Charleston, a #1000speak and a look forward to the future


1000 voices of compassion started at a time where there was so much violence and heartache in the news. This month it coincided again with violence and heartache.  With compassion in mind and allowing time to process what has happened, we have decided to keep the link to this month’s #1000speak link up open for a week. In the end, the posts  in regards to Charleston will be round up in an e-magazine.

So Here is the link if you feel so moved to write a post in regards to Charleston and share it.

Charleston has been on my mind a lot and I just have no words really. I thought I did. I thought I wanted to say something about it. Instead, I think I just have intense feelings and not really words.

1000 voices of compassion has been spreading and I really think it is making a difference. In my opinion if it lifts up one person it has done its job. If it helps one person, it has done its job. The value of the right message at just the right time in someone’s life is priceless. I hope that is what is happening each month with our 1000 voices of compassion link up.

July’s theme for the link up will be acceptance. In my opinion, acceptance and compassion are intimately wrapped up in each other. It is not true compassion without some form of acceptance. Acceptance of who that person is. Acceptance that your support is enough, even if you don’t completely agree with their decision. You don’t have to in order to show acceptance and compassion. I can’t wait to read your posts for July 20th!


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