The week of surplus ( A Ten Things of Thankful #10Thankful post)



I wrote like 3000 something words today. At least 1000 were for a church committee meeting, so maybe they don’t count as much. I have had this post open for about an hour and just haven’t found the words. So Ten Things of Thankful Via Photos.

Thankful one: Explorations

IMG_20150609_091059_253 IMG_20150609_091318_573 IMG_20150609_090859_504

Thankful Two: Juicing and Kombucha

IMG_20150611_203256_489 IMG_20150607_155455 IMG_20150608_194911_466

Thankful Three: Redo hair cuts!


Thankful Four: Paid for writing


Thankful Five: This stuff. Its magic. Trust me.

IMG_20150611_192016_633 unnamed (2)\

Thankful Six: A visit to the beach is never the exact same.

unnamed (4) IMG_20150609_183212 unnamed (1)

Thankful Seven: Baby cows…even if they didn’t know what to do with the celery.

IMG_20150610_090528_456 IMG_20150610_090556_778

Thankful Eight: Pottery class has started


Thankful Nine: Listening to her laughter and getting good photo shots

unnamed (3)

Thankful Ten: Pizza and wine


And I didn’t even have to invoke the Seven Guard Virgins OR the Book of Secret rules!!!!


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  1. I love a Ten Things of Thankful in photos. They are all wonderful, but my favorite is #9. The laughter and enjoyment at the beach. She’s is rocking the haircut.


  2. Your pictures are always gorgeous – love the ones of your daughter and her awesome haircut. That shot of her laughing in the waves? Best.
    This works for me…sometimes words aren’t the way to express what we feel. Have a great weekend, Erin!


  3. I love her haircut. It is so adorable!
    I saw that picture of turmeric on your instagram. I’m taking a lot of supplements myself. My newest is NAC — my psychiatrist highly recommends it. So I’m giving it a whirl. Hell, if he told me to cut off my arm, I’d do it.
    The beach photos are so lovely. We haven’t visited one yet. It’s been chilly lately!! Wore sweaters today!


  4. LOVE your daughter’s haircut! And also the picture of her in the surf (#9). Such delight on her pretty face! You’re so lucky to have a beach near you! Well, maybe not during hurricanes, but the REST of the time you are!


  5. I love your photos, as I have said before. You could do your TToT every week in photos and I would still ‘read’ it!


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