When flares and growth spurts collide


One of the problems I have run into lately is balancing my chronic illness flares and my daughters growth spurts. This annoying thing keeps happening. They are occurring at the same time. So while I really would love to do nothing at all and just lay like a blob on the bed, she wants to do all the things and eat all the food.I thought this particular flare was extra harsh, I could not seem to function and my daughter was driving me up a wall. Then it dawned on me what was happening. I was flaring as she was going through a growth spurt. It is not unlike two women having pms at the same exact time. There was lots of tears, irritability and the need to eat on both sides.

I was also out of Ultracur, a curcumin supplement, it was really starting to be clear to me just how much it had helped. I tried using the fresh turmeric root. I put it in everything, and I mean everything. In the end I fell back on Advil. Even still I was not getting as much bang for my buck taking the Advil.

A week goes by and by this time I am beyond irritated that I continue to flare. Not one thing I did was helping break this flare. I could get some relief sure but not break it. The housework was piling up. It was all I could do to entertain my daughter for the day, and that included several hours of go do whatever you want. Seriously I don’t care if you take everything out of the refrigerator and eat it, as long as you stop telling me that you are hungry.  The longer the higher pain levels the deeper the depression gets. It was like this vicious battle of clawing my way out each day only to go to sleep and do it all over again. I threw so much ginger, water and magnesium at my system I am not sure how I was not just a floppy loose pile of muscles.

I made my nasty arthritis juice. It seemed so much more labor intensive than before. Ginger, lemon, cucumber, celery, garlic and turmeric. I tossed three ounces back not unlike a shot of alcohol. It is immediately followed by several ounces of water to cool the flames from that. I forced myself to make three more three ounce batches of it. I was determined I was going to kick this flare down and function. I was going to reclaim my house.  If you have fibromyalgia and/or arthritis I am sure you know what happened next. Yeah, not much of anything.

The mail came and I sent my daughter out to get it. Ultracur finally came. Let me clarify here, I have issues many times with my mail. I do not think it had anything to do on behalf of Ultracur. I can’t tell you how many things I get weeks or even months after it should have arrived. Ripping into that bag and popping open that bottle was just a whirl. I am not sure anyone could have followed the actions that resulted in two capsules in my hand. Thirty minutes later we were off to a library class. It helped so much, I can’t even. I took the next dose and when I woke in the morning I could see improvement. I wish I could say I will never run out again. I probably will. I am really bad at doing that plus I keep testing myself. Do I really need this? Is it really helping?

My daughter is still going strong in her growth spurt, as fast as I get the groceries she eats them. I know it’s a constant thing. I know this is part of parenting. Next she will have almost no appetite and suddenly her clothes won’t fit anymore. For now though, my flare seems to be breaking so bring on the growth spurt. I guess, since there is no avoiding them and I really wouldn’t want to anyway.


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