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This magic pill


I am so ready for a magic pill that just gets rid of it all.


All at once.


No medicating to fix side effects.


I think that is what tires me out the most. Managing my chronic illnesses.  I take so many prescriptions and then supplements and still there is typically at least twenty five percent of the issue not even touched by it all.

For awhile the big argument my husband and I had was why take a pill that doesn’t work? Why are we paying for stuff that doesn’t work?

Well I am not saying they don’t work at all..Some just take the edge off…Some of my pills can treat two of the issues….So its like they treat it a little bit…I get some relief…It takes it down a notch for me. There are others that make a subtle difference….I don’t really notice a huge effect but take it away and a few days later i am like..huh..maybe they did do something after all. Then there is the funny thing about Fibromyalgia, sometimes the same exact pills will knock me off my feet. Perhaps it was a lower pain day..I didn’t need as much. However if you try to guess that…Then you spend all your time waiting for your meds to start working.

Its impossible to find that one magic pill that covers all the symptoms.

I really wish I could find it. Every time I have had to switch doctors the first thing they want to do is take me off everything and start over…. They don’t like my explanation. I don’t have a medical degree , i am just the patient trying to live life every day. I do however know what my medications are for and why I take them and what they help…Neurotin is for the nerve pain in my face and sometimes it even helps with the nerve pain in my lower lumbar back. It also helps my anxiety.  Its also kind of a rebel in that it does make weight loss very hard as well.

Part of the managing is made harder because often with fibromyalgia, the medication stops being effective. I tend to bounce between prescriptions to all homeopathic, then a mix of the two.


I have done aqua therapy , chiropractors, massage therapy and a few other options. For me they help, for a few hours. Then I can feel it going back the way it was. The other issue is cost. Most insurances won’t cover it, or they reimburse you, and some cover half of it.  Nothing was more disapointing than a week after finishing  a six week aqua therapy program I was right back to where I had started and out two hundred and forty dollars(that was with insurance).

This is a pretty short post. I could go on and on about this because I am tired of it. It tires me out when I realize  a med isn’t quite working as well as it used to. I know whats coming. I just needed to get this out. Sometimes just complaining about it just a little makes it easier to get motivated to do something about it.