What was I doing? oh yeah Ten Things of Thankful


Well I feel like I have made progress from last week. Really slow and painstakingly slow but progress. Might have gotten three rungs up the latter out of the pit of depression.

Ten Things of Thankful

Normally I am the one cracking the whip at Lizzi and I did but then I fell asleep before really getting my post done. Something about that whip is so much more fun than writting last night.

So Number One is for Friends that encourage my small itty bitty steps.I was really struggling to get some housework done. The fatigue has been horrid and the weather this past week has not helped. Somehow just her being there spurred me on to get cleaning done.  Plus she helped out cleaning too!

So thankful that harp camp has started and I have three and a half hours to get stuff done, or just take me time while the kid is gone. I love having her home but I also need some time just to myself.

Thankful that even though it didn’t look perfect out we went to the beach anyway. There is something so powerful about the beach with an approaching storm.


Thankful that I have my one cleaning job and that I have had seven Nanny postings to apply to.

Thankful I have friends who know food is a good motivation to get me to stay sane through meetings. Two words: Waffle fries

Thankful for time with SQUISH. Even if he did bite me and steal my baguette!


Thankful for really wonderful comments on Instagram that really helped me this week.

unnamed (1)

Thankful for a kid who eats just about anything. Yes she is eating raw kelp noodles and stir fry and drinking water kefir. Although they didn’t make the water kefir flavor quite right so then I kinda felt bad for telling her she had to drink it. I drank some and it was a bit off from normal. It normally has a mojito flavor. It was a tad too heavy on the mint this time.

Wild virtual dancing for the Seven Guard Virgins who according to the Secret Book of Rules say that a dance will suffice to finish the rest of a Ten Things of Thankful Post.

Really I am sure there is so much more that I could find but this week has had its trials and issues and I am thankful I got this far. See what I did there.


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  1. I really like your picture of the beach – it’s very dramatic looking.

    I fully understand the mix of needing alone time in order to better enjoy the time spent with our children. Even living with adult children I still feel the same way.

    I think it’s a wonderful thing that your daughter is willing to explore new tastes and flavors – not every child is so brave!


  2. Good use of the dance. I’m so happy about your daughter being an adventurous eater. That will stand her in good stead for life. YAY to hugs with Squish. And I hope you feel better soon xo


  3. I wanted to comment on the stir fry dish that it looks absolutely delicious. Never had raw kelp noodles though.. I’m with you on the fatigue and the motivation issue. Usually, inviting people to our house gets me on track to get the house at least clean enough for company..

    Have a great week, and stay motivated 🙂


  4. Glad you’re feeling a little better this week. Keep going up those rungs, one at a time.
    Love the stormy beach picture! We saw a waterspout one time when we were in Florida. It was on the horizon, but it managed to scare the pants off of us anyway.


    • For the most part I am okay with waterspouts. Very powerful and somewhat scary but as long as you are on land you are most likely fine. Tornados on the other hand, those are panic inducing for me.


    • A few more rungs climbed today. Also I can’t tell you how many tiimes I corrected Latter to Ladder and my gramar ap kept flipping it back! Grrr. Being on the beach during an approaching storm surely made me feel alive as the beach has never made me feel before.

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  5. Your daughter plays the harp? That is awesome, such a beautiful instrument.
    Squish is adorable, even if he bites 😉


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