No words, Photos, Ten Things of Thankful #10thankful



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    • It is. I have yet to figure out what all is in it. It is from Panera. It is autumn squash soup. I have butternut and acorn but there is just something else that i can’t quite figure out. SIgh I have to eat more.

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  1. Great photos…Panera has a squash soup? I love that stuff… Mine has a bit of curry in it… and apples… really good…but now I gotta get there and try it as its easier to buy it and I am a woman of convenience even if not a woman of cash…


  2. I love a TTOT in photos, but I can’t resist captions. My favorites are the shell art and Maggie staring off into the distance near the water. Have a good week, Erin.


  3. Panera’s soup has butternut squash and pumpkin in it. They use apple juice and honey to sweeten, cinnamon, and a bit of curry. Broth is probably vegetable based and I believe there is a bit of cream in it. It’s good.
    Mushrooms yes! And PB&J crackers always send me back to childhood.


    • Ahh I don’t know why the pumpkin was escaping me. I tried to make it with Butternut and acorn and it was just not right. I don’t think I added honey either. Cinnamon and curry and I think I added nutmeg because I just can’t see butternut squash without nutmeg and cinnamon.


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