The beachy week of Ten Things of Thankful #10thankful

The beachy week of Ten Things of Thankful #10thankful

So I cracked the whip at Lizzi to post the link up before my own piece was ready.  Depression and anxiety sometimes makes me feel like I am grasping at straws and like I said in my post earlier this week. It is therapy. It is part of my therapy. It works. It slowly and steadly works. Thus the reason I am so anxious for it to start. I know I haven’t commented much but I have been reading and trying to social share as much as possible.


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We went early to the beach on Tuesday and it was gorgeous. We even saw a pod of dolphins come in. Thankful we had beach time and Thankful we had time to rest afterwards.

Wednesday we had a hike. It was hot and humid even at eight thirty in the morning. I pushed and we took a three mile walk. Thankful we had such a great walk. Thankful I could spend most of the day recovering from the hike too.

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Thankful for friends who take my daughter for almost two days so I can just chill and pace myself cleaning. I had time to just decompress and have some alone time with hubby.

1470098_955859431128561_8649423816842668784_n 10610469_952470814800756_4957575470162225989_n 11060263_952470721467432_1959332431871854535_n 11542058_955859454461892_4863868039486143850_n 11659227_955859414461896_2712773120403658345_n

It has been awhile since we took the dog to the dog beach. He was never a fan but oh my the tantrum. He was quite ridiculous about the boardwalk down and then the sand as well. The sand reaction was much more severe! It was quite hilarious. He liked the water for once. I am sure it felt wonderful on his arthritic hips. As long as his paws didn’t touch the sand he was good. I was quite impressed with how much he swam. When he was younger he would bolt out of any water.

I am fairly certain I have ten things of thankful in there. Pictures do count too. This week was an extra emotional week so the breaks to the beach and hiking were quite needed. I am also thankful that I have friends who just listen or make me take some time for myself. They always seem to know exactly how to fix me, or at least put a bandaid on it so I don’t fall apart.

This coming weekend I have spent some time reaquainting myself with the Actual real Declaration of Independence and really think about the State of the USA. Of course, there will be food, family, beach and fireworks but this year I have decided to also meditate a bit on politics. I know that seems anti-relaxing but I think I need to. SO I am gonna go with it.


If you would like to leave your ten things in the comments, I would love to hear it. If you are in a dark place right now, just start with one.


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  1. I once saw a draft of the Declaration of Independence in Washington, D.C., at the Library of Congress, I think. It was fascinating to see the strike-throughs, and to read the original wording. I can’t remember the words, but I remember “self-evident” was originally supposed to be something else. The Declaration benefited from editing.

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  2. Our dogs adore the beach and swimming, but it does take a bit of coaxing when they are young. You’ve captured some lovely photographs again. The one of the two girls in the splashing surf is very eye catching!


  3. The drafts and revisions of the Declaration are indeed fascinating. I love all of that background. That book I posted on Facebook is a great one – I suspect you’d like it.
    Big kudos to you for your hike in the humidity. My body absolutely can’t take humidity, frozen water bottle or not, so hikes do not happen for us when it’s super high humidity. We had a great one last weekend and I’m actually kind of eager to go again. Not sure this weekend will allow, though, just due to things already scheduled.
    I’ve been watching your pics, etc. as they come through this week – looks like great therapy!

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  4. Erin, when I took Cloudy to the beach for the first time, she tried her first taste of saltwater. Then shook her head vigorously, as if to say “no, that tastes horrid. ” Was cute! Hey to your furkid and to the rest of the family too.


  5. Sorry it was a rough week. You did the right thing taking breaks in nature. We all need that at times.Hope this week is much better!!


  6. Pictures totally count! And not because my entire post was pictures! I love the beach, but I’m kind of with the dog – I don’t want to get in the water. I’ll walk through the surf along the edge, but I don’t go where I can’t see my feet and/or what I’m potentially putting them on.


  7. I can’t do humidity either, but I love the beach. Not so much the sand. Yeah, I guess it makes little sense.
    I’m sure your photos are great. Glad the TToT is therapy for you. I think so too.
    Love a pod of dolphins. You were lucky to see a sight like that.


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