Back in the swing of things…. Ten Things of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful

The last month things have been a daily challenge. Something comes through and gets resolved and three more things break or quit working. In the last month, we have had septic issues, plumbing issues(seperate from septic) Which meant I could not run the dishwasher and had no water in the kitchen sink, The AC went in the car( current real feel in afternoons is over 110), the power cord to the laptop broke, School started, Church meetings, interviews cancelled and I know I have forgotten at least five other things.  It has been happening long enough that my resilence has been tested, which always makes me want to do the healthiest thing possible of hibernate in my bed. I basically did that for several days, Some how I got back in the swing of things.

We have an amazing church  (although some would say it is not a church) and someone annonymously paid our rent to help things out. One less thing to worry about. I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for that. The state of awe and near giggly relief I spent hours in.

I decided to knock out cleaning, was especially daring and hit shuffle on my cleaning list music.

The first song came up : John Mellencamp Jack and Diane ( i just tried to embed it and it said no. It was there but it wouldn’t play. Sad)

So long story short. THe first time I heard this song I thought it was “Life goes on long after the threat of living is gone.” Some how I still think that is a better verison but it was a good reminder either way. Life goes on. Thankful that such a great classic song was able to help me remember that.

I have however had time to get back into walking four miles twice a week. I have some amazing friends who have either taken us out to eat, offered the use of their house, washed our dishes and the list goes on. Seriously, they know me well enough they didn’t let me hide for long. Some even told me out right how they were going to help. Not asked because I would most likely say no, They just told me, this is how it is going to work.

Now that I can breathe, and have my powercord for my laptop (because my back really really really doesn’t like sitting at desks), I feel like I am not quite grasping at straws.

I am pretty sure there are ten things there. I am not really interested in counting, truthfully. I am also really not interested in going back and correcting gramatical errors. I might never hit the publish button and get back into ten things of thankful if I did.

Some how I didn’t stop looking for beauty though so here are pictures from the last two weeks.  If you follow me on Instagram you probably have already seen these.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (5) unnamed (6) unnamed (7) unnamed (8) unnamed (9) unnamed






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  1. Glad things are straightening out, Erin. Those photos are wonderful. I love the one of you(?) with your legs up reading in the car. Have a better week.


  2. You got some great shots!
    I’m sorry to hear so many things have gone wrong lately, but I love that someone anonymously paid the rent for you! That certainly had to help counter the bad.


  3. Love the pictures! You’ve had a lot of bad luck lately; hopefully, it will all turn around for you.
    I am writing this while mashing the power cord of my laptop into my leg, because whatever thingy the end of the cord touches that makes the battery charge isn’t working, or at least is barely working. It’s probably as much to fix it as it is for a new one, so I’m just creative with how I mash the cord against furniture and body parts to get it to charge 🙂


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