All the things Ten Things of Thankful


I have taken to keeping a notebook with me and writing on actual paper. In that notebook is a list I started for Ten things of Thankful. I left the house this morning with the laptop knowing I was planning on writing Ten Things of Thankful while the kid was in class. Did I bring the notebook? No, No I did not. Do I remember any of the things I wrote down over the week? No. No I do not.

This week there has been so much sadness in the news. I am so thankful to participate in Ten Things of Thankful and #1000speak this week. It has forced me to think of good things. To purposefully search out the positive, it makes a difference.


Somethings I am thankful for this week:

1. #1000speak

It is proving that 1000 voices of compassion is needed more and more. I am so heartbroken that this is so. The shooting at Charleston is so fresh and the stories pouring in can be so overwelming. I am thankful for a place to go that is more positive and can lift me back up.

2. Post. You can read it here

Not only did they publish my writing but they contacted me to write for them. I am so honored and thankful that people are reading my writing.

3. Bowling for Bullying

Brittnie has such an amazing heart and I am so honored that she asked me to share a story. I didn’t realize how cathartic it would be for me as well.

4. Feast day (lunch with friends)

5. Friends who don’t mind feeding me and my kid!

6. Pottery class

7. Family adventures

8. Report cards

9. Summer solstice Celebration _ even if it is currently pouring rain and there probably won’t be much hope for a fire.

10. Ten Things of thankful for changing my perspective on a weekly basis.

So there they are My Ten things of Thankful for this week.

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  1. wow….just finished your classism post. Nicely written. Sorry your daughter had to go through that and probably still will at another time. She can stay strong in your support … We grew up in the projects and wore hand me downs and got state assistance… it was tough but others had it tougher. We always knew that because my mother was always making sure we did and did for others. YOur daughter as you know will be a better person for her perspective. Shes lucky she has a mom who understands her and what she really needs to survive out there.

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  2. I am a list maker. I am also a list loser. I don’t think I have ever, ever, EVER in my entire life crossed everything off a list, because I lose it before I get done. Sometimes I lose my grocery list before I even get inside the grocery store. The “notes” feature on my phone is a godsend, but I still like a paper list.
    I need to have a lunch with friends.

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  3. Awww! I so miss doing a list with you all every week! This was beautiful. I’m glad you were able to pull the positive out of the negativity you’ve been feeling. It was such an honor having you share on our business site! I loved your story and I know it will benefit at least one soul out there. 🙂


  4. SO enjoying your summer solstice pics on Instagram! I’ll be back to read more of your posts. Just not now. So tired. It’s good to feel appreciated, isn’t it?


  5. I find it remarkable how much the weekly TToT link up has changed my views! It’s had such a strongly positive impact on my daily life. Congratulations on being able to share your voice in other places!


  6. The classism post was beautifully written, heartfelt and important. So glad for the success of your writing and the love that surrounds your family.


  7. Congratulations on being asked to write more. I’m sorry your daughter had kids be unkind to her,though.
    I’m always happy when I see the words “family adventure”.


  8. I have always loved “actual” paper. What more do you need than a notebook and pen?:)
    I am so happy that I’m not the only one that can’t remember my thankfuls by the end of the week lol
    Congrats on being asked to write more. Must be a great feeling!
    Your classism piece was very moving. It’s heartbreaking to know that children can be so cruel to each other. Your daugher is lucky she has you for a Mom and that you guys have a close relationship.

    P.S. Pinterest is at it again! They picked you as my new “PinTwin”. 😀

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