And then it was gone……..


So the Universe is slowly letting up on me. Monday and Tuesday were scary busy and required so much thinking on my feet, then dealing with the first-days-back-to-school-afternoon-meltdowns, I had nothing left. Last night I couldn’t sleep partially because I couldn’t shut my brain up and partially because my body likes to perpetually torment me in this way. I sat down with pen and paper to write it all out. Actual paper with an actual pen. My brain suddenly came to a screeching halt. Don’t think that meant I could get to sleep. NOT. This morning went a little calmer and I came home to get some stuff done. I had a general idea, clean my room maybe, write-maybe, catch up on other computer work- maybe. So I got some of my church computer stuff done and then wandered off to clean my room. My brain starts going a mile a minute again I mean like a find myself staring off into space kind of thinking. So I sit down to write. I have access to the computer. I can just let it flow.


I sit there at the computer staring at the blank page, thinking how is this possible? I can’t even remember what the hell I was just thinking so furiously about.

And there goes thirty minutes of Facebook and I really couldn’t tell you what the heck I just looked at.

It is days like this that my A.D.D is abundantly obvious. It is also days like this that make me stop and think well what has been going on that has me so distracted. You don’t even want to know right now. Remembering that I give myself a break and decide the bedroom can wait. I will write and wander over to Facebook intermittently. I will read and read and read all the things. The quotes, the articles, the funnies, read it all.I will probably do a little more in my bedroom before going to my reading spot. The fifteen minutes of the day I carve to recharge myself before picking up the kid from school. If you thought”oh well see there you are settling down, reading, that is focusing.”  Let me just tell you no. No, it is not. I currently have three different books going. Which one will I read, who knows.

I would like to say something really wise about how this will help me be patient when my daughter has to be told ten times to do something. She too has A.D.D.; but I won’t. Mainly because ……SQUIRREL!


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