When Ten a week is just not enough (#10thankful post)




It has been a tough week, the past few weeks. I have really struggled to remain positive and optimistic. I found that even listing a few thankfuls (yes, yes that is a word) when I remembered was not working.As usual instead of giving up, I upped the challenge. Ten things every single day. Not only that I set TWO reminders on my phone to remind me to post it to Instagram.




Tonight’s thankfuls

1. Crystals…especially new ones
2.BBQ. Sometimes a southern girl just needs some BBQ green beans and coleslaw
3. A wonderful thirty-minute meditation ritual
4. Princess P. I can’t stand how big she is getting and maybe in a little denial she going to be three in less than two weeks.
5. Amazingly beautiful day and park time.
6. Kid spying
7. Not having to make dinner
8. Chamomile and lavender body soap to calm the whole house down.
9. Taking time for beauty and poetry
10. Surviving the day



Tonight’s thankfuls

1. Coffee
2. Nature
3. A good friend to enjoy nature with.
4. A good friend who will tell me hard truths even when I don’t want to hear them.
5. A talented artist friend who trusts my photography.
6. I survived two meetings today
7. Panera for dinner
8. Dinner also was a fundraiser for daughters chorale
9. Juicing all the fruit and veggies today
10. I survived til bedtime somehow




Today’s thankfuls

1. I got all my work done
2. I took time for self-care
3. I saw roseate spoonbills
4. I finished reading a book!!
5. Reading Still Alice helps me keep things in my life in perspective
7. Time to run to the grocery store minus kid after school has gotten out.
8. Pasta
9. Friends who get me
10. Ativan



Tonight’s thankfuls

1. A mostly good doctor appointment
2. Time in nature
3. Time to read and write poetry
4. Friends who know exactly what I need.
5. The most perfect supplement falling into my hands today.
6. I didn’t have to cook dinner
7. A shower alone
8. A new wand and new crystal books
9. Family dinners
10. That I survived another day



Tonight’s thankfuls

1. It’s Friday
2. I had time for meditation today
3. I had time for some nature time
4. Baxter got to run free for a bit
5. I got time to spend with squish and wear him
6. All three kids together
7.found princess p’s birthday present
8. Found the perfect shelf for my micro food area
9. Starbucks
10. Survived the day and no plans for tomorrow!!!!/

So fifty things I am thankful for, it seems to have helped. I have a bit better of an outlook now. Maybe I will try and keep it up……maybe next week I will have seventy!


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  1. There is always something, lots of something, to be thankful for every single day. And the simplest moments become opportunities for gratitude. I love it. Happy Birthday to Princess P.


  2. I like the stones. Good idea on setting reminders to find things to be thankful for daily. I keep a prayer journal which included things I am thankful for.


  3. I find it hard to come up with thankfuls too — but find it easier when snapping pictures. I actually wrote about that. It’s like I’m looking for the good and focusing on it. It helps me a lot and with journaling.
    Never having to make dinner is always a bonus for me by the way. I blew my back out taking cookie trays out of the oven and there weren’t any cookies on it. Oy!
    I hope that you have a good week.


    • Oh yes photos help me a lot. I on average take about ten photos a day. I found it helps me remember things and events much clearer. Because while some may see the taking of a photo a distraction what I am actually doing is focusing in on the moment itself. Trying to get it’s essence


  4. I am very impressed with your persistence in noting ten thankfuls every day!!! Some weeks I have trouble coming up with ten! You seem to be doing all of the things necessary to take good care of yourself, I hope this week proves to be calming and peaceful for you 🙂


    • I had weeks I struggled for ten things. This was kind of my way to push past that struggle. I figured if I didn’t get ten things a day , at least by the end of the week I would probably have ten things.

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  5. I love the way you use instagram to keep you going with those thankfuls. It’s a wonderful, amazing site, and I adore being able to peek into people’s lives 🙂


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