Getting ready


Vacationing with Chronic illness and chronic pain isn’t easy.It takes some prep work to really enjoy yourself. This is our third year doing this trip and each year I have put more and more effort into preparing myself. It has paid off each time.

This time around I am getting back into my routine of walking four miles two times a week. Disney has a lot of walking! Normally this is not something I do during the summer as it is too freaking hot. I am not nearly dedicated to get up early enough to beat the heat. We got up at six thirty this morning and it was already a real feel of 91 and 87% humidity. I was like yeah not going to happen. I went back to sleep, which only lasted about an hour. This time I said well let’s do this then. I need to get this piece of crap body up to par. It helped that the kid had been ready to go on a bike ride since six thirty, wearing her helmet and all. Most of the time I bring her bike, I walk she rides. I was seriously wondering if I was going to make it to the two-mile point. By this time the kid was bored. She had started riding circles around me. Go on ahead, I tell her. Go to the bridge. The bridge is the two-mile point and where we turn around at. It wasn’t until she was way way way ahead of me that it dawned on me. If I didn’t want to walk all the way there I was screwed for getting her back. I knew this because I also knew that there was a flock of butterflies that were all over the firebush by the bench. She was not going to come back looking for me any time soon. I wish I was devious enough that I had planned it this way. As a type of motivation for making it to the two  mile point. I wasn’t. I was just a pestered mom trying to take a freaking walk.

I made the four miles, came home and took a nap. I have planned it all out.  Thursday I will walk again and then on Saturday as well. Monday we will probably go to the beach and then Tuesday walk , Wednesday beach, thursday walk. I will probably then take about four days off to just rest and recover a bit. Then I will walk again Tuesday and Thursday. Then friday packing and driving to Disney.

Mixing in all of this I will be focusing more and more on anti-inflamatory eating for my diet. I will be cutting back on my vice of soda and drinking more and more water. I will write more later on what I am eating and what I am juicing for preparation of our trip. It seems like a lot to do for a four-day vacation. However, when we first started doing these vacations it was three days. It was enough it took a week to recover from. The added day actually makes it easier to rest and relax and still not miss out.


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