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Summer break week one(June 1 to 7th) -preview


So this is technically the first week of summer break. June first through June seventh. I will post on June eighth what actually happened. If you follow me already , you know there will be lots of pictures. This may seem like a trivial thing but when you have chronic illnesses that deter you from functioning , a plan goes a long way. This is just what is PLANNED. We all know how arthritis and Fibro like to mess with plans. I will report back on how they interfered as well. I hope this can and does inspire other mothers , fathers, care takers who have chronic illness to enjoy the summer without feeling guilty and without too many flares. There will be plenty of time for the kid to have free time.  She does however thrive better if she has some structure. She has been doing well on her reading and I plan on challenging her to read an hour at least three times a week if not more. She is currently reading thirty minutes so this will be an increase.  We are also planning on reading at different places. I am hoping this will help her filter a little better and increase her focus.

This first week starts off slow. Monday is a half day of school. Technically they have school but they are watching movies and playing all day. There are also not a lot of kids planning on going. Since I have to clean in the morning she is going for the morning.

Monday: Drop kid off at school at eight thirty. Go to cleaning job. Go to Farmers market.Pick up kid after lunch. Come home. read outside with the dogs for an hour.

Tuesday : Sleep in. Read for an hour. Clean the house day. including the kid’s room

Wednesday: Take kid on four mile walk round trip. Take her scooter so she doesn’t complain too much. let her cool off in the lake. pack a snack. come home. Read for an hour.

Thursday: Nine am Math tutoring lesson.  Pack up and go to the beach. Set alarm for every seventy minutes to reapply sunscreen.Read for an hour at the beach.  Picnic lunch at the beach. Come home. Hopefully not too sunburned.

Friday we have a movie at the library. They are watching Planes. Then we will probably have a picnic lunch. We will then drive about twenty minutes south and arrive at another library for a two pm Archaeology class. This is the description of the class:

 Look under a microscope with USF Archaeologist Rebecca and discover artifacts from the past you never knew existed. See how these scientists solve historical mysteries. Ages 6-13.
Saturday: Dragonfly nature walk….a guided walk in a park we visit often.
I can’t wait to see if it lives up to the description! I am also hoping to be able to sit in. I adore this kind of science!
Well that is the first week. We will see what all gets done!

Books have my soul


Yes you read that right. Books have my soul and truthfully I am not to worried about it.

Books bring me great joy. Even ones that aren’t in my typical genre of reading.

When I get to order books online when the box comes its like Christmas!


Books have always been my best stress relieving tool. My best friends. The tears I have cried over fictional characters……..Then there are the ones I can read over and over and its like when Norm walks into Cheers. Comfort and familiarity can do a lot to sooth frazzled nerves.


Typically this is how I watch the kid play.  I need my brain engaged constantly and books can do that for me. While slipping in and out of reality with a book my brain is engaged in so many ways.  Playground stops or time outside is typcially time that I want the kid to be burning energy. Eight year olds have so much of it, although they don’t share it very well.

Now that she is getting into reading chapter books.  Books give me even more joy.


My heart skips a beat in joy when I look back and see this. The days I spent with my nose buried in a book.


Lately some of our favorite times have been both of us in the bed , reading our own books. It is just so very soothing.

I am also very blessed that some of my friends are able to kindle the love of books in my child as well……


Books are my best distraction for me. They have so much to teach us if we have an open mind.


Sometimes I have trouble not finishing a book, even if it isn’t holding my interest because I believe every book has something to teach us. Sometimes its just that we are on the right track just a bit off. Sometimes its that we are right on target. There is not one subject that I can think of that I would not read about.  I love being in the library and book stores. There is a smell a feel almost a taste to book stores and library’s. No two have ever felt exactly the same to me.

I can’t wait to keep unwrapping the world of books to my daughter.