Ten Little Things VS. Reality (#10thankful post)


So much of my life is still up in the air. It is a constant battle of finding enough time to make sure all the kid’s needs are taken care of, housework kept caught up and my own job. Then I have to also factor in more stress means more self-care which is always a struggle for me, even if I schedule it in. I have been mostly absent from the blogging world and I deeply appreciate those who have checked in on me. I have tried to, at least, keep up some thankfulness on Instagram. I aimed high for morning and night and it became almost too repetitive for me. I didn’t feel genuine. I happened to realize it was Friday and actually remember that the Ten Things of Thankful Blog hop happens. I thought if I do nothing else today that is what I am going to get done.

  1. The river. Myakka River it just takes my breath away so many times. It is never ever exactly the same and oftentimes I can feel what reality has broken just snap back into place.
  2. 12932917_1118517468196089_3156123191124827193_n
  3. Never mind the numbers. WordPress and I are arguing.
  4. There are days that this dude just makes it all okay. Sometimes with his big slobbery drooly tongue. Other times with his whole body wiggling he does. Then there are times he just gets me. 12987045_1174364889255135_2338828519886267088_n
  5. 12920269_1165204540171170_3126467507919537241_n

I would be remiss if I didn’t also include Day Drinking with one of my besties!!! A trip to Lush and we even got a full four mile walk in as well. Don’t ask about Best Buy… Just don’t.


Taking a shower, writing this blog post… listening to her tune and practice on her harp…Not a bad thing at all.

Making her carry the whole fifteen-pound harp was kind of funny, though.


Lastly, the times I have gotten away just to myself and been able to meditate and connect have been nothing short of Divine.


The husband gets a mention for putting up with me. I don’t know why he does sometimes.

The kid, while I am always grateful we have her……this whole pre-pre-teen thing is a bit ridiculous.

We have some amazing friends who have been so helpful while we are looking for more permanent housing. Housing our cats, lunch, an ear to vent to, so much more.

So I think that is ten. I am not really interested in going back and counting. Count some as double if you like. I am being distracted by harp music. I just really want to sit here and listen.



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  1. Tell her to think of lugging that 15 pounder as practice for when she gets her full size 80 pounder! Either way it is so worth it once you get to settle in and experience harp music. Nothing calms me more.


  2. Harp music is beautiful and I’m so very glad you posted this week. I heard mention of rose quartz as a mineral that would absorb the negative static energy of a computer. Is that right? Where would one get a piece of rose quartz. Amazon I suppose, has everything. I follow the wonderful quotes you have posted on Instagram and they are inspiring.


  3. AN 80lb HARP! My goodness! Still, I s’pose they are *rather* large. How wonderful though, to have freshly plucked music to enjoy.

    Instagram helps SO much, sometimes. I’m glad we have it as a resource. And HOORAY for Lush and good friends.


  4. Ah, the harp.
    I like how light the violin is to carry. Not all of why I chose to learn it over all the other instruments there are to choose from, but it is a nice bonus.
    I would become distracted by that sweet sound too.


  5. Lovely TToT ❤ Some wonderful things to be thankful for! That river is gorgeous, I can see why it takes your breath away. Gorgeous dog, it's amazing how they are able to feel our feels and be there for us emotionally. Adore your rocks and crystals, they must bring some calm into your life. Just wonderful!


  6. My kids all went through a thing at 10. I don’t know why, but 10 was an emotional age. It’s a double edged sword, that truth that no stage lasts forever. 🙂

    I have enjoyed your IG photos of the river. Such a pretty place to walk.


  7. did you know that playing the harp is soothing to the soul – something to do with the arms coming towards the body ( I think) – listening to harp music must do that too – your list is wonderful – have a wonderful week ahead.


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