A colorful Ten Things of Thankful


Sometimes we have to stop and think about the life lessons that are going on in our lives. Blenders smoking. Juicers smoking. nonfunctioning ovens. Almost running out of gas and having the wrong credit card on you. You know little things like that.

This week, man, this week was nothing like what was nice and neatly organized on my calander. Nothing at all but you know what? I love it. How boring would it be if things didn’t ever go wrong. Perhaps they are not so much as going wrong as they are going the way we need them to go. Even if we don’t realize it at the time.

My juicer died a tragic death but it died in the name of love. My friend has been struggling to loose weight and thus I decided I was going to juice her some morning juice to help set her up right for the day. I got those done for the most part before it died. Apparently unbeknownst to me, what I had juiced would make a perfect blend. Plus I had carrot apple juice for the girls before choir practice.

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We tried making Ice cream in the blender with left over pulp. Apparently Blenders get really hot and bent out of shape when they blend for more than five minutes at a time. Who knew. The ice cream came out a bit more like Italian ice with milk. It really isn’t as bad as it sounds. Just don’t think ice cream and it is good.

unnamed (1)

I have this new game that apparently I like to play. I say apparently because I never mean to actually play it. It is the adult version of how low can you go. I chanted just let me make it to the gas station all the way there. Went to pay. Declined. WHAT? Oh crap wrong card. Not enough gas to go back and get the right card. The stars aligned and a friend was able to come rescue me and listen to the verbal diarreha I apparently needed to let loose about the meeting I had been in prior to going to get gas.

My daughter came home on a field trip day and told me she helped a friend talk about some difficult  and sad things. I just love her caring heart and when I was talking to this friends mom and she relayed how grateful she was for that talk. I will admit to crying. Crying for the friend and her mother and crying because of how beautiful my daughter is.

I found some amazing finds at a garage sale this friday, one I went back twice to. Okay well actually three times. I stopped but didn’t have cash so I went and got cash. Ran into a friend there who beat me to a few things I wanted but oh well. Then went back with another friend who also likes crystals.

unnamed (2) unnamed (7)

On a spur of the moment thing we went and caught the sunset and it was one of those times something was out of place and while watching the sunset I felt it click and was like, Oh that is why we came.

unnamed (5)

I took some very purposeful me time at the labryinth and was able to sing a favorite song. Meditate with the elements and then sing my favorite song to end. It was everything I needed spiritually. The next day I had a nice meditation time at the house as well.

unnamed (4) unnamed (6)

Last of all. I am so thankful we live in a city that does Pride fest. That my daughter can see it as a normal celebration and ask any questions she has. I am glad she will have less of the cultural stigma that many adults had to deal with about LGBT.

unnamed (8) unnamed (9)

Ten Things of thankful gives me a chance to look back over my week and realize we might not have everything we want, but we definitely have a lot to be thankful for. That in the end perhaps we really do have all we need.


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  1. Your daughter’s heart is beautiful and wonderful and your ten things are right in her caring soul. Glad the little things like blenders, gas cards and juicers don’t ruin your positivity.


  2. I play that gasoline roulette thing, too, because I hate to get gas. So far, so good….
    Your daughter is just beautiful, inside and out.
    Sorry about your juicer. My vacuum cleaner started smoking a few months ago, but getting a new one was the best thing I’ve done in a long time, because while I THOUGHT I was cleaning the house, the vacuum cleaner was actually shirking its job for probably years.


  3. Very true about things not going the way we want but the way they need to go. Last Friday, my oldest and I went straight from his soccer game to the airport to fly to Florida and catch up with our family. It wasn’t until we were supposed to board that the airlines told everyone that the flight was delayed and we’d miss our connections in Chicago. We were so disappointed to have to go home and wait for a new flight in the morning. And then we got out to the car. In only two hours, my son’s cleats had stunk up the car something awful. If we would have made our flight, Bryan’s car would have had to have been burned. A week’s worth of that stench would never come out.

    Good for you, looking for the bright side. We need very few things. It’s the people and experiences that matter.


  4. A beautiful daughter with a caring heart is enough to melt any mother’s heart. A friend to the rescue, a garage sale, and making the best of a situation, i.e. broken blender. You survived the week and ended the week on a spiritual note with meditation.


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