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I got a box!


Nevermind the fact that I asked for the box to be sent to me.

I GOT A BOX! It was like Christmas came early!

I tore into it not unlike a kid at Christmas time.

And then the Mamalode exploded on my bed.


I had to spend some time pouring through them. Laundry and dishes obviously had to wait. This was way more important.

unnamed (4)

Not only was I excited by the back copies but I also was touched by the card and that inside it was handwritten. It is rare anymore that anyone anywhere sends things handwritten unless they are among friends.

As Mothers we are pulled in so many different directions all at the same time. This is a perfect magazine to have in the car to flip through while sitting in carline. There are quick little reads as well as longer articles. One thing that really caught my attention was the last page, a poem by a child typically a preteen or teenager. I love seeing things from their perspective.

So I took some to the baby rhyme and sign at the library and it was a pretty big hit. Some of the kids were actually a little more interested in the bright and colorful candy on the front…ooops.

Princes P says it tastes just fine.


So I read some as I was waiting for the girls to get out of school. I kind of just flipped through but got stuck on one about pregnancy loss. It touched me deeply and it took all I could do to not cry in the car. There is a little section in the front called “Because I said so.” very easy to read a submission here in under a minute. Truthfully a friend of mine keeps her Mamalode and other Mommy magazines in the bathroom. You know sometimes that is the only few minutes we mothers get to ourselves.

unnamed (1)                 unnamed (2)

The girls were pretty enthralled with the back copies. There were a lot of discussions about pictures and it turned out some of them were advertising pictures. Something that as a Mommy I passed right over.  There was some discussion about what a trailhead was….which quickly digressed into what happened at school today.

However they were drawn back after our trip to the library, yes my second trip today, for reading with the dogs. I looked back at the stop light to see this in the back seat.

unnamed (3)

I am pretty sure however from the amount of giggling that they were whispering amongst themselves and using Mamalode to “hide” from me.

On the Facebook page for this blog I call our followers Stalkers. Stalkers in a good way. We support each other and laugh together. This is exactly what Mamalode does as well. So go be a good stalker and follow them everywhere. I do and its nice to see things pop up in newsfeeds and whatnot amongst all the other things that are in my newsfeed. This is one that feeds me. So that I can keep feeding others.

So get stalking already!

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It is much easier for me to be grateful in November. I love November weather. I love the change in light, the change in temps, the changes all around.

The only thing is when it rains. Its so much harder to be grateful when it rains. I like the sound of rain . I like the way the atmosphere snaps and crackles and shakes in a thunderstorm. My joints however do not.

How to remain grateful when standing exerts so much pressure on your joints that even walking hurts?  I am thankful that I have an awesome Brother in law who loves my daughter and easily entertains her. I am thankful I have a bed to lay in to give my joints the rest they need. I am thankful that I have at least one cat that knows when I feel horrid and cuddles with me. I am thankful I have a laptop to connect to others who have chronic illnesses. I am thankful I have cable and can watch tv. I am thankful I have a good book to read. I am thankful I have a phone and can play around on Instagram with it.

Several years ago though I probably would have been singing a different tune.

It would have been full of self pity. Full of grumbling. Full of complaining. I could tell you every detail about why I am miserable.

Gratitude is a choice.

It has been a long slow road to living a grateful life.

Very slow.

I still don’t feel that I am there yet. I have lots of room for improvement.

I have been slowly weeding out the people that are constantly gloomy, complainers and grumblers.  Some days that is all we can do. That’s okay. However we need to balance it out as well. Even those who say through laughter and comedy that they only grumble. If you can laugh you can’t be that grumbley.  If you can appreciate comedy and even sarcasm you are not going to always be Eeyore.

It is easier now to be grateful because I also have wrapped people who encourage and support me tight around me. When I am being encouraged and supported I can reach out and do the same to others.

It is not a decision anyone else can make. It is your choice. Its your decision to say I am not going to wallow. Well at least not for very long. I am going to LIVE.

Searching for gratitude

The hilarity of feast days



We talk about it a lot. Mattie and I have feast days, normally once a week, we get together for lunch.

There are few things that can instantly make my day. Getting a text, shall we feast today?

The first thing you need to know is, you must ride in Mattie’s car to get to feast day. It is just not the same if you don’t.

Ridding in Mattie’s car is a lot like this…….


can also be like this……


But mostly its the first one. Which just has me in peals of laughter. I am the only driver in my family.  I don’t get much time in the passenger seat. I think this stuff, but I have an eight year old and I tend to watch my mouth after she has repeated some things at school. This also leads Mattie to be laughing as well. We are typically in a better mood by the time we get to Panera Bread. 

See we did start out feast day with going to different places. Then it was like:


We both like Panera Bread and for the most part it likes us. As two people with IBS that is a big consideration.

So now the hardest decision of Feast day is whether we are having a pastry or not.

Since we both run the Chronically Sick Manic Mother FB page and we text at least daily, what in the world could we ever talk about?

It might be easier if we said what we don’t talk about…….no…wait…there really isn’t anything we don’t talk about.

We typically don’t talk about serious stuff…Or if we do we totally make fun of it and poke it with a stick.

We are freaking hilarious at feast day. One day we really will walk into Panera Bread in viking hats with vanilla beans stuck up our nose. Viking hats for feasting and vanilla beans because we heard they decrease your appetite and we want to loose weight.

We talk about the things we used to do when we first met…..in middle school.

Today we scrolled through 55 things that 90’s teens remember……however both our parents were very old school so we also remember things from the 80’s too. Girl talk, Doc Martin’s, Brad Pitt’s sexiness, Wet n’ wild, beeper codes, the AIM away message, Popples, My Little Ponies and Cabbage Patch dolls. When DVD’s came out. We also discussed how we need to include Grace in a feast day when she is down from PA in November…my sides hurt already from how much laughing will go on then.  I was talking about things Grace and I did when we worked together. The weather on the escalator, we are not machines. The random texts that we still send each other. Grace’s phantom limb pain from Vietnam which happened before she was born.

There is also much discussion on this subject as well.


While she is much more fully devoted to this Doctor


While I am much more attached to this Doctor


Either way there is a lot of FEELS going on.

There may be spitting of drinks or choking on food involved because we are laughing so hard. Maybe.

We talk about our kids and the assholey things they do to us. We talk about our husbands. We talk about our cycles. We talk about SSRI’s and anxiety and how much it all SUCKS.

Somehow we get this all done in an hour….or there abouts….its pretty close…then its time to get back in the car.

If you thought that would calm down the road rage……you would be wrong.



Then we have to go back to reality. We now have full bellies and now our brains have been slightly refreshed.

Because this…….


Waves hands wildly!

***********************************DISCLAIMER…..I tried to make sure credit was given on photos. NONE of these photos are mine.

They were all found through Google images. ***********************************************************

Sunscreen is my make-up


We live in Florida. Sunny paradise Florida. Yeah….about that….


Summer in Florida includes waking up to 75 percent Humidity, sunny mornings and stormy afternoons.

Summer in Florida means your morning make-up is now Sunscreen with sunblock in the bag.

Summer in Florida means your perfume is now ode to bug repellent.

Summer in Florida means you drink more water than is in the ocean and barely stay hydrated.

Summer in Florida means that my fibromyalgia is going to flare if I am not careful. For Fibromyalgia and I we have had a love-hate relationship with heat. While it does help to loosen me up in the morning it can also make me not realize how much my muscles are doing. Which means I forget to pace and end up in a pile of pain by the end of the night.At which point I want nothing but cool air  and end up stiff and sore,which normally includes a hot Epsom salt bath…go figure.

People will say well if you don’t like the weather move. I have thought about it. Many times.  Even though I complain….Florida suits me. Its grown on me while I have grown up here. There are parts that I love and would miss terribly. There is a raw beauty here that I have found no where else. Besides its just my nature, I would find something I don’t like about that place too. Like snow, that’s so much work! Rain I can handle but it can’t be on the coast where barometric pressure will fluctuate. Have I missed anything? Since I am also allergic to at least half the outdoor world that is pretty much a moot point.  Plus I wouldn’t give up the people I have in my everyday Life either. I know I know they would be just a phone call away, Its not the same, its just not. Their support has helped me get where I am today and I am not attempting a future without them.


Even if that means that I see this when I get in a car after like….oh ten minutes…yes that says 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It is chokingly hot sometimes….okay…most of the time. Sometimes it works to my advantage..If my hands are particularly crampy that day I can rest them …very carefully…on the dashboard to get some relief.

The only way I survive summers is a good strong multivitamin, gobs of water, eating as healthy as I can and my secret weapon is Green Goddess juice.  Okay okay Chocolate, coffee and Mountain dew get their fair share too. I will say that I try to drink at least twelve ounces of water for every non-water drink I have. It is super easy to get dehydrated here. Dehydration is a big issue when your muscles already like to go all crazy whirly- whoo on you.I actually eat a lot healthier than I typically admit too. I love sweets. They are a lot of the time my motivation to stay active. We eat a lot of fresh fruits.I can’t resist at least one apple a day…We were eating a lot of veggies for snacks. Its not just for me and my body’s needs its also to set my daughter up on healthier eating habits than I have, so far its working. SHHHH it will be our secret.

It sounds silly but I actually plan for rest times. I try to spread things out over the week.  Even though my daughter could probably go from sun-up to sun-down eating everything in sight and still be fine. Rest is important for her too. We try to plan outdoors things early morning or late afternoon. If we do happen to have several things on one day I try to make the next day really low key. Not only will I need the rest and recover time but so will my daughter. Resting in between activities gives me the time to not only process whatever activity we just did but also allows my body to catch up a bit. I used to thrive on constantly being on the go. Now not so much.

I was never allowed to just throw school out the window when it got out. As much as I hated it , I also see the wisdom in it now. I try to not have her do sooo much that she is overwhelmed. Typically she gets one math sheet , one handwriting sheet and two reading comprehension sheets. We also enforce twenty minutes of silent reading as well. Then we are so super sneaky with trips to aquariums and zoo’s and such so that its fun and learning combined.  By having it a given that school work will occur sometime during the day, I have also created an outlet for me. If the barometric pressure changes suddenly and my joints are screaming. We can do school work for a bit and I can either rest or medicate. We also add to her chores during the summer, she is home more. Also she can be a little tornado.

Mostly we get along through the summer. Its taken me a few years to figure it out. How to balance it all.  We are getting there and with some prep time and as she gets older its getting easier…..well in respect to surviving summers….some other stuff…not so easy.


However as I have been working on this blog today it has not escaped my notice that we are still in the early days of summer. I may be a tad ahead of myself.

This is said thirty minutes after I tried sending her out back to get that last little bit of energy out while also letting me focus on cooking dinner. To end up two minutes later with two wasp bites a pile of screaming and crying. Nothing like that blood curdling scream to get a mommy running. Ice pack benedryl cream and lots of hugs and snuggles later, dinner is eaten and I am pretty sure we have exhausted the kid by this time.  Only to turn around to her hopping around the living room to Dora the Explorer.

Perhaps I should wait until the first day of school to decide how this summer went?

I am sure I am forgetting something


There is a study that says pregnancy causes a seven percent  decrease in memory ….well …..um what was I saying.

So now add to that Fibromyalgia and the brain fogginess that comes with that……also add to it that I have had to be on Benzodiazepines which by themselves cause memory issues.

Oh yes and it is a well known fact that sleep deprivation causes a loss in cognitive abilities. This includes memory.

It really is no wonder that I walk around most days with only the ability to remember what I am doing right that moment.

Let me also say….I do not accept this. There is no acceptance about this. It makes me feel very stupid. I don’t feel the person who graduated with a 3.9 grade point average. That remaining tenth of a point remained elusive.

So yes what was I saying. Hmmm I don’t remember.

I hate when I say things wrong or reverse things or forget things. I feel unorganized…which I am not. I feel like a ditz….okay well that one might just fit.

I have blurted out that I am my brother in laws brother in law. Nope you read that right. I have told someone my child is over three years younger than she actually is. I have combined two words to make a whole new word.

It all makes much more sense in my head. I know what I want to say it just doesn’t come out the right way. And really when you only get two hours of sleep at a time, who can blame you.

However, I also have a good sense of humor. I find these things really really funny. It doesn’t mean I don’t work on it. It doesn’t mean I am the ditsy crazy person I come off as. It doesn’t mean I don’t have self esteem issues with it.

What it does mean is , I have to prepare the night ahead of time for the morning. It means that I spend alot of time checking and rechecking that I have things I need. Like heart meds while I am out.

Sure some people would say loose the benzodiazepines. These are the times that I grit my teeth and just nod and smile. I have struggled with anxiety for a very long time. Its just a fact of life for me now. I need my meds. Sometimes they don’t cover it all. But they are not going anywhere. I have been there and done that and its just not worth it. I would rather have short term memory issues.

For some people they can take a sleeping pill and get some sleep. My body takes sleeping pills as a personal challenge. To see just how long it can fight it. It doesn’t matter if I smother myself in soothing scents and dark cold room and meditation music. My body will find some problem with it all. I took them for years because it at least allowed me to get four to five hours of sleep. Some sleep is better than no sleep when you sleep thirty minutes at a time.

What chronic illness people want is to feel normal. To feel accepted for who they are. What people with chronic illnesses want is more than just five more minutes in bed. We want actual restorative sleep. When we get good sleep everything else is just a little bit less. A little bit more manageable.

And well as to the newest fact that pregnancy can reduce your memory by seven percent……two words come to mind. NO REGRETS.