Let’s do this thing #10thankful


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I have decided the only way I am going to get this ten things of thankful thing back in the swing is to start journaling it nightly. It seems to be what was working for me, but like so many other things, I wondered away.

  1. Sunday Singing

2. Nothing was really going the way I had planned for Monday and it was easily getting my panties in a real twist. I mean a real good wedgie that you just can’t ignore type of twist. Then I had lunch with a friend because of other things falling through that opened it up.   I am thankful for friends who treat me to lunch because they value me for me.


HOLY COW I BLINKED AND IT WAS SUDDENLY FRIDAY AND I WROTE NOTHING !! Now I have to think really hard to remember what actually happened.

3. Another great Hike. This time, Baxter came along.

4. Thrift shopping was very successful. I got the Buddha the table and the little leaf tray as well.


5. Lunch with a friend


6. Dog spoiling

7.  Cleaned all the things. And Pictures!!!! No not of the cleaned house. Because of my back, I have to break it down to three rooms one day and two rooms the next day. This is excluding the kids room and bathroom because she is responsible for that. ANYWAY. I had to stay home and clean because Truly Nolen was coming. My daughter had a harp concert 45 minutes away. Thankful a friend took pictures.


8. When the universe aligns and I can help someone and still get done what I need to get done. Let’s explain that a bit more. So I have a friend who needed to find time to exercise. Baxter needs a walk. I can always use a walk. So now said friend comes over two to three times a week. We walk the dog 1.61 miles and shoot the shit.Plus it’s right at sunset time so we get to watch the color cloud show. Everyone wins.

9. More cleaned all the things.I am really close to having a fully clean house. Just got to do my bedroom. Probably tomorrow….maybe.

10. Truly Nolen. Even if all they did was confirm there are probably rodents and that nope he can’t do anything until the air ducts are sealed. At least, those noises are not in my head!





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    • Often my house is not as clean as I would like. I keep telling myself this lie that once I get it all cleaned up it would be easier to maintain. That however if I did it would lay me flat for a week and then I would be right back where I started.


  1. Fingers crossed – I haven’t had to deal with rodents for a few years. Company on a walk is always a nice thing, and so is feeling as if you’ve accomplished something when it comes to housework.


  2. I try to keep my downstairs clean, or at least picked up, but the upstairs is the Inner Sanctum and is always a disaster, because the rest of my family apparently LIKES living that way and I’ve gotten tired of fighting it. I always love seeing your daughter playing the harp – SO cool!


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