my weight and the other part is from emotional eating.

Instead I laughed.  Told her to “don’t get smart with me” and moved on.

Its just more fuel for my motivation to loose the weight.  I know how it feels to have the mother who is overweight. I had that mom.

We had a good conversation about healthy foods to eat, things to do for exercise and to drink lots and lots of water.  We discussed how sometimes we indulge in foods and eat too much.  How sometimes our emotions can make us eat foods that make us feel good.  That sometimes it is better to go for a walk than it is to eat when you are not really hungry.

It is hard to not let their words hurt us. To just give in and give up. To not let their words plummet us further into depression.

I have found though that pushing myself for these walks has paid out in many ways…… I sleep better,  and I slow down and pay attention to the little things, the discussions my daughter and I have are priceless. Sometimes they are painful. It is also letting her know though that she can talk to me about anything.  These walks tend to be our time.

I have recently been  motivated to take the dogs by myself. I actually am enjoying it now.

Just don’t tell my fibromyalgia. I try to sneak these walks in before it knows what hits it.


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  1. That is totally awesome! What a good attitude to have! I hate exercising so much, but I always feel better after I start. I NEED to do that again right now! Not sure how to motivate myself. I’ve been overweight all my life, it doesn’t even bother me when someone comments about it anymore. I do want to be healthier. Maybe I’ll try that Fitness Pal thing you were talking about. Is that good?


    • My fitness pal is a good start…It is my second…okay maybe third time…trying it but this time it is actually helping. Also getting out and goiing for my walks before the heat hits…also see if you can find one or two people who will walk with you…THAT maybe a lot of why its working this time. we won’t mention the M and M’s and cola and apple pie and ice cream today..okay. ..okay.


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