Community Effort


Many of you know we have been going through some difficult times. It reached critical mass on Thursday and we had to seek emergency shelter. Friends paid for our dog to be at the kennel for a week and another friend started a gofundme account. I have found over the last four days it is the littlest things that matter the most to me. A text to say I am thinking of you.  One friend said she wished she could do more than pray for us. I believe positive thoughts, vibes, prayers all help. It makes a difference. It provides something to hold on to during the difficult times.  The biggest thing I have learned is that even though I thought I was humble, you can always be more humble. It never hurts to ask and all anyone can do is say no if they can’t help. I firmly believe you never know until you ask and sometimes it doesn’t occur to you that you can help until someone asks. It flows both ways. We can help each other out bit by bit.


This is the link to the gofundme page if you so choose. Sharing it commenting on it are just as important to me so please do not see this as a plea for money. Things will work out the way they are suppose to work out.

Sincerest Thank you’s to the people who have held my hand through this all, near and far.

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