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Yule…..It’s probably not what you think.


First of all I have nothing against Christians.  I do  however have a problem with trying to deny the history of a holiday because it doesn’t match your beliefs.I may loose followers over this. That is okay with me. Its something I have given a lot of thought about. I have a major pet peeve. When people tell me to keep Christ in Christmas or say I won’t say Happy Holidays I will say Merry Christmas. You have just told me my opinion and my beliefs don’t matter to you. AT all.

This also doesn’t mean I don’t have Christian friends. I do. I have my beliefs they have theirs. We even sometimes debate points. We do it with respect. Respect of others beliefs and an open mind. I enjoy a good intellectual debate as long as we part as friends. No one takes offense.  I truly enjoy having friends with different beliefs than mine. It reminds me to remain open. To remain respectful.

So with that said. Here is the why.

Many people know that Christmas actually has its roots in Wicca and Pagan beliefs, many don’t bother to find out the details. It is witch craft. It must be shunned. This is exactly the attitude that continued to drive me away. It wasn’t one person or one experience. I wouldn’t say I am atheist either but I won’t just blatantly disregard information or science either.

There are many that will tell you Jesus Christ was not born in December. They may even know who started Christmas. To the best of my understanding it was the Roman Catholics who vehemently disagreed with Saturnaila. I understand why they disagreed with it. Basically it was/is against everything the Roman Catholic Church taught/teaches. They would only see the orgy part of it. The drinking in excess part of it. The nudity. Yeah I get it.

While Saturnaila is not the only thing celebrated at that time of the year. Winter Solstice is too. A festival of inner renewal. Based on Pagan god and goddess as well. Which actually speaks to me in ways I never realized. I always even as a child envisioned God as a female and a male. It made sense to me. Mistletoe and evergreens enter here as well. I can truly say that when I read about what is now Winter Solstice I was like yes.. That ..that is what I feel. I know for the most part it is a blend of traditions. Yule most likely is rooted in Norse Pagan Gods. Which most people that I have spoken to about this didn’t know. Pagan equaled Celtic or Druids to them. Not understanding that those are separate things. The lack of understanding is not the issue. If you don’t know that’s fine. Its the assumptions that I have an issue with and the decided decision to not learn about it at all. Again this is just what I personally have come across.

So excuse me if I role my eyes very hard when people say keep Christ in Christmas. I am totally and completely okay with you celebrating Christmas your way. Please don’t try and make me celebrate it the same way as you do. I respect that the symbols used now mean different things to you then they do me. I actually find that aspect very beautiful.

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