The most innocent conversations…………


As a parent you know there are going to be big conversations. Some big major sit down at the table conversations. What no one tells you is that most of the time it’s not planned.

I happened to mention that I needed to stop at the store for Tampons before going on our walk.

“What are Tampons?”

“Well remember when Mommy told you about how women bleed once a month, that it’s part of their cycle?”


“Well Tampons are something you use during your cycle.”

“Oh. So what happens if you don’t get it?” She asks.

“Well if you have had sex and you don’t get it you are most likely pregnant but if you have not had sex it could mean there is something wrong.”

“Oh. Well I saw sex on my show one time and I don’t think K and I would like to do that.”  K is her best friend and she is sure they are going to get married.

“Wait you saw it on your show?” She watches only channels we allow and I thought I knew what shows she was watching. What the heck was Disney showing these days anyway?

“Yeah they were naked and kinda moving around under some blankets.”  Oh okay I can totally handle you seeing that.

” Well, actually I guess if it was with K that would be a bit different then what you saw with a boy and a girl sex.”

” oh. well we don’t even know if we want babies.”

“Well you know two women can’t make a baby by themselves. Remember you need a sperm to fertilize the egg?”

“Oh yeah so how do two women have a baby? i know they do but how?”

“Well they can adopt a baby or they can go to a Doctor who helps them get pregnant.”

“So the Doctor gets them pregnant?”

Um wait. What? No! Well, kind of. As I try to figure out how to more clearly explain this.

“Well not exactly. You know how some women have babies and they are adopted? Sometimes people also donate their egg or sperm to help others who want to have a baby. The Doctor helps make that happen.NOT that he gets them pregnant.”

So the moral of this story is. Don’t ever mention you ran out of tampons. It can lead to things. It can lead to conversations you have not even thought about discussing with your almost ten year old daughter.


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  1. Fantastic; loved this. My son was about 6; something happened when he was in the car with my wife and she thought he should know a bit more about love and sex; she explained. He was thoughtful then asked ‘Does it tickle?’

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