How many silver linnings do I have to find. (Ten Things of Thankful) (#10thankful)



I bet you think by the title this is going to be a long list. It’s not. Two things. Each count for Five.

We went on a family hike. We lost the map. We ran out of water. We got lost. I passed the time for my heart meds. Basically those all together qualify as a good reason to call 911 emergency number. Maggie and Jay were fine. Thisty and hungry but fine. Me? While on the phone with 911 my pulse was 185. I did some Vagel maneuvers and yes, there is a pile of poo from me out in the swamp. The time the Paramedics got there 115. Several hours later, Malabsorption issues struck again and my potassium had been plummeting. Trying this week to keep it up just by juicing. Those pills are so nasty and yucky and huge. I would eat a whole bunch of bananas a day to not take those things again.

Today we said goodbyye to our dog. Trooper crossed the Rainbow bridge at 915 this morning. We had him since he was eight months old and he has been a faithful sidekick. He saw Maggie as his puppy and Nobody messes with his puppy. He brought us much joy and happiness and even laughter.

Short and sweet but that is about all I have left in me right now.


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  1. Oh Erin, I’m so sorry you had such a rough week. I hope you can spend the next week resting and taking care of your health. I know the loss of Trooper has left a hole in your heart. I’m so very sorry for you loss. I hope your years of happy memories with him bring you some comfort right now.


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