Finding my ten

Ten Things of Thankful

I didn’t participate last week, not for a lack of being thankful, but more for a lack of genuine gratitude.  It is easy to come on here and list a house, car, food, and whatnot. If the feeling is not there though it is very lackluster and that is just not me.  Sometimes when depression is it’s worst, it makes those simple things seem unimportant. I know they are not, the feeling is just not there, though. On top of that I pushed and pushed and pushed myself and I crashed. I wrote about it on Monday. When pushing past your physical abilities, you expect some pain. I just forgot how many simple tasks can take out of my already irritated muscles. It has taken me almost a week to recover from pushing so much.  It isn’t just recovering from the physical exertion. Once you start to recover, there is more fatigue and more cognitive issues that flare as well. Even just typing that part is frustrating to me.

Anyway. Can I find ten things? Well I know I can but ten things that have true genuine gratitude behind them?

1.School project got done and turned in.Completed Halloween Costume

10957718_1020832804631223_696653541953384378_n 12189840_1022871477760689_1784831552341972911_n

These two things almost drove me crazy. Neither came out the way they were in my head. The R2D2 was closer. The crayon box seemed so simple but was so frustrating. I was glad both got done on time.

2.Fill in Nanny work.

I had a really long day but I got paid and every little bit helps.

3.Cook food prep day

If you follow me on Instagram you know I had a long day cooking and prepping meals on Tuesday but it was worth it and it helped a friend who is currently in a wheelchair so it was a double bonus for me.

4.Banyan trees

12038484_1021758714538632_2476694959300765289_n 12191082_1021758754538628_131254955208541494_n 12191530_1021758794538624_3379804749928831002_n

Mondays I have both my friends daughter and mine to entertain for an hour. Mostly we get homework done. This week we wanted outside things, but we had homework to do so we combined it. It wasn’t until I was sitting on a root my feet on a root, the breeze blowing, reading a book, that I realized how much I needed it.

5.Lunch with a friend

I know this gets on here quite frequently. It is true though I think it revitalizes both of us.

6.Morning hikes

Finally. Finally. finally. The weather is a glorious 68 or so in the morning and gorgeous for morning hikes. Taking my daughter and we really have had some enjoyable hikes.

10460781_1020694114645092_4201789658642255961_n 12039296_1020694187978418_8515069279437781230_n

7. Princess P

Our schedules don’t match nearly as well as they used to so when I do get to see her I try to soak it all up. Lets just never mind she is basically two and a half and growing faster than I can stand it.


8. Squish

I got some time with Squish and we had a blast. Then the kid just melted and crushed my heart at the same time. She started telling people at her school he is practically her brother. I so wish we could have given her a sibling12112036_1019912851389885_4293075877125919409_n but love how loving she is.

9. Doctors visit

I had a fantastic Doctor’s visit. My kidney and liver levels after four years have returned to normal levels and she feels comfortable testing only once a year now. I have to say I think Ultracur is really the main reason behind this. It has drastically cut to almost eliminated my use of Advil, Motrin or any NSAIDS really. She was really pleased with the overall progress and quite surprised I have done it without the aid of a personal trainer/nutritionalist or prescriptions.

10. Jeans that fit

I went to Goodwill on a jeans shopping trip. I actually tried them on in the store. IN. THE. STORE. I never do that. I hate it. I loathe doing that. However, I was determined to get jeans that fit. That were not too snug or too loose. I got five pairs of jeans and a pair of linen yoga-like pants that I adore. It was really great to see the hard work I have been doing paying off.

So there it is. Ten things. Now tell me what are your ten things that have genuine Gratitude attached to them?


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  1. “…but ten things that have true genuine gratitude behind them?”
    whoa! hold on! no body said anything about genuine-I-feel-the-whatever-the-hell-gratitude-is-supposed-to-feel-like feeling!
    (being one of the emotionally non-fluent people, I for one, take my gratitude for the SBoR/BoSR and apply SR 5.3chap5: to participate, with all best effort and intention, is, in and of itself, an act of gratitude [for the other people comprising said group] a list of 10 things that is actually sent in carries enough gratitude to totally qualify for inclusion)


  2. Wonderful news at the doctors. And Maggie is so sweet and adorable. The banyan tree looks like a lovely place to hang out. Wish it was still 68 around here. I need to wear gloves when I ride my bike, it’s freezing here. Have a good week, Erin.


  3. Banyan trees are AWESOME. I didn’t think Squish could get any cuter, but he has. And I hate to try on clothes at the store, but I hate returning things that don’t fit even more so.


    • He really does just keep getting cuter and cuter!. Truthfully if they don’t fit I normally just pass them on to someone else. Kinda silly but I just loathe trying on things in stores soooo much.


  4. Wait a minute–you MADE that R2D2 costume? You are quite the seamstress! Disneyland is having a Star Wars run in January. That costume would fit right in! Good job!


  5. Those are cute outfits you made. I love thrift store shopping, and it sounds like you had a great shopping day. Taking time out to have lunch with a friend can be a real spirit booster. And lastly, that tree is absolutely wonderful—what a great place to curl up and read!


  6. I love this list of thankfuls. They are true and genuine and I’m all for that! That tree looks marvelous, and I’m thrilled at the good news you are doing so well medically!

    Morning hikes- and those pictures are glorious. Lunch with friends is ALWAYS a thankful for me too. I need the engagement, the one on one talking and the bonding time often. I get it.


  7. I can relate Erin. I’ve skipped some weeks, felt guilty about it but then…come back with a good post. Like yours 🙂
    Nice work on the costumes! Who said Halloween wasn’t stressful! LOL Your daughter looks very cute in her crayon box. Thanks for the picture of that banyan tree. It’s magnificent! I love trees. Sounds weird but there are some that just strike a chord, ya know?
    Huge congrats on a good dr.s office. Nothing like it, eh?
    I give 2 thumbs up for the morning hikes! Nothing like getting out early while it’s still quiet and just listening to nature along the way 🙂
    Hey, thanks for stopping by my place yesterday 😀


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