I may just be crazy……….


I may just be crazy but I am okay with that. Mostly.

Friday we leave for Disney. YAY!

We are camping. In August. In Florida. Camping as in an actual tent. Not glamping.

There are many reasons why I do this. One of them being that Chronic illness and pain have taken many things from me, but it won’t stop me sharing my love of camping with my daughter. I may need an air matress now to survive it but dammit I am still camping. Hiking the appalachian trail and camping off the trail is no longer an option but this camping I can do. Camping that has a pool and jacuzzi near by.

Most of the time I go see my doctor a week before. He is very understanding and normally gives me a week of pain killers and muscle relaxers. Last year, I did this. Last year I forgot just how strong the lowest dose of those things are. I had been off them for over a year.

This year I am only taking Ultracur and Natural calm. Natural pain killer and a natural muscle relaxer, not prescriptions. I didn’t even ask for them this year. Ultracur has completely erased my need for NSAIDS and I only take a small dose of Tylenol to get to sleep at night. I probably take more pills than I did three years ago but they are mostly supplements and natural remedies.

I am not without illusions though. I know for a fact I will flare. I am hoping to keep it off until we get back monday afternoon.

I have been eating a mostly anti-inflamatory diet, drinking tons of kombucha to get as much of a cleanse as possible. Kombucha is great for clearing out sugar. I have been drinking water like it is the best most tastiest drink out there. I have ct back my soda intake this past week. Due to rainy weather I have not gotten as many walks in but I do plan on going on one tomorrow.

Expect a full report of how I survived, I probably will survive-pretty sure I will anyway ; next wednesday.


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