Ten Very Thankful oh so Grateful Things Post.


I debated on whether or not to write tonight or save it for the morning. Guess what I chose?

Ten Things. Do you have that many? Can you sit down right now and write ten things you are thankful that you have in your life right now? I can most days. Ten things per day easily most of the time. This however is a weekly challenge. Write ten things. Some weeks it is hard. It is really hard. Some weeks the words just flow and I know without a doubt things I am thankful for. It doesn’t even matter if you are thankful for the same exact things over and over and over again. It counts. It all counts. It counts that you are thankful at all, for anything.

Number one on my list this week is LIZZI!

I can’t tell you how many times this week I was cheered up just by her smiling face. How great a time she is having here in America and getting soooooo much more excited to see her soon! I may just walk up to her and throw glitter at her and then hug the crap right out of her.

Number two is my friend is back from Alaska.

I don’t think I really truly appreciated how much she cheers me up. She has a high energy and I didn’t realize how much I feed off that. She also told me my teeth look better. I am pretty sure that is not true however, until I get my vitamin D level rechecked, I am just going to believe her. Bodies are strange but apparently when you have vitamin D deficiency it is not unheard of for your body to leach it from your teeth.

Number three is that my daughter has such a great school.

We have struggled a bit with Dyscalculia. No, it is not a vampire like disease. However, despite her learning disability she is doing excellent in math. A very successful parent teacher conference showed no worries. Keep doing what we are doing at home! YAY!

Number four is that I got some awesome meditation time in this week.

My daughter also enjoys the labyrinth and even got a picture of me. I actually really really really like this picture.


Number five is popcorn.

Wait, how can this be? Are you not allergic to Corn anymore? Oh, I am. I most certainly am. Sometimes the consequences are worth it. This time it was oh oh oh so worth it.

Number six is feast day!

I mean who does not like a great big feast. We do have it at a healthier choice place. However this week we had it on Monday and we started it off with Chocolate cake. Oh yes we did!

Number seven is INTERVIEWS.

Although I feel like they are a lot like an awkward first date, I have had a couple this week. Two of which I think went really well and I really liked the people. No really I did! Since hubby and I met on a blind date I guess really I am a pro at that whole awkward first date thing huh. Hey did you see? We hit fifteen years married this past Wednesday. For once there was not a hurricane happening or threatening although it did in fact, rain.

unnamed (7)

Number eight is HARPS!

Not the beer. Although that is good too. My daughter is doing so well and really pursuing this. She has gone every morning a half hour early to school to practice. Really it is such an astonishing opportunity for her.

unnamed (1) unnamed (3)

Number nine is ULTRACUR!

Seriously I know I have preached about this. It really is terrific stuff. I really do get a lot of help from their product! So much so I was telling the rep Casey (Here is her email if you want samples CCentola@hausbio.com) that I was just so worried about running out because I have before. So then she sent me this…….

The leaning tower of Curcumin!

The leaning tower of Curcumin!

Number Ten is Florida.

Sometimes I am reminded why we never moved away.


unnamed (4) unnamed (5) unnamed (6) unnamed (13)

So that is my Ten things. What are yours? I really do want to know! Tell me at least one pretty please?


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  1. wow! Awesome list…. and I love the analogy of first date with the interview process! I am gonna use that when I do career counseling… I will give ya credit! My one thing is always that Doug is still around… I do love his little furry butt!


  2. I always enjoy your photos, but that picture with the driftwood and the moody sky? If I had a picture like that it would be blown up and hanging from my wall. I like the close up of the flower too.


  3. I love the picture of you in the meditation garden and LOVE the beach picture with the giant tree roots. Wow, Erin. Frame that one. It’s gorgeous. I’m proud of the harpist, too.


  4. great TToT list…. but those photos! damn! excellent camera work.
    interviews and first dates kinda agree and the secret to both (imo) is to not want ‘it’* more than the other person, at least at the start….
    but a numbers game it surely is, so good for the multiple interviews, gets the skills sharped and therefore your confidence goes way up

    *however ‘it’ might be defined


  5. You have some outstanding photos! How wonderful that your daughter is learning to play the harp.
    Our almost 52 years strong marriage started as a blind date. I’ve also paid the price (eczema reaction) just to have some popcorn. I don’t do that very often though. Supplements can be a wonderful thing.


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