It bit back- A Ten Things of Thankful Version (#10thankful )


It has been a week. Sometimes we get too caught up with making progress. Sometimes we think we are past certain issues. That issue comes up and you think “breathe you got this.” I stuck to what I had decided. Then Anxiety. Then two am comes and you realize with every breath that you are not, in fact over this issue. Dammit. I can’t say I am any further in getting over it but, my resolve is back.  While depression and anxiety makes it hard to say it is rock solid…… I am choosing to believe it is rock solid.


I spent way too much of this week wishing things were different. I was actually thinking of skipping ten things of thankful. However, eternal optimism is hard to beat down. In the storms, looking for the good can get you through. I know that. Now to practice it. Yeah, That. 10thankful-banner

Luckily I have these three, they easily make ten things to be thankful for.





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  1. I’m glad you didn’t skip. I skipped a few recently and I couldn’t feel better to be back, listing my thankfuls no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to others. Have I told you your new family member is the cutest thing ever?


  2. Gotta say, I am jealous of your almost daily photos of your walks through such pretty places, in shorts no less. We’re in batten down the hatches mode here.
    The love of family is definitely worth ten.


  3. Bad things going on in life lately made me want to skip the TToT and write it even more, both at the same time. Depression and anxiety make it harder to see the thankfuls, but good for you for making an effort.


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