A short pause


We are in the middle of a family crisis. We have to move. There will be lots of confusion and scrambling. I just wanted my readers to know two things; I am not leaving this blog and I am writing a book.  Obviously with moving things will be Helter skelter. Blog posts will be here and there. I will try and keep up on Ten things of Thankful but no promises can be made. It just is not realistic to give promises at this time. Follow me on Instagram if you want more info and I am sure I will be posting there daily.

The book is one I believe is sorely needed and is born out of my own need as a parent. A non-fiction unbiased look at all the World Religions. Most importantly, that none of these religions are bad evil or no good. A section of questions that have no right or wrong answers for self-reflection and then journal space.  Recently my daughter said she would believe whatever I believed. That is against everything I have been aiming for with her. I want her to have her own beliefs and know why. I then found a book I thought was perfect. It had all the world religions. It however also had a view that only Christianity was right. Anything else leads to Hell. It was so full of guilt and shaming and fear. I really wanted to burn it. As a book lover, that is saying a lot. There were also so many inaccuracies in it. So I am fueling my frustration and anger into this book. I have people from many beliefs that are willing to help me keep it unbiased.  If it only helps my daughter, so be it. My hope though is it will help many other teens and young adults struggling with the same issues I struggled with.


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