Ten Things of Thankful I made it through the week.



Ten Things I can do this. I need to do this. I need to unblock my issue on writing. I have not done any all week. Well that is not entirely true. I have it just …yeah. See I have this thing that I often write like the third or fourth paragraph first and end up building from there. So I have a whole lot of third and fourth paragraphs but that is about all. SO here it is. Starting with Ten Things of thankful.


  1. I made Coasters and I think they came out pretty awesome.
  2. unnamed (2)

2. Beach time

unnamed (3) unnamed (4)

3. Crystals

unnamed (5) unnamed (6)

4. easy but yummy dinners

5. Vitamin D


That has no corn oil, corn startch or anything else like that. Nor is it suspended in soy. FINALLY. It does not help malabsorption issues if you ingest the vitamin you are lacking in the thing that causes the malabsorption. Corn. Corn is evil that is all there is to it.

6. Reading time

unnamed (1)

Now I have To do a few Hypo gratefuls because you know right now Sarcasm is about all I have to keep the abyss back.

6.  Rejection notes from Nanny positions I have applied too.

Because you know some people aren’t even trying to get a job so they don’t even get that.


7. No Ac in the car

Because some people don’t have cars. I had a time we had no car. So lack of AC is great. We roll the windows down, let the wind blow through our hair. SO if I show up with messy hair that is why.




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  1. Very cool coasters and photos as well. Sometimes that snarky hypogratitudinal attitude is important for self preservation. Have a good week Erin. Things just keep getting better and better.


  2. cool coasters…decoupage? on what? THey are really neat… hoping next week you dont have to be thankful for rejection letters(for the obvious reason… dont they know you are a stunning nanny?)… Although I totally get it… I am often thankful for them because usually you wont even get that!


  3. I’m so glad you were able to post this, Erin!! Those are definitely important thankfuls…

    I LOVE those coasters! And those pics of the beach are beautiful. Beach, reading, Vitamins, easy yummy dinners… and having a CAR- all truly lovely things to be grateful for.

    I keep hoping and praying you land the PERFECT job.

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  4. The crystals are very pretty. I’ve heard of people using them for health reasons, but have no idea how that works. I just think they are pretty.

    When I was working, I sometimes used to read in my car on my lunch hour. Good luck with the job hunting.


  5. The coasters are so cool! Pinterest?
    I have been struggling with writing lately, too. Lots of ideas, lots of drafts…nothing I’ll hit publish on.
    Vitamin D is a game changer, that’s truth.
    And hey, sometimes hypo-gratitude is the thing that works.
    I love your beach pics…beautiful.


  6. Received a lot of vitamin D this week myself. Rejection letters and notices can sting, but they are proof of an attempt made and effort put forth.
    Well done for finding the silver lining, as I cut my hair and have left it short so there was less to blow around when AC is not available, but I am really kind of pleased that the weather has gotten colder now, so I won’t have to worry about that, likely, for many months.


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