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My little activist in the making


My daughter’s anxiety level has been rising. I knew she needed a good snuggle time. It is one of the parts of chronic pain that annoys me, the lack of snuggling I can do.  Last night I knew she needed it more than I needed less pain.

She came in to my room in the middle of a Law and Order SVU episode. This is not something I normally let her watch with me. This episode though dealt with some humanitarian issues.  I had made a promise to myself recently. I needed to stop sheltering her quite so much from reality.  I am not turning down NPR as often as I used to. My response now is not always , ” That is not something you need to worry about.”  So we discussed women being forced into marriage. We discussed how other governments are not run like ours. They do not protect the people like ours do.  We discussed how in the end the woman got  her papers to stay legally in the United States but refused. She knew it was possible to get justice now.  I was really impressed with her understanding of the basic concepts. I was also really impressed I could carry on such a conversation at seven thirty at night. Where did THAT brain come from? The episode ended.  I decided that was enough of that kind of talk.  We switched to Animal Planet.  In an attempt for mindless tv for the last half hour.

We succeeded with mindless TV for the most part. We were watching Call of the Wildman.  There was the commercial for Redwood Kings.  A fairly new show on Animal Planet.

” I don’t like that show. They are mean people. Those are rare special trees and they are cutting them down. That hurts the animals and the trees and everyone. It is not very nice.” My daughter comments.

I am slightly baffled that she knows so much about Redwoods. I am slightly baffled that she has come to this conclusion on her own. I am not really sure why it baffled me. She has always been a highly sensitive person.  She has always been very nature oriented.

Somehow I found myself back in heavy conversation with her about this.  I found that she had found out about Redwoods through National Geographic. Of course, she did. I know she is constantly on that website. She watches full length documentaries from there. She loves reading the magazine itself.  Of course, she would know about them.

Then just like that, she is on to a new subject.

“Mommy know that stuff that comes in a can that you turn upside down and its all white and fluffy and airy.”

” No, no I don’t.”

” Sometimes people put cherries on top.”

” Oh whipped cream.”

“Yeah I wish we had some whipped cream.”

I turned off the TV and we snuggled down into bed.  She may only be nine years old but, I see a budding activist in her.



Pie…..enough said.



Friday, October 11, 2013
Pumpkin or apple pie at Thanksgiving (or choose any fall holiday)? Do you have a family recipe?

Last year we went to San Diego California. My sister had just had a baby. I flew alone with a six and half year old. EEEEEK. Actually it wasn’t that bad. Lots of things happened in those two weeks.  My daughter got to see her cousin, she got to play in real snow, and fly in airplanes too. I also got a taste of home schooling during those two weeks. First grade teaching is soooooo not for me.

So one day we decided to go check out  Julian. Mainly because my sister suspected there would still be snow there.

301815_393921830652621_1149496288_n 549435_393921540652650_1821376061_n 552825_393921687319302_1319114714_n

Oh and they have awesome apple pie.

When I say awesome. I mean out of this world oh my god this should be a sin to be this good Apple pie.

I had only recently discovered that If it was a well made pie….I liked apple pie. I can’t tell you what it is. I can just tell you in one bite if its an apple pie I will eat. Remember I am an apple snob…it totally applies to apple pies as well.



Of course no pie is ever complete without ice cream.  They have this AMAZING Cinnamon Ice cream. It was just the right mix. Add it on top of a bubbling hot slice of freshly made Dutch Apple Pie…..HEAVE ON EARTH.

Its been over a year since we were there now and I still crave this combo. I won’t lie. I looked into having the pie and ice cream shipped. IT IS THAT GOOD.


So here is the rules…..It has to be fresh…It has to be hot….even if you choose to have pumpkin pie..which Thanksgiving is not complete without.  Pumpkin Pie is required to be hot also it  requires whipped cream and ice cream….yes both of them. It is acceptable to only have ice cream with Apple Pie.  Breyers does make an acceptable alternative to the cinnamon ice cream we had. My only problem is it is not available all year round and I crave it allll the time. Not just during the holidays.

So that my friends is my opinion on what kind of pie.

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