Reminding your brain how to feel (A #10thankful Post)


Ten things of thankful have really helped change the way I think of things. I find myself finding the good part of any situation. “Well, at least we got to go to the beach for ten minutes before the storm moved in.”  “Well, at least we got to spend some family time together.” ” Well, at least we have something to eat.” ” Well, we managed to get inside before it rained so that was good.”

The more I do this the less horrible the day seems. The more I do this the less horrible the week seems. Before I know it, it’s been a good month too. It is constantly finding the good things that happened that change your attitude. Sure at first it was grudgingly and I really didn’t feel grateful that at least we go to do…(whatever we did). I said it though. I started finding myself saying it without thinking about what actually went wrong. I can’t pinpoint when it happened but at one point I actually started meaning it. Now it is a true feeling of gratitude. Sometimes our brain needs to be reminded how to feel.

1. New friends


We met a new friend in a Local Facebook group and the kids had a great time at the Ringling Museum.

2. Museum time

10511222_10206755192020142_1120332922820997127_n (2) 11539557_10206755193460178_8774450824919892218_n

I really appreciate getting even a few minutes to look at the gorgeous artwork that is always on display at Ringling. By now some of them are as familiar and comforting as old friends. Some, however, are new displays on loan from other museums.

3. Insurance on the phones.

I am the best destroyer of phones. My phone, of course, decided to die in the middle of our museum trip. However despite a really hot phone, I did not get burned and I still have some pictures because we met a new friend!

4. New phone

Most people have more than one reason they love their new phone. Me? I love it because it has a really nice camera on it. So I have had fun playing with the settings and taking pictures. If you want to know how many pictures I take on a weekly basis, I have had the phone since Monday afternoon and I am approaching 200 pictures. That is really my secret to getting good pictures. I take a million and get one good shot.

5. Interview

The job search is on-going. I did, however, have an interview so I am hopeful that the job search is nearing an end. I am just thankful to have gotten an interview either way.

6. Sunsets

10945712_945109812203523_5840333545960818821_n 11011965_946107102103794_5341413454958184347_n 11403037_946106272103877_241237034164267599_n

Really they fascinate me. You really can not predict how they will look. Whether the clouds will clear or if there will be clouded.  Is it going to be all gold and yellows and oranges? Will there be pink and purple? Will you get to watch the sun go all the way down or will a cloud be in the way?  A great reminder happened this week to not just focus on the beauty in front of you. Sometimes the beauty behind you is just as awe-inspiring. Heat lightning and a sunset make for fantastic clouds and colors.

While you watch the sunset this is going on behind you sometimes

While you watch the sunset this is going on behind you sometimes

behind you

behind you

To your left of the sunset

To your left of the sunset

behind you

behind you

7. Labyrinth


We went for a new experience. The way my brain had it all planned out was not how it went. It was interesting and different though. Something I would definitely try again. Probably without the kid to allow more focus. However, it was a learning experience. It not only opened my mind but also my daughters. So in the end, it was worth it.

8. Lunch with friends

Twice this week, I have been able to ditch the kid and meet a friend for lunch.During summer break that is not always as easy as it sounds.

9. Kid doing chores

The kid has been actually enjoying doing some chores. We added more to her daily chores and she has been cheerfully helping around the house when I ask. Of course, there was some bribery involved but really she is asking to help. I really appreciate it and the house is only going to get better kept this way. Oh yeah, and it teaches her responsibility and stuff too.

10. Good looking scoby’s

1897875_949141045133733_8909096162376526681_n 11351312_949140808467090_2891709628389652323_n

It is weird. I never thought I could handle the texture of a scoby. Making my own kombucha has been interesting. A scoby is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. It doesn’t sound like it would be anything you would want to put in your body. However, fermented teas have been around for quite a while, like thousands of years while. For someone who suffers with poor gut health, and arthritis this has been amazing for me. There are so many benefits and brewing it yourself you can make it as weak or as strong as you like.


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  1. Erin, I have been enjoying your photos on Instagram this week. The beach, the sky and the clouds are just amazing. Also amazing is how life changing the “attitude of gratitude” is. It certainly worked for me. And by the way, you couldn’t get me to try that drink for all the tea in China, as they say.


    • I love taking photographs. I took a few classes but nothing major. I learn best by trial and error and I don’t always know what makes a good photo but when I see it I know it. Thanks!


  2. Gorgeous sunset pictures, Erin! And that one of the sky and clouds behind you – so very awesome! Since starting TToT six weeks ago, I’ve been finding myself doing the same thing all the time … “well at least” this or that – finding the good more and highlighting it. It’s a wonderful mindset! 🙂


    • You know previously whenever someone would say an attitude of gratitude it would make me roll my eyes. For whatever reason this hit me at just the right time and it works for me now. Perhaps everyone has to get to their own “right moment” for attitude of Gratitude to really start working.


  3. THOSE SUNSETS WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! I love them and THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing them.

    YAY to new friends and museums and having the kid take responsibility.

    And I’m sorry, but NO! Scobies look like barf.


  4. I learned your photo technique from my dad. It usually works, too. Take a million, and something is bound to turn out. It certainly is working for you! Those photos are gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m hard on phones, too. My battery has been shot for a good year (and the phone is only 2 and a half years old). As soon as I find a money tree or maybe some just falls from the sky, I am getting a new one.
    I also take gazillions of pictures, hoping to get one good one. While the quality of a photograph made from real film is much better, I love being able to see what I’ve taken with digital and know when I need to keep snapping (which is usually the case).
    I love seeing storm clouds moving across the sky, too, especially the ones that miss me 🙂


  6. I love the labyrinth! And I think I’m on my seventh (????) iphone – I keep breaking them, dropping them in the toilet (really) or something. I get the insurance now which helps but sheesh. Your sunset photos are amazing and also? Bribing the kiddo to help is completely acceptable.


  7. I have to take the same approach with pictures – my eyesight isn’t the greatest and I have a bit of familial tremor that makes getting a clear picture tough.

    I remember the days of being grateful just to get to the interview process. Fingers crossed that it works out well.


  8. totally agree with the progressive benefit of (the) TToT… while I may resist the notion to be overtly positive, I feel it’s allowable to make it a conditional acceptance (of the positive view of things), i.e. I know things are not good, but I’ll try out another way of looking at it….just this once and damn! (as you say) the positive builds up a certain momentum and before I realized it, a positive week!


  9. Love that moment when gratitude morphs from discipline into nature. It makes everything much more manageable.

    Love sunsets too! The mystery, the magic…


  10. I believe you are passing on a wonderful legacy to your daughter with your ‘well, at least…’ perspective. It will help her learn to see the best in every situation.
    Copied that scoby info to my husband, right up his alley thanks.


  11. Oh the phones. I am not an insurance person when it comes to devices, and I keep getting burned. I dropped mine in pasta water, washed my son’s in the washing machine last week, and my husband’s fell overboard into one of Minnesota’s 10,000 Lakes. Have I learned me lesson? Apparently not. Still no insurance on any of our phones. The sunset photos are a gift–those clouds! So amazing. Interesting about the scoby. That’s brand new information.

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  12. Yes, the sunsets are gorgeous and you’re so right that while you look, there are equally amazing things on the opposite side. We’ve seen some of that here this week, too. Beauty is all around us – we just have to remember to look.
    Scoby…hmm…intriguing. Fermented stuff is indeed good for you. I’ll have to think about that one a bit.


  13. I am trying to move completely away from soda and have been drinking quarts of sun tea each day this summer. I have experimented with different types, but never have I tried anything so adventurous as fermented tea. Excuse me while I shoot down the rabbit hole because now you have me researching kombucha!


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