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Sunscreen is my make-up


We live in Florida. Sunny paradise Florida. Yeah….about that….


Summer in Florida includes waking up to 75 percent Humidity, sunny mornings and stormy afternoons.

Summer in Florida means your morning make-up is now Sunscreen with sunblock in the bag.

Summer in Florida means your perfume is now ode to bug repellent.

Summer in Florida means you drink more water than is in the ocean and barely stay hydrated.

Summer in Florida means that my fibromyalgia is going to flare if I am not careful. For Fibromyalgia and I we have had a love-hate relationship with heat. While it does help to loosen me up in the morning it can also make me not realize how much my muscles are doing. Which means I forget to pace and end up in a pile of pain by the end of the night.At which point I want nothing but cool air  and end up stiff and sore,which normally includes a hot Epsom salt bath…go figure.

People will say well if you don’t like the weather move. I have thought about it. Many times.  Even though I complain….Florida suits me. Its grown on me while I have grown up here. There are parts that I love and would miss terribly. There is a raw beauty here that I have found no where else. Besides its just my nature, I would find something I don’t like about that place too. Like snow, that’s so much work! Rain I can handle but it can’t be on the coast where barometric pressure will fluctuate. Have I missed anything? Since I am also allergic to at least half the outdoor world that is pretty much a moot point.  Plus I wouldn’t give up the people I have in my everyday Life either. I know I know they would be just a phone call away, Its not the same, its just not. Their support has helped me get where I am today and I am not attempting a future without them.


Even if that means that I see this when I get in a car after like….oh ten minutes…yes that says 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It is chokingly hot sometimes….okay…most of the time. Sometimes it works to my advantage..If my hands are particularly crampy that day I can rest them …very carefully…on the dashboard to get some relief.

The only way I survive summers is a good strong multivitamin, gobs of water, eating as healthy as I can and my secret weapon is Green Goddess juice.  Okay okay Chocolate, coffee and Mountain dew get their fair share too. I will say that I try to drink at least twelve ounces of water for every non-water drink I have. It is super easy to get dehydrated here. Dehydration is a big issue when your muscles already like to go all crazy whirly- whoo on you.I actually eat a lot healthier than I typically admit too. I love sweets. They are a lot of the time my motivation to stay active. We eat a lot of fresh fruits.I can’t resist at least one apple a day…We were eating a lot of veggies for snacks. Its not just for me and my body’s needs its also to set my daughter up on healthier eating habits than I have, so far its working. SHHHH it will be our secret.

It sounds silly but I actually plan for rest times. I try to spread things out over the week.  Even though my daughter could probably go from sun-up to sun-down eating everything in sight and still be fine. Rest is important for her too. We try to plan outdoors things early morning or late afternoon. If we do happen to have several things on one day I try to make the next day really low key. Not only will I need the rest and recover time but so will my daughter. Resting in between activities gives me the time to not only process whatever activity we just did but also allows my body to catch up a bit. I used to thrive on constantly being on the go. Now not so much.

I was never allowed to just throw school out the window when it got out. As much as I hated it , I also see the wisdom in it now. I try to not have her do sooo much that she is overwhelmed. Typically she gets one math sheet , one handwriting sheet and two reading comprehension sheets. We also enforce twenty minutes of silent reading as well. Then we are so super sneaky with trips to aquariums and zoo’s and such so that its fun and learning combined.  By having it a given that school work will occur sometime during the day, I have also created an outlet for me. If the barometric pressure changes suddenly and my joints are screaming. We can do school work for a bit and I can either rest or medicate. We also add to her chores during the summer, she is home more. Also she can be a little tornado.

Mostly we get along through the summer. Its taken me a few years to figure it out. How to balance it all.  We are getting there and with some prep time and as she gets older its getting easier…..well in respect to surviving summers….some other stuff…not so easy.


However as I have been working on this blog today it has not escaped my notice that we are still in the early days of summer. I may be a tad ahead of myself.

This is said thirty minutes after I tried sending her out back to get that last little bit of energy out while also letting me focus on cooking dinner. To end up two minutes later with two wasp bites a pile of screaming and crying. Nothing like that blood curdling scream to get a mommy running. Ice pack benedryl cream and lots of hugs and snuggles later, dinner is eaten and I am pretty sure we have exhausted the kid by this time.  Only to turn around to her hopping around the living room to Dora the Explorer.

Perhaps I should wait until the first day of school to decide how this summer went?