A Magical Ten Things of Thankful #10thankful


It is not that I am not thankful. I am. I am extremely thankful. This is more like the post vacation slump. Where reality leaks back in and on top of that your body says enough fun. The fatigue has been exceptionally crippling.

Anyway. I am digging my way back out of fibromyalgia land. So on to Ten Things of Thankful


I am so thankful that we paid for our vacation in full with our taxes.


I am thankful that I splurged a bit and got the deluxe dining plan.

11227032_973668479347656_4696671593843835384_n 11703194_973261646055006_4927853642481060340_n 11822672_974401325941038_7496745708576436328_n

I am thankful that Disney takes such care and time for people with food allergies. I fully expected to my digestive tract to be complete trash and have to rebuild my tolerance. We had a chef show us what had corn and what had milk and even went into cross contamination.

I am thankful that Disney takes such care in conservation and care of animals. It was nice seeing the animals and knowing that it was more important that they were happy then us getting to see them.

11800266_973770199337484_4291062793377094587_n 11800547_973668639347640_9133090756037771451_n 11813363_974401639274340_2984984723148198067_n 11816862_973775522670285_3628766659763667119_n 11822357_974886835892487_7645818577412255461_n 11836913_973668919347612_6227787744298487308_n

I am thankful for church memebers who think of me for odd jobs that need to be done. Thankful for the oppurtunity to help and to meet our needs at the same time.

I lost count of how many Thankfuls that is and WordPress keeps tripping out and I need to get housework done and an angel food cake made so thats all for this week.

I lost

I am thankful for a great friend who took such great care of our animals while we were gone.


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  1. Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation. It was a beautiful week. I followed on Instagram. So happy that you could share the wonder of Disney with your daughter. We went once when my daughter was about Maggie’s age. It was stupendous.


  2. It is jolting readjusting to life after vacation. I am glad you had fun, great photos. I always wondered if the dining plans were worth it. Now that I know I will probably never use that information, my daughter hates costumed characters!

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  3. Ah, love Disney. Such a great place for young and old alike.
    And I know what you mean about the fatigue.
    Also, my fibro pain is getting to me, especially my bresstbone and hip where I have a scar from an old surgery.


  4. It was fun reliving my own Disney trip through your IG photos. It looked like you had loads of fun.
    We always build in a buffer day when we go on vacation. We come home Saturday so we can have Sunday to recover and get back into the swing of things. Vacations, especially vacations like Disney, can be exhausting!


  5. I love the family picture! Doing a meal plan is really the way to go at Disney! Glad you had a great vacation. Rest up and get ready for school to start 🙂


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