It’s almost time; A Ten Things of Thankful (#10thankful) post

Ten Things of Thankful

This is about the time that I start to really wonder about my sanity. We are leaving in exactly one week for Disney. We are Camping. IN a tent. In August. In Florida. We are just not right in the head. ANYWAY I have almost recovered my groove and I am so thankful for that.

Lately I have felt very thankful for my husband and my marriage. It is not easy this marriage thing. Its hard work. It is good though. I have had several friends who have or are currently going through divorce and while my heart hurts for them, it also makes me realize how thankful I am for my marriage. My husband is amazing in what he does for us and even when we only see each other for a few minutes that day we still communicate and we still snuggle even if we are somewhat comatose at the time.

Also this time of year I often find myself reflecting on how thankful I am we finally had a sucessful pregnancy and birth. How thankful I am that although she has had health issues they have been mild and easily fixed. I follow some other bloggers who have not had it so easy with their kids. I follow a few who have lost their children. Some to cancer. My heart breaks for them as I just can’t imagine. One in particular that  always strikes me is Donna she was two weeks older than my daughter is, you can read more about Donna’s story and learn how you can help out here.

Phew those were some pretty heavy thankfuls. I am gonna say that they count for at least five. Lets do some lighter things.

I am thankful that we have a mall nearby. I am thankful that I forced myself to get up and go walk around the mall for my walk since it was raining outside. We made it three miles which is fine as we are going on a hike tomorrow so it will even out.  No rain and lightening are gonna stop me from walking.


Thankful that even though I gave in to the kid and we went to starbucks I got a tea/lemonade mix and an omega three protein box. Healthy choices for the win!

Thankful that my daughter got into an amazing music camp on scholarship and has throughly enjoyed herself the last two weeks. The concert was amazing. Thankful that we found a black skirt and white shirt  and black shoes at goodwill, nice socks at walmart and a hair tie to tie it all together at the dollar store.  Whole thing was under fifteen dollars.


(which if they were going to have them wear t-shirts what was the point of having a white shirt and black bottoms after all. anyway we have her performance outfit for this year now)

Thankful for my weekly lunch with a friend that has continued mostly unhindered this summer. I really need that and I have even sucessfully ditched the kid a few times.

Thankful for the farmers market , not only for nice produce and fruit but cheap ice cream. Just walking to the parking lot is enough to burn the calories off with this humidity.


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  1. Congrats on being strong in Starbucks ! I totally failed twice on that account this week. I don’t normally even go to Starbucks, but when given the chance this week I twice picked the high calorie drink ! It was good, but my weight is up, and I have only myself to blame ! Who would think a couple of little drinks could do so much damage !


  2. I would have to question my sanity with the camping thing too… but hey… Disney… fun! Glad youre getting your groove back. Went to Donna’s story site… am going to get the book they recommended for a friend… thanks.


    • I am so glad Donna’s story has helped you help someone! That is awesome sauce! Mostly the camping is tolerable we spend a lot of time in the pool plus they have a jacuzzi and acohol.


  3. Oh, have fun on your Disney trip! Hurray for thrift store finds! I just found an outfit for my next Disney 10K at the thrift store yesterday. John and I are going to run as Carl and Ellie from UP.


  4. I love farmer’s markets.
    I can’t wait for September and local apples.
    Ice cream is great too.
    Have fun at Disney, when you go. Camping is not my thing and never had been, but I guess I have never tried it at The Happiest Place On Earth.


    • Oh Camping is one of the things I am refusing to let go of. It is hard on me with my chronic illnesses but I love it. It also works really great to reset your body and help fix insomnia because your circidian rhythm is reset.

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  6. Hey, Erin. Glad you are back on your game. Starbucks is coming out with some really yummy edamame hummus wraps with GF crackers and sauce soon. Really delicious. I love seeing your sweet daughter strumming the strings of the harp. Enjoy Disney and the camping experience.


    • I wasn’t really thrilled with the edamame hummus. The salmon cream cheese though was perfect on the cucumber slices. We always do enjoy Disney. This is probably the last year we are going for a bit. We have differentt plans for next years vacation and the bonus is we only have to wait seven months to go on vacation again instead of a whole year!! lol

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  7. I really, really don’t know what to think about your upcoming trip. Well, I do, but I won’t write it. Eager to hear all about it!


  8. I don’t camp. Period. But I hope YOU have a great time with it! And have fun at Disney! Glad you’re able to keep walking, in spite of the weather. And I’m so impressed that your daughter is learning to play the harp! Beautiful instrument, and I understand it’s difficult to play. Good for her!


  9. sounds like an exciting trip (to Disney)…and the photos of the harp recital are pretty good.*

    * I’m probably the only person who still finds it funny, but I recall when you first mentioned your daughter being so talented and learning to play the harp, I immediately had this visual of a youngster in a smoky club on the southside of Chicago playing a harmonica… the photo kinda wrecks that visual… still good, but still….(in my visual there’d be like a giant bass player standing behind her and the piano… and I’ll stop now
    lol have a great vacay!


  10. Well, my idea of “camping” and “roughing it” are more like Camp Marriott. Good luck and happy camping to you!
    Love hearing about harp camp – so cool. And the performance outfit for a bargain? Woot!
    Good for you on the walk. Can’t say I’ve been as motivated.


  11. Even though the first few thankfuls were heavy, they are also very special important ones. I am glad you have your husband and daughter, and that you appreciate them. ❤
    The Disney trip however…we have been in August. It is so muggy, I do not know how you are going to do it camping. But I admire the effort!


  12. UGH to camping, although it feels like you got it and yay to the big appreciation of possible Disney (YIKES) and you nailing it at Starbucks!


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