Oh that’s the thing


When I first started having health issues, it turned out one of the big culprits was my Vitamin D level was super low. I did all kinds of things to raise it.It still just barely would get in the normal range. I was taking a prescription based dose for quite a while. Then, we discovered corn intolerance and no one could tell me if the prescription had vegetable oil in it. Vegetable oil doesn’t always mean corn but most of the time it is. So we did some trials of me just taking 1000 iu’s of Vitamin D with my multivitamin in the morning.  It seemed to be okay. Still years later, I often have asked people going through diagnosis processes about their vitamin D level. It is an over looked nutrient that does so very much for our bodies. Especially bodies that deal with chronic pain and fatigue on a daily basis.

The past month I have been struggling more and more with aches and pains as well as my depression flaring. I suspected it was a flare from doing so much at Disney but I also thought maybe my magnesium level was low again. Almost all vitamin deficiencies will start out with fatigue and muscle aches, when you have Fibromyalgia-that doesn’t get you very far. I had been putting off getting blood work done but now it was really time. I got that done and then started looking at things. I really thought I had been getting outside and taking enough vitamin D , so I had basically crossed it off my list. I did suspect maybe potassium had dropped again so bought more banana’s. Small steps I know but sometimes that is all we need. So I started taking the Magnesium supplement nightly again. The side effect of too much is loose bowels. That was never a problem for me so I assumed I was right and the aches and pains did ease up.  Was it from the banana’s? Was it from the Magnesium?

Only now, I could feel that one pain. It is like an ice cold bone pain. Primarily It bothers me the most along my shins and along my collar bone. The same day I figured it out, my Doctor called to say the blood work was in and my vitamin D was super low. Not just low but the lowest it has ever been. Oh well yes then that makes a whole lot of sense. I suspect both were low when I started taking the magnesium supplement nightly. My magnesium levels on the blood work was low but within normal.  Potassium too was within normal ranges.

Something I thought I had a handle on, vitamin D pops back up and suddenly I find myself analyzing everything all over again. Well if what I was doing for that stopped working……

It is necessary to sometimes assess what we are doing when dealing with Chronic illness/pain and all that goes along with it.  However right now I think I am just going to keep up the magnesium and the extra Vitamin D and go from there.  Everything else shows it is working as far as my blood work goes. Let’s just let the magnesium and Vitamin D catch up and see where we are a month from now. Even saying that a month seems like forever when you are dealing with pain.


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