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Product review- Ultracur


Ultracur reached out to me on Instagram. I know it’s hard to believe I was on Instagram! NOT! I am addicted to Instagram.

 I emailed Casey and she sent me some samples. It was as simple as that.  I literally opened the package in my car. I had hit a wall and was trying to figure out how I was going to function for three more hours. I mean, everything hurt, I did not want to do anything at all. I took two capsules. I was pleasantly surprised that within thirty minutes I was feeling better.  It most definitely gave me the extra time I needed to finish the most basic things left in my day. I had to pick up the kid, pick up the husband, and we had to go to the store. That night I took my normal dose of Turmeric before bed. I have to say, I noticed it wasn’t as effective. Curious, I started looking into this Ultracur thing. I emailed Casey and told her how impressed I was. I told her I was impressed enough with it to do a full blog review of the product.

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Curcumin is the magic part of the Turmeric that makes you feel better. It helps relieve inflammation. It is not just joint inflammation that it helps. It will also work for gastrointestinal inflammation. It is like a soothing balm for your colon. The joints, the muscles they really like this stuff. There can be some difference of opinion on wether to take just Turmeric or Curcumin. I would suggest you try both and see which works best for you. Now the other thing, most likely you won’t notice an immediate difference.  It can take a few weeks for you to notice the difference. I did not have that experience with it but, I also have been taking it for months and originally started taking it via juicing fresh root. The supplements that I had been taking did not seem to work as well. I have to say Ultracur is probably the closest I have gotten to the feeling the freshly juiced root gave me.  Ultracur says you can take up to two capsules four times a day. What I have been doing is setting aside six capsules in the morning. Some days I get by with just two in the morning and two at night. I did use it with quite impressive results during a flare. It was a lot like taking advil. It didn’t just help one area it was an all over improvement.  In fact, there is research that suggest that Turmeric is just as powerful as many pain killers. Check it out.   Also here as well.

As always please, discuss this with your Primary Care Provider prior to taking this supplement.  There can be some interactions with medications and Turmeric. Ask for the samples and bring them with you to the Doctors office. Do your own research!  This is what Dr. Weil says about Turmeric.  This is the website for Ultracur and what they have to say.

I know a lot of you, are like me, on a fixed or very inflexible income. It is hard to just go out and spend money on something that might not work for you. So here is what I have for you. Email Casey Centola for a free sample, let her know you saw it on my blog!  ccentola@hausbio.com

The torment between brain and body


I have been taking back my body from Fibromyalgia and Arthritis by low impact walking.

I have been slowly and steadily increasing my walking, I increased to daily and even have gotten up to a mile easily.

Yesterday a friend and I took off a bit more than we could chew. Walking is easier when you walk with a friend.

However when the information turned out to be incorrect and the walk we took was twice as long as expected…….

Yesterday after we finished there was not a part of my body didn’t hurt and as the day wore on it got worse and worse.

Today I think the only thing that doesn’t hurt is my ear lobes….maybe my eyelashes..

So why why why as I am driving I notice the way the foggy humid weather looks on the trees to the nearest nature trail? Why am I wondering if I could stop and get a small tiny walk in. Just tiny. Just to take some pictures. Especially on that back part of the trail.  The fogginess I bet would look sooooooo awesome.

“Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it.”

There was not even an once of stubbornness to even attempt a walk.

Just driving to get my can’t live without heart pills was challenging. I was functioning but only just.

Then i had to wait for the script because when they called it in, they were a bit confusing so the pharmacist had to clarify.  Take one pill a day at 1130am and 730pm. Um What?

So. Starbucks is in Target. I got a lemon pound cake slice…Free tall coffee came with it. PERFECTION.

Get the pills. Took one right there in front of the pharmacist.

Trudge back out to the car.

Well I am up and about. I might as well go to the other food pantry I can go to. Maybe they will have instant milk.

The temperatures are decent but it was warm enough I was sweating. There was a creepy dude there, smoking an E-Cig. I am pretty sure that was not nicotine. There were four screaming little boys running around. When they came close their screaming felt like someone threw a handful of knives at my muscles. I think I physically flinched several times.

The lady didn’t even ask she loaded the stuff in the shopping cart and took the handle and said where is your car. I think. ” oh great I look that bad.”

Sigh. Okay. Back in the car. Deep breaths.  The dollar store is on the way home. We can get milk and cat food and everyone will be happy everywhere!

I am pretty sure that small bag of cat food and that quart of milk weighed as much as an elephant.

I came home and laid down. I couldn’t do anymore. Took some medications. Eventually got back up to get something to eat.

Even still my brain says..”walk to pick up the kid from school. it will be good to move your muscles, come on you get to walk right by those baby goats.” My body is readily answering with flipping the bird and long lines of swear words.

I am going to go with my body on this one.

When I am out forcing myself to somehow function I have little to any brain function to think of anything other than what needs to be done right that second.

However laying in bed , my muscles and joints are slightly happier than when we were functioning, my mind starts thinking of all these other things we could be doing. All the things that need to be done around the house. I almost listened to that stupid brain of mine that was telling me all the things we could be doing, and don’t forget the cute goats.

Then I discovered I got my monthly visitor on top of that.  OH HELL NO. We are not doing anything that is not absolutely necessary. We will pick up the kid, my body and brain and I, but we will not do anything extra.

Dinner , Sandwiches sounds good.

So does a hot toddy and an early bedtime.


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Brain don’t listen to the body.


If I had listened to my body. I would not have gotten out of bed this morning.  If it had been just my dogs needing to walk..I may have put off getting up a few more hours.

My body begged for mercy.  I left my boys to my brother in law and my husband.  If I get up and going and don’t think too much I can get my motivation before my brain figures it out. Its mostly a daily battle like this between brain and body. Most of the time there is a kid fueling this battle a bit more.   A few slurps of coffee. get clothes on. Medicate. Top of coffee and out the door.



Neeka needed to run.

She needed her time at the paw park.

Today I planned on exploring this new trail I found behind the paw park. My body was less than thrilled with this idea.  So I sat on the bench and tossed balls for Neeka and hoped the medications kicked in. or the coffee.  Even still forty five minutes later Neeka is making it obvious she is done sniffing butts and chasing tennis balls. Ugh.  This is where I like walking dogs.  She just pulls me along for the first few minutes.

We stop for her to romp in the little stream first.



There is just something about watching her that makes it hard to stay in my grumpy in pain mood.   So off we go. I have a small water bottle…alot less than what I would prefer to have. It was enough though.

The first bit I know I trudged. I kept looking around desperately for something to catch my interest. A few minutes later I check my pedometer. I know in my head what I want to hit for my goal. I just don’t know if I had it in me today. Then I made myself promise not to check the pedometer again til I got in the car. Just breathe. Just be. I wasn’t going to listen to my muscles protesting. I wasn’t listening to my joints creek.

The majority of this trail was in the blazing sun. Probably not the best time of day to be taking this walk along this particular path.

We come to a bench and Neeka catches a grasshoper and her frolicking was just so cute. So we start off again with a renewed determination to enjoy this. This is the last day I am kid free. This time is for me.

I start looking around with renewed interest and determination. I see this dock across from us. I can see it with some warm tone embellished by instagram.



The forgotten dock. There were vines crawling all over it and it just looked so serene. This…This is what I need.


Now my drive is in full gear. We follow a side trail off a little ways. Its shady and we definitely needed the break from the beating sun. Neeka found some grass that looked yummy. I realized from our previous trips to the paw park she likes to eat this tall willowy grass. After the first day and no vomit or bathroom problems I let it go.

We rounded a corner and it was like we found a place that time had forgotten.



I was struck by the beauty. A little piece I hadn’t realized I had been holding on to just released. I wasn’t listening anymore to my body, I wasn’t listening anymore to how hot it was. I was there.



It didn’t seem like I had to look very far to find something interesting.  A large butterfly flittered by.  An owl took off from a branch right next to me. Its wings so quiet for such a large bird. That quiet space in my brain was where I was. It was where I had wanted to be. Where I had needed to be more than I realized.

We wondered around in the back shady trails. Not really with any intent. Just enjoying the trail. When it forked we went the way that looked the most interesting.

Dogs are great companions like that. They don’t need to talk, or bark, but when you do they are attentive. Sometimes we chased a smell down a little side trail. Sometimes we followed my curiosity. It didn’t matter.

I let Neeka off her lead for a bit. Trusting her to come back. I have been on other hikes with her owners and her. I knew she did this with them.



I tossed sticks out into the tiny little rivulet of a stream. She happily chased after them..pounced on them…and brought them back. Where she promptly dropped it and then rolled all over it. It was her stick. It made her happy.



How can you not laugh at her antics? She takes so much joy from such a small thing.

I was running out of water so it was time to head back.

We came to the end of the trail and up the few steps to the water fountain. Refilled my water bottle and gulped it down. Promising myself to take it slower with the next one.  I refilled it again and dumped that one all over Neeka. Cooling her off a bit.  Refilled again and walked to the car.

Finally checked the pedometer. I knew by how my body was starting to scream it was at least a mile and half. It was 1.87 miles.

Hot and sweaty we rolled the windows down and Neeka prompty put her head out the window.

Once we got home we did a short walk around the block. Goal achieved. 2.0 miles. You may think wow thats alot. You may think thats barely a walk. Keep in mind it took me an hour and half on the trail to achieve that plus the fifteen minutes to walk the block.

I jumped in the pool shortly after that. Just floated around. Letting my muscles enjoy that weightless feeling. A few dips under the water. Some more floating.

Took a shower to finish it off. Plus the amount that I sweated on that trail was ridiculous.

I left Neeka curled up on the futon sound asleep.

Driving home I feel renewed. Refreshed. Centered and connected.

I may have Fibromyalgia but I don’t have to listen to it all the time. I have gotten pretty good at knowing when its just normal groaning and when it is flare groaning. As much as I don’t want to move. I know my body needs it. Much more than it will admit.  So most days I tell my brain not to listen to what my body is saying. To just push through it. To just do what needs to be done. Sometimes that means I am gritting my teeth literally. My TMJ doesn’t like it and yes in the long run it raises my pain level. Sometimes I have no choice but to get what needs to be done. Then sometimes I push myself because I know I need it. Even if my body won’t admit it.