Ten Things of Thankful Juicing edition




Hopefully by now you know I mean the fruit and vegetable type of juicing and not steroids. On to my ten things I am thankful for this week.

  1. A friend of mine gave me her back up juicer so I could get back into the swing of things.f5210cae-90a2-4f59-a935-35eef0808acc
  2. I juiced every day for a week. Drinking roughly 48oz of mostly veggies and some fruit.1e1d26b8-3f21-433e-8b46-ba558988d48d b2e989f1-8902-43b6-92a1-df04e041d544 e0d3bda8-ac1b-4fcf-92d3-c9c9334250b6
  3. My bloodwork came back and all my electrolytes are back in order. I do not need to add any more scripts.906ccc6e-a162-4076-bfa5-3a553bbb1063 c9379209-b698-4073-8ac6-8cedc5405779
  4. This is the easiest juicer I have ever had to clean
  5. My weight is shifting again and people are noticing! According to the scale I haven’t lost more than a pound or two but pants that were a perfect fit two weeks ago are loose now.
  6. I have enough part time little jobs now that we should “should” in a few weeks be more secure.
  7. The local food pantry. It is so helpful to be able to focus what we do have for food money on food I can eat , I.E. corn free, and enough milk and yogurt to feed the growing kid.
  8. My husband who has worked insane hours to keep our family afloat.
  9. Dropping temps. This maybe a bit premature but the forecast says the temps will be dropping. End of November and the real feel is still in the 90s this is getting a bit beyond ridiculous.
  10. Truly finding and feeling comfortable on my spiritual path. Leaving behind the guilt that it is not Christianity and being okay with that. 28d1b1a7-31af-4e67-b6c5-1c19869833518baa40e3-32d2-4cd0-99ec-a5d39005a5ca 5151c693-ca24-485e-bcbc-0f939cbdda31



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  1. yes…glad the juicing is going well. It always looks so unappetizing to me. Glad you have gotten a couple of little jobs..hope something better comes along soon. Always, always you are a great writer….I wish you could find some writing jobs..


  2. I like juice, and I like smoothies. But those colours. They’re prettier on instagram when you have some purples swirled through them, BUT I’m glad they’re working and you have the loan of a juicer 🙂


  3. Erin, I read your post yesterday. Technically I would have been Frist, but I couldn’t comment from my phone. That juice looks unappetizing, but I’m sure the surge of vitamins and good health more than makes up for the way it looks. Glad your health is on the incline and you are finding gratitude in every day life. Happy Thanksgiving.


  4. I’m glad you were able to get a juicer and that the juicing has gotten everything back on track. Bonus that the juicer is easy to clean. It makes things that much better.
    I hope you get some comfortable temps soon. If only we could average yours and ours to get the perfect temperature. 🙂


  5. Glad the juicing works for you. I’m a fan of blending over juicing because I want ALL THE THINGS from my food in there. So glad it’s making you feel good – and that it’s not terrible to clean! Hooray for small jobs (I understand that a lot right now) and for insane hard-working husbands.
    And looser pants! Woot!
    Have a great week!


  6. If juicing prevents you from having to take another pill, I’m for it! I hate taking my medicine every day.
    When your clothes fit better but you haven’t really lost weight, my mom always says your sand shifted.


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